Chapter 521: The Realm Above The Dao Immortal Realm

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Within ten days, Kunlun began to become lively.

Many external forces had come.

Not only were there people participating in the fortuitous opportunity battle, there were also some factions that had come to spectate.

Because of the twelve Deity Positions, many people wanted to come and take a look.

The twelve Deity Positions had already completely appeared, so more people began to know.

Of course, there were not many people who knew the full name of these Deity Positions.

They only knew the rough names, such as the Devil Ancestor, Heavenly Human Yunxiao, Unparalleled Fist God, Imperial Lord Youdu, Imperial Lord Qiong Gou, and so on.

Out of curiosity, the various factions wanted to confirm the situation. Perhaps they might have a chance to obtain a positon as well.

It was said that the Unparalleled Fist God was the weakest.

He only had the strength of an early-stage Celestial Immortal, which gave others hope.

As for who spread it, no one knew.

Jiang Lan, who was on the Ninth Summit, naturally heard about this. If the culprit wasn’t the Underground Devil Race, then it was either the Demon Race or the Heavenly Human Race.

Of course, it was also possible that it was another race.

Even without grudges, people might still stir trouble.

These news were mostly told to Jiang Lan by the Eighth Prince. At the same time, he would scold those people for being ignorant.

Of course, the Eighth Prince did not correct these people. He said that when the time came, they would need to burn incense for the Devil Ancestor, and at that time, these people would understand who was the weakest.

Whoever they thought was the weakest was about to become the strongest in reality.

The speed at which the Fist God advanced was not something that the older generation could compare to.

Jiang Lan didn’t say much about this. Every time, he would just be a listener.

His Senior Sister would occasionally nod and say that she was on the same side as the Eighth Prince, that those people were ignorant.


The two of them chatted happily. It would be even better if his Senior Sister didn’t touch him when she was excited.

And while he listened, he would read books.

Currently, he was reading a book that explained more on the Dao Immortal Realm.

There were no minor realms in the Dao Immortal Realm. There was only the perfection of one’s own Dao.

However, whether one was perfected or not was sometimes unable to determine one’s combat strength. There were thousands of great Dao, and it depended on which Dao one walked on.

As well as how deep one’s comprehension of the Dao was.

Anything was possible.

The book said that there was a realm above the Dao Immortal Realm that had been severed.



Sages walked together with the Dao and were born together with the Dao.

Advancing to become a sage required the recognition of the Heavenly Dao and the merits of heaven and earth.

This was both a guess and a feasible path.

However, this path seemed to have been cut off. No one could touch that realm.

On the other hand, the Deity Position condensed the fortuitous opportunity of the heavens and earth, so it was close to that realm.

Thus, it became a stepping stone for that realm.

So far, those who stood at the peak of the Dao Immortal Realm and looked at that realm had discovered one thing.

Even by relying on the Deity Position, only one person could become a sage.

There was only one position and chance to be a sage.

Everyone wanted to obtain it, and they were also trying to compete.

“Imperial Lord Xi He has done so much because he wants to obtain the Central Palace Deity Position and then try to become a Sage.

The Central Palace is the closest place to that location.”

Jiang Lan understood Imperial Lord Xi He’s thoughts, but he was very curious. If Imperial Lord Xi He became a sage, could he still become a sage?

He did not want to walk the path of using the Deity Position. He wanted to try to rely on himself to walk on the path toward that realm.

He wanted to become a sage through his own strength.

However, he was not sure if he could succeed.

Currently, he was still too weak and could not reach the realm of a sage.

Between the Dao Immortal Realm and the Sage Realm, there was still an unnecessary process. That was to nurture the golden body once again and allow it to sublimate.

This way, one’s body could be the first to become a sage.

One could technically be considered to have left the Dao Immortal Realm, but his realm was still there.

At that stage, one was neither a Sage nor a Dao Immortal.

