My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 529

Chapter 529: Path Of Invincibility

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Qing Mu’s opening remark could easily be misunderstood. He had called it out of habit.

Jiang Lan had heard of this before.

However, Imperial Lord Dongqing still glanced at him.

It was as if he was worried that the Fist God would really attack. Although the other people with Deity Positions were here, there should still be some restrictions when it came to protecting the people below.

However, in Kunlun, there was no restriction on the Unparalleled Fist God.

He was really able to supplement Qing Mu’s fists.

However, everyone could still tell if anyone was going to act. There was indeed no problem so far.


There was a collision of power below. Qing Mu had no other thoughts or plans. He just attacked with his fists.

He wanted to suppress the other party with his iron fist. Today was the day his Ba Country’s number one fist became famous.


Fist winds surged as it attacked Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan did not dodge. He clenched his fists tightly as power erupted from his body.

His body expanded a little as he punched out.


The two fists collided, and fist winds howled.

The two of them did not stop at all and continued attacking.



Qing Mu kept brandishing his fists. Then, he kicked the sides of Qingshan and punched him again.

Qing Mu’s fist was very fast. He did not attack directly. Instead, he began to attack while neutralizing the other party’s attack.

The powerful force left injuries on the other party.

One punch followed after another, accompanied by cracking sounds.

It was the sound of Qingshan’s bones cracking.


Li Qingshan was sent flying by Qing Mu as his power erupted from his body.

Blood oozed out from the wounds.

However, Li Qingshan quickly stabilized himself. The blood on his body began to stop. He did not speak. Instead, he took a step forward.

Golden light gathered on his body.

Qing Mu attacked again.



The power spread, but it did not cause any damage to Li Qingshan.

“It’s my turn to attack,” Li Qingshan said.

After that, the Giant Spirit’s Sword Intent erupted. Unknowingly, a giant occupied everything on the battle platform.

A fist descended.



The entire arena rumbled loudly.

The immense force pressed Qing Mu to the ground and blood began to spill.

Just as Li Qingshan was about to defeat Qing Mu, Qing Mu’s fist landed on Li Qingshan’s giant fist.

Fist Intent began to erupt as the aura of the great Dao extended.

“It’s impossible for me to lose. I’m the number one fist expert under the name of the Unparalleled Fist God, number one in Ba Country and number one in the Grand Desolate World.”

Qing Mu stood up. His fist intent was like a storm, and his fighting spirit soared into the sky.

“Unparalleled Fist God, protect my fists. Ignite my fighting spirit and help me kill the enemy.”

Qing Mu’s power surged as his fist seemed to expand.

Lin Qingshan showed no fear. His Giant Spirit Sword Intent surged forward, and there were traces of the great Dao under his fist.

He also punched out.



The two fists collided and both of them endured a powerful force.


Cracks appeared on their fists.


Power erupted, and blood erupted from their arms. In the end, both of them were sent flying.

Everyone was watching. This match was simple.

They just kept hitting each other.

Jiang Lan looked at the two of them. They were lying on the ground, unable to stand up.

A moment later, Qing Mu stood up with difficulty, his fighting spirit not diminishing at all.

“Impressive,” Heavenly Human Yunxiao praised.

“Congratulations to the Unparalleled Fist God for winning your first round,” said Imperial Lord Dongqing.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

“Thank you.”

“Hypocritical human,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

Jiang Lan: “???”

It was hard to believe that he was the one who had obtained the Ba Country’s friendship.

At this moment, he saw Qing Mu land on the pillar below who had already begun to temper his immortal body.

The aura of the Netherworld was also transmitted to him.

It was not of much use, but it was also the first time he sensed this Netherworld Aura. It was indeed different from the one that oozed out of the Netherworld Entrance.

There was a will mixed in it. It was the will of the Netherworld.

However, this was connected to the Deity Positions. It was also possible for him to withdraw. It could directly be transmitted to the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace and be connected to him from there.

Then, Jiang Lan looked at Imperial Lord Youdu.

“Are you free?”

“Are you going to tell me a secret?” Imperial Lord Youdu asked.

Jiang Lan: “…”

After that, they returned to the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. With Imperial Lord Xi He’s help, Imperial Lord Youdu came to the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace hall where Jiang Lan was.

“My friend, what do you want to say?” Imperial Lord Youdu asked Jiang Lan.

“Did you name yourself?” Jiang Lan asked.

“It was someone from Kunlun who helped me. Although you humans are despicable, you are cultured,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

Youdu meant poisonous. He didn’t know if Imperial Lord Xi He had done it on purpose.

His friendship with Imperial Lord Youdu was indeed laced with poison.

“My Deity Position came because of the Ba Country. Do you know about this?” Jiang Lan asked.

At this moment, he subconsciously looked outside the Ancient Imperial Palace. He didn’t see anything, but he felt an indescribable fear.

It was as if there was something else outside. The Ancient Imperial Lower Palace was reminding him of this.

Thus, even if he could leave, he could not leave casually.

