My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 527

Chapter 527: Junior Brother, How Could You Do It?

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“Do those important figures all want us to win?”

The Eighth Prince asked.

The youth was also in the room. He was actually quite surprised.

When he entered, he saw the Eight Prince’s sister using a wooden sword to whip the dragon. It was a tragic sight.

After knocking on the door a few times, the sister asked if the dragon had lost its memory to which the dragon replied, “Sis, I don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you mean by that?” He expressed that he had always been normal.

The youth immediately understood that the dragon was pretending to have lost his memory.

If it was possible, he hoped to be able to borrow the wooden sword and be the one knocking on the dragon’s head instead.

After that, they started talking about the fortuitous opportunity battle.

“The others need it more. Kunlun doesn’t care,” Jiang Lan said as he sat at the side.

Ao Longyu was also sitting beside him, the wooden sword still in her hand.

Jiang Lan paid more attention to the movements of the wooden sword, afraid that his Senior Sister would poke her own body.

Sometimes, dragons were ignorant and stupid.

It wasn’t so exaggerated when they first met. Perhaps it was because she was suppressing her true nature.

“Does the Unparalleled Fist God care?” The youth asked curiously.

The Eighth Prince was also curious. After all, they represented the Unparalleled Fist God.

“I don’t think he cares. Opportunities aren’t always useful to everyone,” Jiang Lan replied calmly.

The Eighth Prince and the youth understood that the victory of the fortuitous opportunity battle was useless to the Unparalleled Fist God.

“However, winning will benefit the participants. If you don’t care, it doesn’t matter,” Jiang Lan added.

There was most likely going to be some change in the youth’s fight with the person from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

He was actually rather curious. Could the youth really woo Hong Ya of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race?

Different races had different ways of showing their emotions.

Not all races were like humans. If one liked another, one would treat the other person well.

Some races liked to devour the other party.

It was hard to say about the Dragon Race. His Senior Sister did not act abnormally.

But the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race…

They were clearly different from others. Hong Ya didn’t even seem to have feelings of love.

“I almost won. What a pity.” The Eighth Prince sighed.

He had, after all, lost. He would be mocked by the youth for many years.

Therefore, he hoped that the youth would also lose in the first round.

This way, no one could laugh at each other.

Jiang Lan sat for a while longer. Behind him, the Eighth Prince was explaining some things to his Senior Sister.

For example, telling her the stories on how he taught the youth how to chase after the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race and how he taught Yan Xiyun to hunt.

However, when he talked about teaching the youth, the youth was unconvinced.

The two of them quickly quarreled.

In the end, they asked Jiang Lan to analyze whether it was right or wrong. Jiang Lan told them as usual that being stronger was always right.

He really didn’t know how to chase after the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

Moreover, he had no experience in chasing after someone. It was actually because he had interacted with his Senior Sister for a long time that they could both give and respond to each other.

As the conditions were right, they just became closer and got together.

Their situation could only be chanced upon by luck.

After that, Jiang Lan left. He planned to take a look at the fortuitous opportunity battle platform.

He wanted to see how the victor communicated with the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld.

After a while.

Near the fortuitous opportunity battle platform.

Jiang Lan saw someone sitting cross-legged on one of the nine pillars below. Netherworld Aura surrounded him, as if it was surging towards his body.

It was the demon Peng Cheng who had fought with the Eighth Prince previously.

“Is the Netherworld Aura entering his body?” Ao Longyu asked curiously.

“This is dangerous, right?”

“No.” Jiang Lan looked at the Netherworld Aura around the other party and said.

“He’s just transferring it to the powerhouse with a Deity Position. Furthermore, the aura is somewhat wrong. It is somewhat different from the aura that seeps out from the entrance to the Netherworld. There are traces of the Dao in this one.

This is equivalent to helping the middleman temper his body as well. It is extremely beneficial to his immortal body or golden body.”

Ao Longyu nodded before patting Jiang Lan’s head.

“Junior Brother’s answer is correct.”

Jiang Lan: “…”

In fact, the Netherworld and the Heaven Realm were connected to the Grand Desolate World, but completely separated at the same time. It was unknown how these two places appeared.

The records he read and the information he obtained from the Treefront Village were all about how the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld were related to the Grand Desolate World. They did not mention how they appeared, nor did they mention how the Tree of Creation connected to the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld.

These were too far away. He was just thinking casually and did not intend to search for an answer.

Not long after, they appeared on the observation platform and met many people.

There were Senior Brother Lu Jian, Senior Sister Lin, and Junior Sister Han Qi.

Junior Sister Ya Li was not around. It seemed that she went to accompany her husband.

Jiang Lan was still a bit stunned by the fact that she had a Dao companion.

