Chapter 523: Fighting The Devil Ancestor

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Jiang Lan watched as those people descended one by one. He was at the back because of his Deity Position.

Therefore, he was the last to go down.

Imperial Lord Xi He had sneaked in and his name wasn’t mentioned.

He didn’t even use his fake name.

It was as if he didn’t exist.

It seemed like not announcing the title was part of his plan. Otherwise, there was no need to hide it now. Jiang Lan thought to himself.

Soon, he stopped thinking about Imperial Lord Xi He and instead looked at the others.

It was as if they had materialized. Although their strength had yet to reach their peak, they were not weak at all.

Everyone seemed to want to give it a try.

For example, testing with a weakling like him.

The one who showed the most obvious intention was naturally the Devil Ancestor. Since the first time they met, he had targeted him.

“Does the Unparalleled Fist God not like to present yourself with your true appearance?” The Devil Ancestor looked at Jiang Lan with a smile.

Most of them were just watching the show and did not say anything.

Instead, Imperial Lord Youdu spoke.

“Do you think everyone is as shameless as you?”

Jiang Lan: “…”

This made him feel that the friendship he had obtained was laced with poison.

Ignoring Imperial Lord Youdu, Jiang Lan looked at the Devil Ancestor before taking a step forward.

At this moment, light began to appear in the twelve directions, extending towards the center.

As Jiang Lan advanced step by step, the light extended to the center. At this moment, a huge platform appeared in the middle.

It was as if an arena had appeared.

This change surprised the people below. Something seemed to have happened in the sky.

The Devil Ancestor looked at Jiang Lan, his thoughts unknown.

In just a few breaths, Jiang Lan stood on the huge light barrier. He looked at Devil Ancestor and said in a low voice.

“Come and fight.”

His words were simple and crude.

This sudden change stunned everyone. These great figures were going to attack each other?

For a time, everyone below felt like they were in danger. If these people fought, it would affect the surroundings greatly.

Miao Yue looked at the sky and narrowed her eyes, as if she was looking at something interesting.

Mo Zhengdong watched calmly from afar.

“Who do you think has a higher chance of winning?” Jiu Zhongtian asked Mo Zhengdong while drinking.

“Just keep watching,” Mo Zhengdong replied.

Everyone on the battle platform was also surprised.

The higher-ups were about to make a move. Were they in danger down there?

The Eighth Prince looked up at the Devil Ancestor, feeling that he was finished.

Be it as a dragon or as a human, one should keep a low profile. His brother-in-law often reminded him of this.

Qing Mu looked at the Fist God with admiration.

The Devil Ancestor was a little surprised to see Jiang Lan take the initiative to fight, but only a little.

Then, he walked out.

“Looks like you’re very confident in yourself. I heard that you were only a True Immortal six hundred years ago. The title of the Unparalleled Fist God was even bestowed upon you by Ba Country.” The Devil Ancestor arrived at the arena.

He looked at Jiang Lan with a strange light in his eyes.

It was as if he was trying to do and absorb something.

Jiang Lan could feel the power of the other party around him, as if it was targeting him.

The other party had also prepared a lot.

Their eyes met. No one took the initiative to attack, but it seemed like they were already fighting.

It was an invisible contest with their Dao.

Meanwhile, the people below were shocked by what the Devil Ancestor said. The Unparalleled Fist God was only a True Immortal six hundred years ago?

Then was he actually a Heaven Immortal now?

So there was actually someone so weak up there?

This made everyone’s hearts race. It seemed that the twelve people with Deity Positions were not that powerful.

They didn’t know if it was true or not, but it seemed to be true. After all, the other party’s name really belonged to Ba Country.

Many people had their own thoughts, but no one dared to say it out loud.

They decided to wait and see what would happen next.

Just as these people were preparing a series of plans, a rumbling sound came from the sky.


In an instant, the sun and moon dimmed.

Heaven and earth were occupied by two types of power. Black energy surrounded one side, and a giant figure stood there. On the other side, an aura similar to that of a calamity appeared. A man stood within, as if he was suppressing heaven and earth.

The great Dao started resonating.

Everyone could feel the commotion. For a moment, no one could stand still.

A powerful and terrifying force pressed down on them, as if it could crush them at any moment.

“Netherworld Abyss.”

An ethereal voice came from the sky. At this moment, the abyss occupied the back of the giant. The abyss was absorbing everything around it.

If one’s cultivation wasn’t high enough, one would be sucked in with a single glance and be doomed.

The terrifying power made the surrounding people not dare to look up.

Many of them had never seen power of this level before, let alone experience it at such a close distance.

They felt like they were going to die here.

Then, they heard another voice, similarly boundless.

“Boundless Tribulation Technique.”

At this moment, not only did the people below feel like they were about to be sucked into the abyss, they even felt like a great calamity had arrived.

They could not tell if they were the ones experiencing the tribulation first-hand or the ones who were observing it.

The terrifying powers intimidated them.


