My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 525

Chapter 525: The Unparalleled Fist God Is That Person

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A heavenly saber appeared, and a dragon’s roar shook the heavens.

The blood of the dragons boiled. They looked at the Eighth Prince and wanted to follow him.

This was a saber that could gather all the dragons.

And this saber was right in front of them.

Forget about the Dragon Race. Compared to the others, they also had a strong feeling that the power of the Dragon Saber Art was too astonishing.

It seemed invincible.

“How did the Eighth Prince learn the Dragon Saber Art?” Jiu Zhongtian was a little stunned as he drank his wine.

“Someone taught him,” Mo Zhengdong said casually.

He roughly knew who taught him.

On the other side, Zhu Qing looked at Miao Yue.

“Senior Sister, how did you confirm that the Eighth Prince had learned the Soaring Dragon Saber Art?”

Miao Yue chuckled.

“Ran Jing knows her child very well. We should ask her about this.”

Ran Jing glanced at the two of them and did not speak for a moment.

However, she had many guesses.

All the powerhouses with Deity Positions seated above the battle platform were stunned.

The appearance of the three saber moves was something they had not expected. This saber technique had long been lost, although it was said that someone had just executed this move in recent times.

But no one knew who was the one who knew this saber technique.

The Ancestral Dragon looked toward Jiang Lan and couldn’t help but ask.

“Is the Unparalleled Fist God a dragon?”

“Impossible. The Unparalleled Fist God is my friend and I know him the best. He is despicable, cunning, and ruthless.


He’s definitely not a dragon.” Imperial Lord Youdu defended Jiang Lan.

In his heart, Jiang Lan was questioning if Imperial Lord Youdu had some prejudice against the others? Or was it because Imperial Lord Xi He and the others had gone too far?

To these experts, the Human Race represented Kunlun.

Because most of Kunlun were humans.

Therefore, their impression of Kunlun was their impression of humans.

So in the eyes of others, the summit leaders of Kunlun were despicable, cunning, and ruthless?

He felt that it must be because of Martial Aunt Miao Yue.

“He is indeed human,” the Earth Mother said.

It was impossible for her to see through Jiang Lan with his One Leaf Vision, but as the Earth Mother of the Qilin Race, she had other abilities.

She could confirm that Jiang Lan was a human.

But she could not be sure of anything else.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything.

They suspected that it was Jiang Lan who had taught the Eighth Prince the Dragon Saber Art.

Cang Yuan Ancestral Dragon roughly knew about the Eighth Prince. It was impossible for him to come into contact with the Dragon Saber Art.

There was only one person who he could not see through, and that was the Unparalleled Fist God.

Therefore, it was reasonable to suspect the Unparalleled Fist God.

But not being a dragon made that doubt go away.

It was impossible to learn the three moves of the Dragon Saber Art unless one was a dragon.

In particular, making the dragons’ blood boil was something that only the dragons could do.

“The result is about to come out,” Imperial Lord Xi He reminded.

“He has comprehended it too late.” There was no other expression on Heavenly Human Yunxiao’s face as he lowered his head to look.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince was holding the Heavenly Dragon Saber.

He had come to a realization. It turned out that he was not using an ordinary saber technique made by the Unparalleled Fist God. Instead, he was using the Dragon Race’s long-lost Dragon Saber Art.

At this moment, he felt that he was omnipotent.

Wind and clouds surged as the saber tilted its power.

He faced Peng Cheng’s saber head-on, wanting to use his own saber to defeat the other party. Right now, his blood was boiling and he felt that he was invincible.

And when he saw the appearance of the Dragon Saber Art, Peng Cheng did not have the slightest fear. The saber still slashed down.

No matter what, he had to defeat his opponent.


The long blade that belonged to him slashed down on the other party’s Heavenly Dragon Saber.



A powerful force erupted.

A rumbling sound echoed in the sky, sweeping through everything.



The long saber that belonged to Peng Cheng shattered, but his saber intent did not weaken in the slightest and continued slashing down.


The Eighth Prince was not afraid at all.

Everything was a contest of strength and confidence in his own Dao.


An explosion of power sent the two of them flying.

Even their golden body was damaged by this strike.

They could not move.

After that, both of them lost their strength and fell into the sky.

“It’s over. I’m going to lose.”

The Eighth Prince wanted to get up, but his injuries were too severe and he couldn’t move. Just now, the Dragon Saber Art had made his blood boil, but now he was powerless.

His consciousness was already blurry.

It seemed like he could not get up. The Eighth Prince began to lose consciousness.

He had used all his strength in that strike just now. If he couldn’t win, he was indeed left with only defeat.

However, before he lost consciousness, he was surprised that he knew the Dragon Saber Art.

This belonged to the Unparalleled Fist God.

Therefore, the person on Dragon Cry Island was actually the Unparalleled Fist God.

Under pressure, he could fuse the essence of the move into his saber technique. This was taught by his brother-in-law.

The Fist God had been very good to him from the very beginning.

How could someone who had no relationship with him teach him the most important saber technique of the Dragon Race?


Kicking away everything that was impossible, no matter how ridiculous the answer, was the closest to the truth.

The Fist God was his sister.


On Dragon Cry Island, she had learned the Dragon Saber Art and had taken good care of him. She also had a good relationship with her brother-in-law.

That had to be it.

After that, the Eighth Prince lost consciousness.

On the other hand, Peng Cheng was much better. At the very least, he didn’t lose consciousness, but his body couldn’t move either.

“The Eighth Prince has lost.”

Heavenly Human Yunxiao looked at the two people below and said.

Although both of them were seriously injured, one had lost consciousness, while the other was still awake.

“What do you think, Fist God?” Imperial Lord Qiong Gou looked at Jiang Lan.

In fact, it was very close to a draw.

“Congratulations to you for winning the first victory,” Jiang Lan said slowly.

A loss was a loss.

It was enough that the Eighth Prince had comprehended the Dragon Saber Art.

As for connecting to the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld, he actually didn’t need it.

It would be good to try next time. With so many people, he should definitely have a victory, right?

“Thank you,” Imperial Lord Qiong Gou said.

This was equivalent to walking ahead of the others.

“Fist God, you do not have any representatives fighting today or tomorrow. If you want to go off, you can leave directly,” Imperial Lord Xi He reminded. Then, he said to the others.

“Same for everyone.”

Those people naturally had no intention of leaving. They could chat here for a while, but when they returned, they would just be imprisoned in their own factions.

Thus, why not just stay here?

Jiang Lan was different. He was free.

Furthermore, the sect did not know his identity, so he could stroll around anywhere.

After bidding farewell to the various experts, he left the connection and returned to the Ninth Summit.

After the Fist God left, the others looked at Imperial Lord Xi He.

“Could it be that the people of Kunlun don’t know who the Unparalleled Fist God is?”

The one who said this was the Earth Mother.

“Humans are cunning. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t tell you. What he tells you might also not be true,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

Earth Mother: “…”

Could this person not speak?

“The people of Ba Country are brainless. You can’t tell if it’s real or fake, but it doesn’t mean we can’t,” said Imperial Lord Dongqing.

“You are right since you have a brain,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

Imperial Lord Dongqing:”…”

He had the urge to initiate a vote to kick this person out.

“Why are you bickering with brainless people?” The Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor responded.

“The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race is right. You guys aren’t smart enough to bicker with me,” Imperial Lord Youdu added.


The Earth Mother and Imperial Lord Dongqing looked at the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor.

Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor:”…”

Why are you looking at me?


What do you think?