He had an assumption that no one in Kunlun had a Dao companion.

Among the people he knew, only Junior Sister Ya Li had a husband. The others had no concept of Dao companions.

Then, he met Zhou Shu and Lu Qian. The two of them looked at them respectfully.

It had been a long time since he saw them tipping someone.

“Junior Brother, I realized that they don’t seem to know that I was the one who helped at the inn. I think I didn’t say anything wrong back then.

Why were they so angry?” Ao Longyu was puzzled after leaving.

“They just came to Kunlun and didn’t really understand how things worked here,” Jiang Lan replied.

Indeed, those two were insensible and too ostentatious. They were still very weak and did not know how many experts Kunlun had.

However, so many years had passed. Now, they had already built their foundations and were about to become immortals in the blink of an eye. They were very strong.

In the evening.

Soon, Jiang Lan returned to the Ninth Summit.

Xiao Yu turned into a half-dragon and stood in the courtyard, seemingly trying to test how sharp her claws were.

There were scales on the side of her arm and face, as well as on her calf.

She also had a dragon horn on her forehead.

Jiang Lan, who was embedding the Dragon Slaying Sword’s sword intent into the wooden sword, didn’t understand what his Senior Sister wanted to do either. He just watched, but he did have the thought of using the Dragon Slaying Sword to help his Senior Sister cut her nails.

Ao Longyu sat beside Jiang Lan. She looked at the dragon scales on her body and asked curiously.

“Junior Brother, how could you bear to do it? I am covered in scales whenever we are doing it, except for some places.”


Jiang Lan looked blankly at Ao Longyu.

He was speechless.

This dragon… didn’t know what was good for her.

The next day.

Jiang Lan brought his Senior Sister out to watch the battles.

There was still no familiar person. Kunlun, on the other hand, had fought once. It was a Senior Sister from the Seventh Summit who had fought her opponent to a draw.

In the end, the other party won.

It was that Senior Sister who had given in.

On the third day.

Jiang Lan appeared at where the rest of the Deity Position holders were again.

Since the youth was fighting with Yan Xiyun today, he naturally had to come.

He would be participating in Hong Ya’s match tomorrow as well.

He was free the day after tomorrow and Qing Mu would appear on the sixth day.

Jiang Lan stood in his position and looked at the number two fortuitous opportunity platform below. It was the youth from the inn versus Hong Zhao from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

“This youth… is from the Catoptric Deflection Inn?” The Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor frowned.

“Looks like the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race has lost this time,” the Earth Mother said.

“This youth has quite a few secrets. It’s said that he was raised by a poor human. He is indeed a human, but he might not necessarily have been born by a human,” said the Mixed Essence Witch as he stared at the youth.

“No, the one who gave birth to him was indeed a human couple. It’s just that something unexpected should have happened when she was pregnant.

In the end, the couple paid a price, and this youth was raised by Qiong Qi. Many years later, the innkeeper returned with him,” said Imperial Lord Xi He.

“It sounds very ordinary, but for a human youth to be raised by a Qiong Qi and for him to be able to absorb its violent energy, he’s not as ordinary as you say,” said Imperial Lord Dongqing.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything. The youth was indeed extraordinary, but he didn’t expect him to be so extraordinary that these people didn’t know about it and could only guess.

Of course, the most important person was still the innkeeper.

These people were curious about the youth, but no one dared to directly take him away. They were clearly afraid of the innkeeper.

Catoptric Deflection was probably the title of the innkeeper.

And he had also learned Catoptric Deflection.

It seemed like his master had paid a greater price than he had imagined.

Fortunately, he had never disappointed his master.

“It’s starting,” said Heavenly Human Yunxiao.

There was no one under him who was participating today, so it was not a bad idea for him to pay attention to this youth.

“Most of the people who are worth paying attention to are all under the Unparalleled Fist God,” said Imperial Lord Qiong Gou.

“Are you unconvinced? Go fight.” Imperial Lord Youdu finally found an opportunity to interrupt.


Imperial Lord Qiong Gou: “…”

Jiang Lan: “…”

This friendship was really poisonous.

However, he didn’t pay too much attention to it. Instead, he looked down.

Standing on the mountain, the youth took out his halberd and violent power surged.

The two sides began to fight.

The terrain had a volcano, which gave the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race an advantage.


The youth’s halberd moved, but was blocked by the other party.

The attack didn’t seem to be very strong.

Hong Zhao held his flaming spear and began to counterattack.


After repelling the youth with a single strike, she felt that the other party wasn’t very strong. Then, she sped up her attack.



They moved quickly, but it was mostly just the youth getting beaten up.


The youth was sent into the mountains.

Just as Hong Zhao thought that the other party should be injured, the youth walked out unscathed.

He cleared the dust and said.

