Chapter 520: Junior Brother, Listen To My Reasoning

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Jiang Lan walked on the main road as he brought Xiao Yu around.

It looked like he was just killing time.

In reality, he was preparing something. There wouldn’t be any reaction, nor would there be any obvious traces.

It was just that he was strengthening his personal connection. When the time came, he would stand on the 12th position and his strength would be more complete than the others.

The projection of the Devil Ancestor’s strength would definitely be inferior to his.

It didn’t seem fair, but they were competitors to begin with.

Why would he care about fairness?

After walking for a long time, Jiang Lan suddenly thought of something.

“Senior Sister has always been unable to get used to not transforming into a half-dragon. Then has Senior Sister ever thought of transforming into a half-dragon?”

“What’s the use of that?” Xiao Yu asked Jiang Lan.

“This way, you don’t have to endure it and your mental state can be relaxed.

This way, you can get used to any state,” Jiang Lan said.

Xiao Yu jumped in front of Jiang Lan and stared into his eyes. She tried to ask.

“Could it be that Junior Brother doesn’t like people?”

Jiang Lan: “…”

After this dragon’s arrogance and ignorance, even her thoughts had begun to go astray.

In the evening, Jiang Lan took some good wine from the inn and headed towards the Ninth Summit.

He had been outside for a long time and had prepared everything.

There was naturally no need to stay.

After returning, he could wait patiently for the fortuitous opportunity battle to arrive.

After the fortuitous opportunity battle ended, perhaps Imperial Lord Xi He would take action. He should also passively follow suit.

He would only know the details when the time came.

However, many things had to be built on the smooth progress of the fortuitous opportunity battle.

After returning to the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan looked at the courtyard and the main road that needed to be taken care of. He felt that he should be busier for the next month.

The house had to be renovated too.

He could take care of it when he had time these few months.

When the fortuitous opportunity battle began, he would have to deal with those experts again. If possible, he did not intend to participate.

But some things were not up to him to decide.

He also had to bear more responsibilities. The more he knew, the calmer he would be.

The easier it was for him to become stronger as well.

Doing things behind closed doors might yield him many gains, but he might not necessarily be able to walk at the forefront.

After letting his Senior Sister deal with the matter herself, Jiang Lan headed to the peak of the Ninth Summit.

Delivering good wine was one thing, but the main thing was to ask his master if he had asked Martial Aunt Miao Yue to help maintain the array formation.

If he did, he wanted to know about the progress. If he didn’t…

That would make things difficult.


At the peak of the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan lowered his head and spoke respectfully.

Mo Zhengdong was looking at the sky. He turned around when he heard the voice.

“You’re back?”

“Yes.” As he spoke, he handed over the good wine and asked carefully.

“Did Master look for Martial Aunt Miao Yue during this period?”

“She’s been here twice. There shouldn’t be a big problem,” Mo Zhengdong replied.

It’s a little ordinary, Jiang Lan thought.

He was very curious about what his master thought about having a Dao companion.

“Master has stepped onto your own Dao path for many years. Did you have to overcome any calamity before completing the Dao?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Calamity??” Mo Zhengdong thought for a moment and said,

“It would probably be the attack by an alien race not long after we became immortals. At that time, the ten of us were split into two teams.

One team was to be used as bait to escape while the other would follow and assassinate.

After three hundred years, we finally advanced and killed the other party.

The credit mainly belongs to Chen Xi and Miao Yue.

One of them was divining the heavenly secrets, while the other was setting up array formations to stall for time.

That should have been our greatest calamity and tribulation.”

Jiang Lan :”…”

He admired his master and the rest, but he did not want this calamity.

What he wanted to know was if his master was suffering from an emotional calamity.

After thinking for a moment, he continued.

“When Master was young, did you encounter an engagement like me?”

His master had said that he did not understand this, so he could treat it as some kind of distress and seek answers.

His master would not think too much about it.

“Engagement?” Mo Zhengdong frowned.

“Not really. Do you have a conflict with the Goddess?

If that’s the case, you can try asking your Martial Aunts from the Fifth and Third Summits. They might be able to understand the Goddess better.”

“Has Master never encountered any emotional problems since you started cultivating?” Jiang Lan asked again.

Mo Zhengdong shook his head.

Reality proved that his master really had no emotional problems.

However, it was hard to say if his master had a good impression of anyone. Even if he asked, he could not get an answer.

Human emotions were complicated, and feelings could not be autonomous.

It was normal for his master to not have a person he was fond of.

Jiang Lan bade farewell to his master.

He suddenly thought of something. Since Martial Aunt Miao Yue really admired his master, she really needed him to play the matchmaker.

Then why was he asking his master about his past?

Couldn’t he just ask Martial Aunt Miao Yue directly?

However, Martial Aunt Miao Yue was too dangerous. He felt that she was calculating everything she did.

His master did not care.

However, he was not his master.

He would discuss it with his Senior Sister. If needed, he would go look for Martial Aunt Miao Yue together.

However, just as he returned to the courtyard, he saw his Senior Sister standing in the ruins.

The house had collapsed again.

“Junior Brother, listen to my reasoning.”

“Senior Sister, go ahead.”


Why hadn’t she thought of a reason yet?

Jiang Lan looked at the ruins and felt that he should build an ordinary straw hut first. Building a proper house would take about three months, and he couldn’t just sit in the courtyard and rest.

He was naturally fine before marriage. He was more or less not used to it now.

“Let’s build a wooden house first,” Jiang Lan said.

“Yes, Junior Brother.” Xiao Yu immediately agreed.

Then, they walked outside. Since they wanted to build a wooden house, they naturally needed trees.

There were many trees in the Ninth Summit. It was fine as long as he went out to collect a few.

After a long time, the wood was placed in the courtyard.

Jiang Lan began to cut the wood and build it.

“Junior Brother, can I carve on this log?” Xiao Yu pointed at the pillar and asked.

“No,” Jiang Lan replied.

“What about this side?”


“Can I draw something then?”

Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu and said.

“You can.”

“Then I’ll start drawing.” Xiao Yu looked excited.

After a night, a simple wooden house was built.

The furniture was also ready.

“Let’s clean up the Ninth Summit first, then come back to build a house,” Jiang Lan said.

Xiao Yu had no objections and started taking care of the Ninth Summit with Jiang Lan.

Time passed bit by bit. It originally did not take long for him to finish taking care of the Ninth Summit, but the main force this time was Xiao Yu, which was why it took him two months.

They spent three months building the house.

“Junior Brother, I feel that the wooden house is not bad either. Can you build an additional wooden house too?”

“Build one in the backyard.”

Jiang Lan wanted to refuse, but he still agreed.

It took them half a year to finish taking care of everything and rebuild the house.

It was not much different from before.

In this half a year, spring had arrived.

In other words, the last year had passed.

The fortuitous opportunity battle was about to begin.


A sudden sound rang out outside Kunlun.

Several flying Dharma treasures flew towards Kunlun. There were giant ships, ferocious beasts, mountain peaks, and circular Dharma treasures.

“Haha, we’re not late, are we?”

Jiang Lan could hear the sounds coming from the flying Dharma treasure as he stood in the courtyard.

At this moment, someone from Kunlun came forward.

“There are still ten days.. It’s not too late.”