A sudden noise sounded.

Those below who felt fear instantly relaxed.

When they looked up, they realized that there were some of the twelve Deity Position holders who were protecting them.

“It’s rare to see powerhouses of such level fight. Look up and see clearly. You all might not see such a scene again in the future.”

It was Imperial Lord Xi He’s voice.

Only then did the people below look up.

The power just now was too great, so great that they did not dare to raise their heads.

When adults fought, the children suffered.

However, they could clearly see the situation up there now. In their eyes, they could see the giant and the man in front of the giant.

They occupied one side each and seemed to be constantly trying to devour the other party.

At this moment, they saw the figure belonging to the Unparalleled Fist God move.

Jiang Lan moved. He watched as the Devil Ancestor began his hidden preparations. He didn’t want to waste time with the other party.

The longer this dragged on, the more disadvantageous it was for him. He had to deal a fatal blow.

He took a step forward, walking towards the other party.

When he moved, the Power of Nine Bulls surged and the Power Of Nine Tribulations filled the sky.

At that moment, the void began to rumble and the ground began to tremble.

It was as if something was trampling over mountains and rivers, tearing through the void and descending.

Jiang Lan’s speed increased. In the blink of an eye, he gave up on the Boundless Tribulation Technique and arrived in front of the giant.

Then, he waved his fist.

The Boundless Tribulation Technique began to distort and shatter before surging towards the giant.

It was as if it was opening a path for Jiang Lan.

The Devil Ancestor did not sit back and wait for death. The abyss appeared in the giant’s eyes before it looked at Jiang Lan, who was close to it, wanting to absorb him.

Jiang Lan faced the abyss directly. His Power Of Nine Tribulations was already completely full.



In a daze, the ground surged and space shattered.

Invisibly, two incomparably massive bulls trampled through mountains and rivers, smashing through the void barrier and arriving domineeringly.

Immediately following that, they crashed into the giant that represented the Devil Ancestor.

A punch passed.


The giant’s head shattered, its body disintegrated, and the abyss exploded.



All the power that belonged to the Devil Ancestor was shattered on the spot, and the Dao that belonged to him was erased by a single punch.

The power swept across and struck the Devil Ancestor’s Deity Position.


The location was filled with cracks.


The position disintegrated.

Only then did Jiang Lan retract his fist and stand there calmly.

The power in the air disappeared. There were originally two people in the arena, but now, only one was left.

There were only eleven left out of the original twelve positions.

On the other hand, the Devil Ancestor was still present, just that he was currently merely a wisp of devil qi. He looked at Jiang Lan in disbelief.

“Why… are you so strong?”

Jiang Lan looked at him in silence for a moment before speaking.

“Isn’t six hundred years enough to advance to the Dao Immortal Realm?”


The Devil Ancestor looked at Jiang Lan, speechless.

Was it enough for one to advance from a True Immortal to a Dao Immortal in six hundred years? Was it enough?

How was this even possible?

As the last wisp of devil qi disappeared, the Devil Ancestor left the fortuitous opportunity battle.

As for the people below, they were all extremely shocked.

Only the people from Ba Country were cheering.

To advance from a True Immortal to a Dao Immortal in six hundred years, there was actually such a terrifying existence in this world?

The weakest?

However, they could sense that the Fist God was probably the strongest. Such a speed of advancement should not be the speed of a human.

There was no such race in the entire Grand Desolate World.

Even innate immortals were not as exaggerated as this person.

“Young man, didn’t I say it? They can burn incense for the Devil Ancestor now,” the Eighth Prince said to the youth beside him.

The youth didn’t mind. He didn’t say that the Fist God was weak.

He had always felt that he was very strong.

The other party had also helped him a few times.

On the other hand, Hong Ya was shocked. This person had reached the Dao Immortal Realm in less than a thousand years. She had only reached the mid-stage True Immortal Realm after working hard for so many years.

If she was given another six hundred years, she would at most be an early-stage Heaven Immortal.

How did he reach the Dao Immortal Realm in six hundred years?

“This child is truly exceptional.” Jiu Zhongtian changed a pot of wine and continued drinking.

Mo Zhengdong remained silent.

He was really too outstanding.

After settling the matter with the Devil Ancestor, Jiang Lan looked at the others. After confirming that no one wanted to cause trouble for him, he slowly walked towards his position.

This way, the future would be much calmer, and the people who were spying on his Deity Position would give up on this idea.

Heavenly Human Yunxiao suddenly said.

“Technically speaking, the Devil Race can’t participate in the fortuitous opportunity battle without the Devil Ancestor, right?”

“Yes, unless someone helps them resist the pressure from the Heavenly Realm and the Netherworld.” Imperial Lord Xi He smiled.

“Since no one from the Heavenly Human Race has come, I can help the people of the Underground’s Devil Race resist it.” Yun Xiao looked at the person in charge of the Underground’s Devil Race and said.