Once he left, he could not open his eyes.

Otherwise, he would see something under the night sky. Although he was a little curious, looking at it was equivalent to bringing disaster.

Although the others could also see it, they could not leave the palace.

Therefore, he understood that it was very difficult to save the Grand Desolate World. However, it might be very easy to destroy the Grand Desolate World.

He just needed to go out and take a look to destroy the Grand Desolate World..

“Isn’t it yours since you have obtained it?” Imperial Lord Youdu asked.

“It’s mine. Although it wasn’t my intention, it still belongs to you all.

Now that I have a chance to leave the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace Deity Position, I want to return it to you.

This is also beneficial to me.” Jiang Lan directly stated his purpose.

He wanted to return the Deity Position and settle the karma.


It would be a lie to say that there was no such thing. The title of the Unparalleled Fist God had accompanied him for a long time. From his initial awkwardness to his current habit.

It had accompanied him for hundreds of years.

How could he not feel anything?

But he had to let it go.

This was not the Dao he pursued. Nostalgia was fine, but he still had to end it.

He had to put it down.

Even though the karma was settled, some things would always be there.

For example, the good karma with Ba Country.

Even though the friendship of Imperial Lord Youdu was a little strange, Ba Country had never targeted him after that.

“No problem. You’re right since you have the brains.” Imperial Lord Youdu didn’t mind. Instead, he said.

“Then how do you return it?”

“At that time, I will find someone to replace my Deity Position. However, he is still too weak. The Deity Position should be put with you first,” Jiang Lan said.

Imperial Lord Youdu had almost occupied the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace, so the Deity Position could naturally be placed with him.

However, he could still keep a fortuitous opportunity from the Deity Position.

Back then, he had also obtained that fortuitous opportunity first before obtaining the Deity Position.

“My friend, who do you want to give the Deity Position to?” Imperial Lord Youdu asked.

“Qing Mu.” Jiang Lan immediately answered.

“He’s the best and most compatible person.

If you have other candidates, you can give it a try too.”

“No, no. You have the brains. You’re right. Qing Mu it is.” Imperial Lord Youdu waved his hand.

Strange, Jiang Lan thought.

Perhaps this was what the other party was really thinking, but he just felt that it was strange.

It was probably not easy for people to have Ba Country’s friendship.

It was not easy to not have Ba Country’s friendship either.

The difference was not big.

“Then what should I do?” Imperial Lord Youdu asked.

He didn’t know anything. He was brainless. It was normal for him not to know.

“You’ll know when the time comes,” Jiang Lan replied.

Actually, he didn’t really understand, but Imperial Lord Xi He would teach Imperial Lord Youdu.

To ensure that nothing would go wrong.

“My friend, without your Deity Position, can we still chat somewhere in the future?” Imperial Lord Youdu asked.

The place referred to a place where the twelve Deity Positions could gather.

I don’t want to chat, Jiang Lan replied in his heart.

However, he still explained roughly.

“Leaving the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace doesn’t mean that I don’t have a Deity Position. You will understand in the future.”

“I don’t understand. Our Ba Country doesn’t have brains,” Imperial Lord Youdu said directly.

Jiang Lan: “…”

After that, they did not interact much. After telling him some details and telling him to protect his Deity Position and the person with it, he bade farewell and left.

There was no problem with Imperial Lord Youdu. What was left was Qing Mu.

He needed to meet Qing Mu.

They were not meeting in Kunlun. Instead, he was going to enter Qing Mu’s mind.

He had to let him know about the Deity Position.

Only by becoming an insider would he be prepared.

As for when…

He decided to have a talk with him after all the battles ended.

Two days after the first round of the fortuitous opportunity battle ended, a new round of battles began again.

The Eighth Prince and the others were looking forward to it. They had suffered a crushing defeat in the first round, and now they wanted to regain their dignity.

Then, the Eighth Prince drew Lu Jian.

The Eighth Prince was stunned.


The Eighth Prince was carried off the stage. Even with the Dragon Saber Art, he was not Lu Jian’s match.

“Look, if you sell me some roasted wild animals, it’s not impossible for me to lose,” Lu Jian said to the Eighth Prince.

“You should have said so earlier.” The Eighth Prince was in pain.

What was even more painful was that the youth faced the Dragon Race and won the first victory among them two.

Hong Ya met the Underground’s Devil Race this time.

Therefore, she had also obtained victory.

Yan Xiyun had encountered a Magus. She had no idea how the other party attacked, and then she was defeated.

Qing Mu had used his fist to pave his way for his path of invincibility.

He still won the second battle against the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

After two days of rest, the third round began.

This time, the Eighth Prince was not afraid anymore. He was keen on meeting Senior Brother Lu Jian again.

He could win now.

He was looking forward to the third round. He had been mocked to the extreme by the youth these few days.

He could not lose again. If he lost again, it would be a stain on his life.

Jiang Lan looked at these people and didn’t know what to say.

The few people under his name were easily noticed.