One could be called a half-Sage. This realm was extremely difficult to reach. In the entire Grand Desolate World, there were very few who had reached this realm.

It was clearly written in the book that in the entire Kunlun, only the Sect Master had reached this realm.

No one else could do it.

“Since there is someone in Kunlun, there should be others in other places.” Jiang Lan immediately thought of the few people with Deity Positions.

More than half of them should be at this realm.

It was most likely the same for the Devil Ancestor.

Fortunately, the other party could not come with his peak strength, or else it would be difficult for him to have a chance of winning.

As for whether one should advance to this realm, it was also recorded in the books. There was no need for one to become a half-sage if one could become a sage.

The reason for the existence of half-sages was because one lacked the item to aid one to become a sage even though one had sufficient talent, strength, and providence.

Only then would one need to first take half a step forward to prepare for the future.

Only by doing so could one naturally become stronger and can face subsequent crises with greater ease.

Jiang Lan closed the book. He roughly understood.

“I’m already at the forefront of the Dao Immortal Realm. I have two choices in the future. The first is to begin nurturing my golden body and wait for an opportunity to advance to the Half-sage Realm.

The other is to give up on nurturing and advancing. I will stand at the end of my Dao path and observe the Dao, to try to find myself a path that has yet to be discovered.

If I succeed, I will be able to have the Sage Realm at my fingertips.

Perhaps the hardest thing is to find that unknown path.”

Jiang Lan thought to himself. After a moment, he chose the latter.

It wasn’t easy for him to become a half-sage and he didn’t have much time left.

What he needed was to find a path that belonged to him, or rather, to find a path to become a Sage that belonged to him.

Could he find it?

He didn’t know, but this matter couldn’t be rushed. He had to take it slowly.


Sitting in the courtyard, Jiang Lan raised his head and looked at the sky. At this moment, light appeared in the sky. This light connected to the endless horizon, as if it had entered an unknown place.

Then, the light split into twelve and landed on the twelve Deity Positions.

“Junior Brother is leaving?”

In the courtyard, Xiao Yu asked Jiang Lan.

“En, I feel that someone is summoning me,” Jiang Lan replied.

Today was the day the fortuitous opportunity battle began. Naturally, the Eighth Prince was not present. He had gone to prepare for it.

The youth and the Eighth Prince wanted them to watch the battle. Jiang Lan didn’t give a clear answer. He only said that he would go over when he had time.

As for whether he would be free, he didn’t know either. It would depend on Imperial Lord Xi He’s arrangements.

In theory, he would not be free. In the battle between the Eighth Prince and the others, he needed to resist the pressure from the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld.

However, he still reminded the Eighth Prince before he left.

If he was going to lose, he could place his hopes on his saber technique.

Although he didn’t understand, the Eighth Prince still nodded in response.

He felt that his brother-in-law definitely knew something, and he also knew how powerful the saber technique was.

The Eighth Prince was also very curious about how powerful this saber technique was.

“Senior Sister, use this to observe, but don’t stare at the twelve Deity Positions. Don’t do this for the summit leaders and the people around them either.

Some of them are Dao Immortals, so the probability of them discovering Senior Sister is very high.

Even a Celestial Immortal might discover you,” Jiang Lan explained.

Because he was already a Dao Immortal, he did not think that it was dangerous for his Senior Sister to take a look at Celestial Immortals, but it was still very dangerous for him to face a Dao Immortal.

There was naturally no need to mention the people of the Twelve Deity Positions.

Even if those people didn’t take half a step out, they were still people who had heaven and earth opportunities.

Ordinary people could not compare to them.

“En, en.” Xiao Yu nodded seriously this time.

There were many important figures present, yet she was peeking here.

It was indeed dangerous.

But it would be fine if she was just watching the fortuitous opportunity battle.

“Senior Sister, I’m going up.”

“Go on, leave Junior Brother’s body to me.”

How confident.. Jiang Lan nodded before responding to Imperial Lord Xi He’s call.