My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 516

Chapter 516: Dao Immortal

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Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu walked towards the old wine tavern.

It was much livelier outside Kunlun now. Experts flew past from time to time.

There were also some people fighting around.

As long as the fights weren’t too serious, Kunlun wouldn’t interfere.

Many people here were actually not from Kunlun. Most of them were from other races who had come here in advance to familiarize themselves with the environment.

Some people’s spell techniques were related to the environment they were going to battle in.

“I feel like this is unfair. This fortuitous opportunity battle is discriminating against our Qilin Race. If we aren’t on the ground, aren’t we giving up our advantage?” Suddenly, a voice reached Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu’s ears.

It was a member of the Qilin Race passing by.

“Don’t say anymore. Mother didn’t say anything, so there shouldn’t be any problems.” It was another female member of the Qilin Race who spoke.

“We have to ask someone. Otherwise, our entire race will be at a disadvantage.” The male member of the Qilin Race was indignant.

Jiang Lan was rather curious as to whether the battle platform would connect to the earth.

In theory, it would. After all, the battle platform connected to the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld.

It was normal for it to be able to connect to the ground.

Of course, the connection to the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld were both passageways. It was reasonable to say that they were not technically connected as well.

But would the Earth Mother agree?

Probably not.

However, the Qilin Race had a ridiculous advantage when standing on the ground. But because of the battle platform, those that held an advantage fighting in the air no longer had the advantage as well.

Therefore, it could be said that the fights could be fairer now.


There should be a balance.

“The Dragon Race specializes in water battles. According to what they said, do we need to add the sea as well?” Xiao Yu asked Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan agreed.

The Heavenly Human Race should be skilled in air battles while the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race was skilled in fire region battles.

Based on this, it was reasonable for the Qilin Race to fight without the support of the earth.

In that case, Kunlun seemed to be the one who had the advantage.

After all, Kunlun focused on helping humans cultivate.

However, even if Kunlun had the advantage, the others probably wouldn’t care either. Kunlun was the one who had initiated this whole event and it was clear that Imperial Lord Xi He didn’t care about winning or losing at all.

He just wanted to use this matter to achieve his goal.

Jiang Lan felt that all these people weren’t simple. He, who had cultivated for less than eight hundred years, would easily fall into a trap if he often hung around these people.

He had to be constantly on guard.


On the way, Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu heard a rumbling sound, followed by saber lights and sword shadows.

It was from the direction of the old wine tavern.

“Someone is causing trouble at the inn?” Xiao Yu was curious.

Ever since she entered the inn, she knew that the inn wasn’t simple. The innkeeper was extremely outstanding.

She would not be impudent even if she went to buy wine.

Of course, even if it was an ordinary shop, she would not do anything unnecessary.

She was just here to buy something, not to show off her identity.

“It doesn’t seem to be anyone else causing trouble.” Jiang Lan looked at the blade light and knew who was fighting.

Soon, they approached the inn. It was the Eighth Prince and the youth who were engaging in a fight.

The two of them were competing with their sabers.

Yan Xiyun of the Qilin Race hid to the side and watched.

“Big Brother, Big Sister.” Yan Xiyun greeted Jiang Lan and the others when she saw them.

“What are Ao Man and the rest doing?” Xiao Yu asked.

Although these two often fought, he rarely personally saw them fight.

“Big Brother and Little Brother are experimenting with saber techniques. They seem to have a disagreement after learning it,” Yan Xiyun explained.

Jiang Lan was rather surprised. It seemed like the youth was adjusting his saber move.

Then, he looked over. The Eighth Prince’s saber moves were very smooth, and the youth’s saber was similarly smooth, but there were subtle changes from before.

It had been modified to suit him.

“Looks like I can try to teach them the essence of the technique now,” Jiang Lan thought.

He also needed to modify the essence to allow it to have more variability.

This way, the youth would be able to comprehend something that belonged to him. From the looks of it, the youth had such talent.

For a moment, Jiang Lan felt that these people were terrifyingly talented.




The Eighth Prince and the youth fought from the ground to the sky and back again.

At first, they were still competing in their saber techniques, but later on, the youth was being beaten one-sidedly.

“Stop.” The youth immediately shouted.

“Weren’t we fighting well?” The Eighth Prince had already replaced the Heavenly Dragon Saber in his hand with a halberd.

At this moment, he was carrying the halberd and lightning covered his entire body.

“You are using this opportunity to take revenge for your personal grudge.” The youth stared at the Eighth Prince and said.

This was using one’s cultivation to suppress another. How was this a competition of saber techniques?

“No, I’m waking you up. You have a misunderstanding about the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. I’m saving you.

I want you to understand that complicated feelings can’t move the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. Only by using a powerful halberd can you conquer her,” the Eighth Prince said.

“Big brother didn’t bury Big Sister in the middle of the night like what you suggested,” said the youth.

“What do you know? My sister also has complicated feelings. She is in love with Brother-in-law. They are a perfect match.

What are you and the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race?

