My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Who Is The One That Is Stopping Me From Becoming An Uncle?

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Ba Country’s Qing Mu.

This person should be the first light spot in Jiang Lan’s Deity Position. The reason why he had a Deity Position was also greatly related to this person.

The first person he responded to was also him.

On the other hand, the other party seemed to have been practicing his fist techniques all along. His strength was not bad.

Late-stage True Immortal.

He was surprisingly strong.

Was it because of his talent, or was it because of something else?

He was not very old, probably not more than a thousand years old.

Jiang Lan did not know how Qing Mu was compared to the Eighth Prince, but compared to the others, he was not just a little bit more talented.

“It might also be because of the fortuitous opportunity. His fortuitous opportunity might be the most special.”

Jiang Lan thought in his heart. The other party’s fortuitous opportunity had already been planted before he even obtained the Deity Position. It was completely different from the others.

The effect was also greatly different.

However, with the other party’s strength, it was still somewhat difficult for him to take over the Deity Position of the Fist God.

He already had a Deity Position when he was a True Immortal, but he was different.

He had the One Leaf Vision, which could cover the sky. No one could discover him.

Once Qing Mu took over the Deity Position, he would definitely be severely restricted and spied on.

Even if he completely mastered the Deity Position, he could not leave Ba Country casually.

He needed the protection of Imperial Lord Youdu.

He took a few casual glances and didn’t pay much attention to him anymore. Qing Mu’s identity was related to the Unparalleled Fist God.

He naturally could not show it too obviously. This way, he would be easily detected.

He wasn’t that worried, but it was better to be calm.

Hardworking, diligent, and talented.

He more or less met the requirements.

Jiang Lan thought.

“Junior Brother, what do you think?” Xiao Yu asked.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problems at the moment. I’ll have to ask the others later.” Jiang Lan brought Xiao Yu to the other platforms.

There were many people practicing here, some even trying to shatter the arena.

In any case, there was no need for compensation if it was broken.

Instead, they could laugh at Kunlun.

Kunlun, on the other hand, didn’t mind. It was naturally better for the problem to appear before the start of the competition than during the official competition.

Xiao Yu also knew that Jiang Lan had to change his name and position. Although she did not know much about it, she understood that he had to find a successor.

That was why she had asked.

“Senior Sister, how are you sure I saw him?” Jiang Lan asked.

His Senior Sister knew about the successor, but she didn’t know about Qing Mu.

“It’s only natural for Senior Sister to understand Junior Brother. In the future, you have to restrain your thoughts.

I know all about it, “Xiao Yu said seriously.

She acted as if she was indeed all-knowing.

This dragon was abnormal.

“Junior Brother, look. Ao Man is with the youth.” Xiao Yu pointed ahead.

Jiang Lan followed Xiao Yu’s finger and looked over. Then, he saw two people sitting on the battle platform barbecuing. Some people around them were fighting. Occasionally, they would fight till they were beside the Eighth Prince and take the opportunity to drop spirit stones. Then, one of the wild animals would be gone.

Jiang Lan: “…”

Xiao Yu:”…”

Weren’t they here to practice?

“I don’t think there are any dragons around.” Xiao Yu looked around and felt that Ao Man would definitely not be so impudent with a dragon around.

At this moment, Ao Ye came from afar. He had taken the wild animals from the Eighth Prince and left behind spirit stones.

It seems like it’s useless even if the Dragon Race is here, Jiang Lan thought.

After a while.

Xiao Yu came behind the Eighth Prince and whispered.

“How much for the wild animals?”

“Let’s make the transaction private,” the Eighth Prince said hurriedly.

However, he soon realized that it was his sister.

“Sis, don’t scare me. Have you finished your mission and thus have come out?” The Eighth Prince immediately asked.

“What mission?” Xiao Yu asked curiously.

“I have already prepared the gifts for my mission of becoming an uncle,” said the Eighth Prince.

Xiao Yu:”…”

Then, she looked towards Jiang Lan, originally wishing to say that it was Jiang Lan’s fault.

But thinking about it, her Junior Brother had said that only by controlling her half-dragon transformation could they accomplish this.

Then, she kicked the Eighth Prince and returned to Jiang Lan’s side, ignoring him.

“…” The Eighth Prince looked innocent.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything. He wasn’t sure whether or not the child would come in the form of an egg was due to his Senior Sister’s half-dragon transformation problem.

“Big brother, why are you here? Do you want peanuts?” The youth handed Jiang Lan a handful of peanuts.

Jiang Lan took it and said.

“Are there supplementary rules for the fortuitous opportunity battle?”

He was here to understand the rules of the fortuitous opportunity battle and take a closer look at the battle platform at the same time. Currently, it seemed like the Deity Position should be restricted by the Heaven Realm.

If the others came over, there would be some obstacles.

This meant that when they came, they would not be able to be in their peak state, while he could use his Deity Position to reach his peak strength.

He had an advantage, but the time since he had advanced was still short. This was also a disadvantage.

But with these two offsetting each other, he still had more chances of winning.

Perhaps he could make more arrangements. He had some plans in mind.

He would prepare it later.

Xiao Yu had already asked the Eighth Prince to cut some wild animals for her.

“I don’t think there’s anything else.” The youth thought for a moment and said.

“When fighting someone of the same level, each person will have three chances to participate. They won’t be matched with the same opponent, nor will they encounter their own people.

As for the environment, it seems that it will be randomly chosen.

One has a body of water, one is connected to the earth while one has a volcano.

Of course, there are also some like this.”

Jiang Lan nodded. The environment was random. It was unfair but fair.

This way, no one would say anything.

It was the same for everyone. Luck was sometimes part of the battle.

And everyone could fight three times. If in all three battles, the environment were all beneficial to the enemy, then it would really be fate.

Of course, an advantage did not mean victory. Strength was the most important.

Just because the other party had the upper hand didn’t mean that the other party would win.

“How did you get caught?” Xiao Yu asked the Eighth Prince.

“It’s all Senior Brother Lu Jian’s fault. At that time, I went out with Mother. Because Senior Brother Lu Jian didn’t see Mother, he directly told me that he wanted some wild animals.

He even said that he wanted it to be cut with my Heavenly Saber.

Then I was imprisoned.

Now, I have to sell wild animals in private for fear of being discovered by Mother.

No matter how I explain, Mother will ignore me.” The Eighth Prince sighed.

Now, he was no longer selling Senior Brother Lu Jian his roasted wild animals. He had been tricked terribly.

He could only hope that the fortuitous opportunity battle ended earlier so that he could continue selling his roasted wild animals.

“You deserve it. You have embarrassed the entire Dragon Race,” Xiao Yu said.

Eighth Prince: “…”

“It’s all because of this young lad’s idea. He asked me to bring Mother out for a walk.” The Eighth Prince looked at the youth.

“What has this got to do with me? You asked me to knock Hong Ya’s head. Did I knock it?

It’s because you don’t know how to judge and you are unlucky, “said the young man indignantly.

“That’s why the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race doesn’t care about you.”

“There’s no point in knocking. If you don’t believe me, ask Big Brother. Did he knock Big Sister’s head?”

Jiang Lan: “…”

He seemed to have knocked on it.

After that, Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu left the battle platform and didn’t disturb their business.

However, he could tell that these two people had already comprehended the essence of the Dragon Saber Art.

All that was left was the final fusion.

It was nothing much for the youth. His path was not easy. It was much easier for the Eighth Prince, but it was hard to say if he could completely grasp and use the Heavenly Dragon Saber to its full ability.

Sometimes, the difference was like a chasm.

What do you think?