It was also easy for people around him to laugh at him for his representatives being so useless.

Not long after, the match results were out.

The Eighth Prince’s first battle was against the Dragon Race.


The Eighth Prince was a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t lose.

Under normal circumstances, it was fine for him to lose to the other party, but this time, he could not lose no matter what.

A great battle erupted. In the end, the Eighth Prince took down the other party from the Dragon Race.

“Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan is blessed to have such powerful descendants,” Mother Earth said.

These past few days, she had been constantly mocked because of Xi Yun. Now that she had a chance, she naturally wouldn’t give it up.

“The Eighth Prince has won, but the Dragon Race has lost. I wonder how the Ancestral Dragon feels?” The Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor asked.

She also had people on the side of the Unparalleled Fist God.

“If I were you, I would definitely start a war with them.” Imperial Lord Youdu joined the conversation logically.

Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan :”…”

Jiang Lan continued to watch.

The youth’s second battle was also today.

He was up against Kunlun’s Lin An.

Senior Brother Lin An should be reaching the late-stage realm soon…

Senior Brother Lin An wasn’t as aggressive as Senior Brother Lu Jian. The youth had a high chance of winning.

In the end, the youth lost.

Lin An didn’t unleash a powerful attack. Instead, he used all sorts of methods to trap the youth.

It would wear down bit by bit.

The youth was violent, but he couldn’t withstand the other party’s control.

In the end, he could only rage helplessly.

The next two days were Yan Xiyun and Hong Ya who went up.

Hong Ya went against the Ba Country.

In the end, she wasn’t a match for the other party’s ghost fist and lost.

Yan Xiyun faced the Giant Spirit Race.


She used the earth’s protection to win this round.

The Earth Mother was delighted.

Yan Xiyun was different from the others. She was someone blessed by the earth.

In the end, Qing Mu fought against the Magus Immortals. His path of invincibility was never stopped.

It could be said that he had brought honor to his ancestors and won three consecutive victories.

When he returned, he could probably boast to his father and mother. There were only a few people who could win three consecutive victories.

Only Lu Jian could do it in Kunlun.

The fortuitous opportunity battle had ended. The Eighth Prince, the youth, Hong Ya, and Yan Xiyun had each won one battle and ended up with two losses.

It could be said to be very bad.

Jiang Lan didn’t care about their victories or defeats. Instead, he looked at Qing Mu. After the matter regarding the Twelve Deity Positions was over, it was time to look for him.

“Alright, the fortuitous opportunity battle has ended. Everyone has already obtained what you want, right?

After returning, you can enter seclusion to absorb it.

Perhaps you can completely fuse with the Deity Position then.” Imperial Lord Xi He looked at everyone and said.

“Once we fuse, can we leave the restraint of the prefix?” asked the Ancestral Dragon.

The others also wanted to know.

“It doesn’t matter if you want to remove it or change the prefix.

For example, you can change it to the Four Seas’ Cangyuan Ancestral Dragon.” Imperial Lord Xi He explained. He looked at everyone and continued.

“However, you have to know one thing. Once you fuse with it, the Ancient Imperial Palace will fall. It means that the last barrier will begin to disappear.

The existence in the dark will also begin to appear. There isn’t much time left. You have to understand this clearly.

Of course, even if you don’t fuse with it, you won’t have much time.”

Everyone fell silent and stopped mentioning this matter.

“We might be enemies the next time we meet,” said the Mixed Essence Witch.

“Are we friends now? Are your friends so cheap?” Imperial Lord Youdu asked.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything. Friend or enemy…

It would probably depend on whether there was any conflict.

However, it was indeed relatively harmonious now, but everything was temporary.

As long as one was alive, there would be conflict. It was the survival of the fittest.

Naturally, this was the case for the Grand Desolate World.

“With the Devil Ancestor not around, it’s much less fun.” Imperial Lord Dongqing smiled and said before he left.

“See you later.”

“I see a very far future, but it’s not what I want to see.” Heavenly Human Yunxiao said to Jiang Lan before leaving.

The others followed.

Everyone had their own thoughts and actions.

There were no weaklings or ignorant people.

Except for Imperial Lord Youdu.

He wasn’t weak, but he was brainless.

“I’ll have to trouble the Fist God to take care of the Eighth Prince.” Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan left as well.

In the end, only Imperial Lord Youdu, Imperial Lord Xi He, and Jiang Lan were left.

“What do you guys want to do? Just let me cooperate. In any case, I definitely can’t win against you guys.” Imperial Lord Youdu was also keen on returning.

He could naturally fuse with the Deity Position as well.

“The matter of changing names will take about thirty years. They need to be digested, so you should be prepared.

After entering the West Palace, you should be able to know a lot of things.” Imperial Lord Xi He also disappeared after saying that.

Jiang Lan also withdrew from the place.

After making some preparations, he could wait for the change of name.

Or rather, he was waiting for Imperial Lord Xi He to compete for the Deity Position of the Central Palace.