“You’re welcome. Although I’m very familiar with Hong Ya, this is the fortuitous opportunity battle platform. You don’t have to show mercy to me.

I won’t go easy on you either.

Give it your all. ”

Hong Zhao: “…”

She felt insulted. Then, fiery wings appeared behind her and flames burned on her body.

Her speed and attack had increased exponentially.




Light appeared and disappeared in the air. Every time it appeared, the youth would be beaten up.

Countless attacks and power poured onto the youth.

It was as if everyone thought that the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race would definitely win.

Hong Ya, who was watching the battle, only watched. She knew that Hong Zhao had lost.

If she wanted to seriously injure the youth, she needed four of herself and a late-stage True Immortal.

Even with such a lineup, she might not even win.

“Big Sister, is Big Brother going to lose?” Yan Xiyun asked.

Hong Ya glanced at Yan Xiyun and said.

“Not necessarily.”

“It’s almost my turn. I feel like I’m going to be killed.” Yan Xiyun was a little worried.

She had been killed every day in Kunlun for so many years.

He felt that the people outside were too dangerous.


The youth was struck to the ground, and the powerful force even began to shatter the mountain.

Hong Zhao landed in midair. She looked down in shock.

“How can it be so difficult?”

She was shocked. Was this really a mid-stage True Immortal?

Why did she feel that she can’t really injure the other party?

Sure enough, she saw the youth stand up again without any injuries.

She felt like she had been greatly insulted, but she had to win this time.

Finally, she sent a voice transmission.

“Fall down and admit defeat. I’ll tell you Hong Ya’s preferences, as well as some things about her when she was young.

So that you can understand her completely.”


Hong Zhao saw the youth, who had already stood up, suddenly cover his chest. Then…


He spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed unwillingly.

He had fainted himself.

Hong Zhao: “…”

An insult. A naked insult.

He was just insulting her.

Jiang Lan, who had been watching the match, was stunned.

Not only him, but the others were also stunned.

This youth fell just like that.

“The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race’s methods are truly impressive,” The Earth Mother said with a smile.

“All is fair in war. It’s fine if you can do it,” the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor said coldly.

Jiang Lan didn’t know what to say. Although he had some guesses, he didn’t expect it to be so unexpected.

“Pfft ~” Jiu Zhongtian spat out his wine.

He turned to look at the innkeeper and said.

“Your grandson is quite interesting.”

The innkeeper: “…”

Mo Zhengdong was also shocked.

But he didn’t really care.

He would act naturally.

“Hahaha! I’m dying of laughter.” The Eighth Prince laughed so hard he couldn’t stand straight.

Hong Ya: “…”

Although she didn’t know what was going on, her intuition told her that Hong Zhao had won because of her.

“Big Brother lost?” Yan Xiyun heaved a sigh of relief.

Both of her brothers had lost. It was normal for her to lose too.

Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if she was alone.

“He has lost,” Hong Ya replied.

“Then it’s my turn.” Yan Xiyun took a deep breath and prepared to fight.

Soon, the youth walked out and was met with the Eighth Prince’s mockery.

“The pot calling the kettle black. How dare you laugh at me?” The youth said unhappily.

“Then at least I injured the other party. Other than the first time you used your halberd, you lost without even counterattacking.” The Eighth Prince looked at the youth and mocked him. He paused for a moment and continued.

“Furthermore, I have comprehended the Dragon Saber Art. What about you?

You haven’t comprehended anything.

To think that you have the same progress as me. I’m teaching you for nothing.”

“But I got something else.” The youth was unconvinced.

“What else could it be? At most, it’s news about your girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

The opposite sex can only affect the speed at which you draw your saber.


If you hesitate for Hong Ya, it’s equivalent to giving up your advantage and cutting down your own attractive spots.

You will then become mediocre.

But as long as you draw your saber fast enough and are outstanding enough, your personal charm will bloom.

Hong Ya will be yours easily.

You are putting the cart before the horse.” The Eighth Prince was disappointed.

“But it might not attract Hong Ya. As long as I understand Hong Ya and continue to work hard to become stronger, isn’t it possible?” The youth revealed his plan.

“So you want to transform into someone that she likes. When you erase yourself, she will feel that you have no opinions and no thoughts.

Becoming the person she likes is equivalent to the beginning of her hate.

Believe me, young man. Draw your saber and pick up your halberd. Chop off her wings and knock her head tonight. Ask her if she’s touched.

Don’t think that you are my sister and brother-in-law. They are different,” said the Eighth Prince.

“Xiyun is about to begin. Do you want to watch the battle?” Hong Ya asked.

“Oh, of course,” the two replied.

Lu Jian and the others were stunned as they watched them leave.

Wasn’t this blatantly scheming?