One is in the sky, while the other can clearly stand at a higher place, yet he still chooses to stand on the ground and look up to her.

Young man, look down.

You will discover that the people you see when you look up are actually under your feet.

This is what my Brother-in-law taught me,” said the Eighth Prince.

Xiao Yu raised her head and looked at Jiang Lan.

It was as if she was asking, “Junior Brother, what did you teach Ao Man?”

“I only taught him saber techniques,” Jiang Lan replied in his heart.

Yan Xiyun subconsciously hid beside Xiao Yu.

It was as if Jiang Lan was the one who taught the Eighth Prince how to hit her.

Seeing that they were not fighting, Xiao Yu waved at them.

She was here to see her younger brother.

“Heaven Immortal?”

Xiao Yu looked at Ao Man in shock.

That was fast.

Jiang Lan wasn’t surprised. The Eighth Prince had six strands of fortuitous opportunities on him, and being an innate immortal, he would naturally be much faster than ordinary people.

Xiao Yu had her mother’s gift, the Kunlun Power, and the Jade Pool.

She wouldn’t be slow either.

However, Xiao Yu had been born about 850 years ago but she was only at the early-stage True Immortal Realm.

As for the Eighth Prince, he was born about 700 ago, but he had already reached the early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm.

It could be said that no one could compare to him.

Being an innate immortal saved him six hundred years of cultivation compared to others.

“Yes, I just advanced and am still familiarizing myself with my realm.” The Eighth Prince felt that it was a pity.

“If I am still at the perfected True Immortal Realm, I will definitely win the fortuitous opportunity battle decades later.

It is hard to say now.

Others have entered the early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm for an unknown period of time, but I’m not even familiar with my realm now.”

“This dragon is showing off,” the youth said as he took some peanuts.

A 700-year-old Heaven Immortal could indeed show off.

Xiao Yu smiled. A 700-year-old Heaven Immortal was indeed very powerful, but…

She glanced at Jiang Lan. Her younger brother was still her younger brother.

“Big brother, do you think our saber technique is missing something?” The youth sat beside the Eighth Prince and asked Jiang Lan.

“Yes,” Jiang Lan replied.

“Then can you learn it later? I feel that this saber technique is especially useful.

The young lad is not talented enough. It doesn’t feel smooth, “said the Eighth Prince.

He knew that his brother-in-law knew the Unparalleled Fist God.

Therefore, his brother-in-law was usually right.

“You might have to wait for the right time,” Jiang Lan replied.

The Eighth Prince understood. He could learn it all, but he needed to wait for a suitable opportunity.

As for when, no one knew.

Xiao Yu fell into deep thought.

Saber technique.

Next, she looked at the Heavenly Dragon Saber, which was placed on the table. She felt that she had already guessed it.

“By the way, the time for the fortuitous opportunity battle might be set. It should be about thirty to forty years later,” Xiao Yu kindly reminded.

The Eighth Prince heaved a sigh of relief. He could still get used to his strength with this number of years left.

The youth didn’t feel anything, and neither did Yan Xiyun and Hong Ya.

They really didn’t feel any pressure. The Fist God didn’t seem to have any requirements.

And he only valued the Eighth Prince and the youth.

In the afternoon.

After obtaining the good wine, Jiang Lan brought Xiao Yu back to the Ninth Summit.

Before he returned, he reminded the Eighth Prince and the youth to read out that name when they had time.

The Eighth Prince instantly understood.

Therefore, he might gain something the next time. Recently, he had not gone to look for the Fist God and missed the next step of teaching.

Actually, Jiang Lan already wanted to teach them earlier.

After resting for a few months, he planned to go to the Jade Pool with his Senior Sister to bring her into his epiphany.

He had almost finished his preparations. He could now complete the final step.

Because it was the final stage of perfecting his Celestial Immortal Realm, he might definitely trigger another abnormality.

But there was no need to worry too much. No one could be sure if he had entered the Dao Immortal Realm.

Even if it was confirmed, the Devil Ancestor and the others would still want to test him out. There was not going to be any change in the outcome.

“Junior Brother, are you going to teach the essence of the move?” On the way, Xiao Yu asked.

“Yes, but I need to make some changes. Furthermore, they won’t be able to use it easily.

They will need to have a process of learning and some understanding,” Jiang Lan said.

He would put the essence of the move on the divergence point. Without a dictated move, it was easy for the youth to derive what was best for himself.

The Eighth Prince could use the first two moves of the Dragon Saber Art freely.

This gave them a chance to comprehend and create.

It was better than directly imparting it.

With their comprehension ability, they should be able to quickly find the right path.

“Is that why Ao Man has been using the Dragon Slaying Saber to cut the wild animals?” Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan.

The Dragon Slaying Saber could indeed act as a knife, Jiang Lan thought.

He then asked his Senior Sister to prepare for the trip to the Jade Pool in a few months.

In the courtyard, Ao Longyu was playing in the spiritual courtyard. Her forehead was often hit by ice cicadas.

