My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 530

Chapter 530: The Unmoved Sage Represents A Path To Becoming A Sage

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After Jiang Lan withdrew from the place, he activated his Deity Position and found the light spot that belonged to Qing Mu.

The other party’s condition seemed to be pretty good. He should still be tempering his immortal body.

This time, Qing Mu had quite a few fortuitous opportunities. He should be able to advance to the perfected True Immortal Realm before stepping into the Heaven Immortal Realm shortly after.

After becoming a Heaven Immortal, he would have a golden body, and his battle prowess would be even stronger.

With the help of the Deity Position, he should be able to improve very quickly.

As for how far he could go in the end, that would depend on himself.

After all, if he wanted to go far in the future, he needed to comprehend the Dao.

The Dao of Ba Country was not complicated. There was no need to think deeply about it. It was fine as long as he understood it.

There were also benefits to being brainless. There was no need to think too much.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Lan touched the speck of light that belonged to Qing Mu, wishing to chat with it.

In an instant, Jiang Lan arrived in front of a large mountain.

This was Qing Mu’s mind.

There was a young man at the foot of the mountain who was constantly brandishing his fists. Every punch carried his own will.

Before every punch, he prayed for blessings.

“Unparalleled Fist God, please protect my fists and bless me with killing the enemy.”

“If the Fist God dies one day, I will become the new Fist God.”

Hearing the other party’s whisper, Jiang Lan was a bit stunned.

It turned out that Qing Mu had already wanted to replace him. Now, he was just fulfilling his wish.

Of course, it was only because of the exchange of Deity Positions.

With a light step, Jiang Lan walked towards Qing Mu. The other party would soon notice him.

Sure enough, after he approached, Qing Mu stopped practicing and turned to look at him.

Naturally, his true appearance could not be seen.

What he saw was only a blurry figure. The Fist God did not have a specific appearance.

“Who… are you?” Qing Mu asked Jiang Lan.

“Haven’t you always asked me to protect your fists?” Jiang Lan looked at Qing Mu and said.

“You’re the Unparalleled Fist God? That’s right, that’s right. I felt this when I was at the fortuitous opportunity battle platform.” Qing Mu’s puzzled face immediately showed admiration.

He believed it a little too quickly, Jiang Lan thought.

If it was him, he would first question it. However, he was related to Qing Mu. As long as he sensed it, he would know if the person he encountered was the Fist God.

However, the Fist God was the Fist God. Whether it was good or bad was another matter. It was just like how he would question Imperial Lord Xi He.

It seemed to be beneficial for the other party to help him change his Deity Position, but it was hard to say if there was a trap behind it.

He could not let his guard down.

“You want to be the Fist God?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Yes.” Qing Mu nodded immediately, but he quickly said.

“But you’re still alive, so I don’t have to be the Fist God.”

Jiang Lan: “…”

That was true, but it felt strange for him to hear this.

Did Ba Country really have friends from other places?

For example, did Imperial Lord Youdu have any friends?

Among the Twelve Deity Positions, other than him, who had obtained the Ba Country’s friendship, the others all kept a respectful distance. There were a few times when they even wanted to kick Imperial Lord Youdu out of the circle.

Ba Country did not lie. He was telling the truth, but it was just unpleasant to the ears.

“I’m leaving. The Deity Position of the Unparalleled Fist God will be empty.” Jiang Lan looked at Qing Mu and directly stated his purpose for this trip.

“I want you to replace the Fist God Deity Position.”

Qing Mu was stunned.

“I… I’ll be the Fist God? What about you, Fist God? Are you going to die?”

“I need to understand more things. When the time comes, you should be able to hear my name,” Jiang Lan explained.

He didn’t mind Qing Mu’s rudeness.

Imperial Lord Youdu had always been very rude.

He could understand why Ba Country was like this.

“Then can I worship the Fist God in the future?” Qing Mu asked.

“In the future, I won’t be called the Unparalleled Fist God anymore. I’ll probably call myself another name,” Jiang Lan explained and continued.

“There are still a few more years before this happens, but you can still call out my name.”

Qing Mu was relieved. He clenched his fists and said.

“Then I have to work hard. I have to become the number one fist expert of Ba Country. Then, I have to become the number one fist expert of the Grand Desolate World. Then, I have to become a great Fist God like you.”

Jiang Lan nodded slightly. He didn’t explain too much, nor did he say how to give the Deity Position to Qing Mu.

Regarding this, Imperial Lord Youdu would do it.

It was probably easier to communicate with Ba Country.

Qing Mu might not be able to understand what he was saying.

Then, he extended his hand and tapped it slightly. His understanding of fist techniques was transmitted into Qing Mu’s mind. This was a gift from him.

“Becoming the Fist God is very dangerous. Just try your best to become stronger.” Jiang Lan said softly.

He did not know much about fist techniques, but he had been using the Power of Nine Bulls and the Power Of Nine Tribulations.

This thing couldn’t be taught, so he gave him some insights.

It was his simple comprehension of fist techniques.

Just like his comprehension of the sword, he was not too proficient in this.

But it could more or less help Qing Mu take over the position of Fist God faster.

After doing all of this, Jiang Lan left Qing Mu’s mind. From now on, Qing Mu could only rely on himself.

Of course, Qing Mu’s light point would be taken away by him. He could still pray to him in the future.

He could also observe Qing Mu.

If it made sense, he would still respond.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Xiao Yu watering the vegetative egg.

The wind blew coldly.

Jiang Lan looked out towards the endless blue sky. He had done quite a few things these past few days.

So far, everything had been arranged.

He was just waiting for the subsequent changes.

Furthermore, as those with Deity Positions merged with their Deity Positions, the last barrier of the Heaven Realm would also shatter and fall.

At that time, everyone would have to face an existence above the Heaven Realm.

Heaven and earth would fall soon.

There shouldn’t be much time left. And he needed to try to take another step forward during this time.

It was not to become a half-sage but to become a sage.

But he had yet to comprehend anything.

Vaguely, he felt that he could still move forward, but he didn’t know how to move forward. He needed an opportunity or epiphany.

“Junior Brother, what are you thinking about?” Xiao Yu sat beside Jiang Lan and asked.

Jiang Lan retracted his gaze and looked at Xiao Yu.

“I’m thinking about the future.”

“The future?” Xiao Yu was confused.

“En, I will protect Senior Sister well in the future,” Jiang Lan replied.

He would walk a further path, shoulder the responsibilities he needed to shoulder, and protect his Senior Sister.

Xiao Yu stood up and looked at Jiang Lan.

“Then you can’t go back on your words. By the way, is there a deadline?”

She was not arrogant anymore? Jiang Lan was surprised.

Was his Senior Sister sick?

“Junior Brother, you know that I’m Senior Sister. I lost at the starting line earlier.

But as time passes, Junior Brother will definitely need to hide behind me.

So I think we need to add a deadline.

When the time comes, I’ll protect Junior Brother and shelter you from the wind and rain.” Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan and said seriously.

“Alright.” Jiang Lan nodded at Xiao Yu’s serious expression.

He needed his Senior Sister’s protection.

Being by his Senior Sister’s side was equivalent to protecting him. Only then would his path not deviate and become extreme.

Only then could his Dao spread across the world and involve everything.

Otherwise, even if he did not learn The Unmoved Sage, he would still walk in the same direction as if he had cultivated The Unmoved Sage himself.

For a moment, Jiang Lan suddenly had an idea. Was The Unmoved Sage a path to becoming a sage?

What do you think?