“What do you guys think?”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you, Heavenly Human lord.” The person in charge of the Underground Devils lowered his head respectfully.

They didn’t hesitate, and they seemed to have made preparations long ago.

It was also as if he knew that Heavenly Human Yunxiao would do this.

After everyone was in position, Imperial Lord Xi He looked at the group on the fortuitous opportunity battle platform and said.

“Then let’s begin.”

As Imperial Lord Xi He’s voice fell, a beam of light appeared from everyone on the fortuitous opportunity battle platform.

This light spun in the air and the participants were randomly matched.

After a moment, the light fell and left a series of words in the air.

The first day’s arrangements were at the forefront.

First day, first battle.

Fist God, Ao Man—Demon Race, Peng Cheng (Early-stage Heaven Immortal) (Battle platform 1)

Underground’s Devil Race, Jiao Kai—Qilin Race, Yan Tian (Perfected True Immortal) (Battle platform 2)

Dragon Race, Ao Lin—Ba Country, Xian Bei (Mid-stage Heaven Immortal) (Battle platform 3)

First day, second battle.

Six battles a day.

Eight days were needed to complete the first round, and eight days later, the second round would begin. There were a total of three rounds.

Jiang Lan didn’t care about this. He realized that only the Eighth Prince needed to fight today.

In other words, after the Eighth Prince’s first battle ended, he could leave this place and bring his Senior Sister out for a stroll?

Not bad.

But it was too obvious. Maybe tomorrow.

He did not need to be here tomorrow as well.

It would only appear the day after tomorrow.

The number of people participating wasn’t perfect. Some people had to fight twice in the first round.

Of course, he could also choose to reject it a second time.

Whoever wanted to fight could fight. It was fine as long as they were at the same realm.

“Remember your battle times. The remaining will be added on the last day.

Then, those that have nothing to do here, you may leave. The six shall stay.” Liu Jing stood at a higher position and spoke.

Every battle platform had the participants’ name indicated on it.

“Stupid dragon, if you lose the first battle, you will lose face. Your mother will probably imprison you,” the youth said to the Eighth Prince.

“When you lose, you’ll lose face in front of the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. Don’t beg me to consult my brother-in-law then,” the Eighth Prince said impolitely.

“Good luck, Big Brother!” Yan Xiyun cheered for the Eighth Prince.


After that, these people left the fortuitous opportunity battle platform, leaving the Eighth Prince behind.

In just a moment, all the unrelated personnel left the fortuitous opportunity battle platform, leaving only six people behind.

Jiang Lan looked down at the first fortuitous opportunity platform. There were two people standing there, the Eighth Prince and a man in his thirties.

His face had some black feathers and an aquiline nose.

He was very strong. He had entered the early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm for some time and the cultivation of his golden body was about to reach the mid-stage Heaven Immortal Realm.

The Eighth Prince had only advanced to this realm for a few decades.

There was an obvious difference.

There was no Kunlun in the first battle, but that did not mean that there were no Kunlun people. Miao Yue and the others naturally did not leave. Instead, they looked ahead at the situation.

“Senior Sister, who are you paying attention to?” Zhu Qing asked.

“The Unparalleled Fist God is from Kunlun, so of course I am paying attention to the Eighth Prince.” Miao Yue thought for a moment and asked Ran Jing.

“Does Ran Jing think the Eighth Prince has a high chance of winning?”

“What do you think, Miao Yue?” Ran Jing looked at Miao Yue.

Miao Yue then looked at Zhu Qing.

“What do you think, Junior Sister?”

“He doesn’t have that big of a chance.” Zhu Qing thought for a moment before answering.

The chance of winning was indeed not big.

Although the Eighth Prince was impressive and his combat experience was not bad either.

However, the other party should be a giant roc. It was not inferior in any aspect. Its golden body was even stronger.

“What do you think, Ran Jing?” Miao Yue looked at Ran Jing.

“Do you not have your own opinions?” Ao Shishi could not stand it anymore.

Miao Yue was the most annoying person in Kunlun.

“I think the Eighth Prince can win.” Miao Yue’s voice carried a faint smile.


This answer surprised Ran Jing and company.

“Why?” Zhu Qing was curious.

Hong Luan, who was standing behind Zhu Qing, was also curious. She realized that it was good not to participate.

She could hear her master conversing with these experts.

“The Eighth Prince represents the Unparalleled Fist God. Since the Unparalleled Fist God is so powerful, the person representing him should definitely not be bad either. That’s why I think he can win.” Miao Yue replied with a smile.

The few dragons felt like they had been fooled. After beating around the bush, Miao Yue seemed to be just talking highly of her own from Kunlun.

Zhu Qing stared at Miao Yue.

“Junior Sister, what’s the matter?” Miao Yue asked.

“Senior Sister usually doesn’t joke around like this,” Zhu Qing said.

“Aiya, Junior Sister is so smart.”


Initially, Zhu Qing did not care that much, but now, she suddenly cared about the outcome of this battle.