“It’s rare to see Senior Sister play in the spiritual courtyard in your normal appearance.”

Jiang Lan held the wooden sword and said softly.

“This way, I’ll be more focused,” said Ao Longyu.

Jiang Lan looked at the beautiful Senior Sister and felt that it was not so easy for him to concentrate.

He was originally not like this.

If not for his Senior Sister’s existence, he might have been standing high in the sky, lacking some emotions.

This way, he would not be considered truly perfect.

Only by fusing with the ordinary was he truly perfect.

Abandoning his kins and loved ones might seem as if it would allow him to go further and higher.

However, one would never be able to break away from the past in the end. When he looked back on the past, he might not feel regret in his heart, but he would definitely feel a sense of loss.

If he accepted everything and was unwilling to abandon it, these things might become his weakness and affect his future.

But this was his responsibility. Being free of worries was not what he wanted.

Which direction was better?

Both directions had their own goods and bads. It was more of a choice.

He chose to bear the responsibility, to have normal emotions, and to be with his Senior Sister.

Just like how his Senior Sister had also chosen him.

Because of this, their world had changed because of each other.

After experiencing the storm, it was still the same.

“Junior Brother, what are you thinking about?” Ao Longyu landed barefoot on the table and sat down. She leaned forward and knocked her forehead against Jiang Lan’s.

She seem to want to look at Jiang Lan at a close distance.

“I’m wondering what my life was like before I married Senior Sister.” Jiang Lan reached out to touch Ao Longyu’s face.

“It must be lonely and quiet. There’s no sound in the courtyard. There is only Junior Brother sitting here, facing the blue sky without any ripples.

You were like a reclusive elder then,” said Ao Longyu.

“What about Senior Sister?” Jiang Lan asked.

Ao Longyu fell silent for a moment before saying.

“I was kind of lonely. I didn’t smile, didn’t remember people, and didn’t know how to be happy.

No one cared about me and no one had me in their heart. I’m even worse than Junior Brother.”

Jiang Lan looked at Ao Longyu before gently raising his head to touch her lips.

Ao Longyu didn’t say anything. She slowly melted into Jiang Lan’s arms.



“En.” Jiang Lan’s head was knocked by something.

“Junior Brother, what’s wrong?” Ao Longyu retreated and asked.

“Senior Sister’s dragon horn has poked me.” Jiang Lan looked at Ao Longyu who had grown a dragon horn.

Touching the dragon horn on her forehead, Ao Longyu pointed at Jiang Lan angrily.

“Junior Brother, you’re too rude.”

Jiang Lan: “…”

Did this dragon think that it was polite to step on the table?


A month later.

Kunlun had announced the duration of the fortuitous opportunity battle.

It would start thirty years later.

This meant that Jiang Lan only had thirty years left.

He needed to complete the final epiphany within thirty years.

It should be enough.

However, this time, it involved advancing. Perhaps it would take some more time, but it would not be insufficient.

Today, Jiang Lan arrived at the peak of the Ninth Summit.

His Senior Sister had already returned to the Jade Pool first. He came to greet his master and planned to go afterward.

“Going to the Jade Pool?” Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan.

“En.” Jiang Lan nodded.

He did not explain anything.

Mo Zhengdong didn’t ask further, but he still sensed something.

“Did you gain anything from the First Summit?” He asked about the First Summit.

Because they had been discussing the duration of the fortuitous opportunity battle and needed to set a series of reasonable rules, it had taken a bit more time.

This battle and opportunity were very important to the various factions. They needed to be fair.

Of course, it was only relatively fair.

Thus, during this period of time, he didn’t have time to ask Jiang Lan about the First Summit.

“I have gained something, but I also have many questions.

Perhaps I can get answers after the fortuitous opportunity battle.” Jiang Lan hesitated for a moment before asking the question regarding the First Summit.

“Master, do you know if anyone has seen the Kunlun Ancestor’s message in the First Summit’s cave?”

“Sect Master knows.” Mo Zhengdong directly answered Jiang Lan’s question. Then, he continued.

“But he didn’t respond. He wanted to walk his own path.”

Jiang Lan understood. Was that why Imperial Lord Xi He gave this to him?

Because he was a Kunlun disciple, it was natural for him to obtain the Ancient Imperial West Palace Deity Position.

This meant that the Ancient Imperial West Palace’s gift was still there. He could still see Gu.

He did not know if it was luck or misfortune. The more he knew, the more he obtained, and the heavier the burden he would have to bear in the end.

After bidding farewell to his master, Jiang Lan rode his sword towards the Jade Pool.

Before he left, he hoped that his master could ask Martial Aunt Miao Yue to help him maintain the array formations on the Ninth Summit.

It would be of some help to his future Dao.

It was just maintenance, so there was no need to pay any price.

At most, he would trouble his master.

This was something that could not be helped. He hoped that his master could understand in the future.

Facing the wind, Jiang Lan approached the Jade Pool. Now, he was at the perfected Celestial Immortal Realm.

When he came out, he would be a Dao Immortal.