My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Junior Brother, Wait Till Tonight

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Jiang Lan paused for a moment. However, he quickly regained his composure.

Then, under many admiring gazes, he walked out of the cave.

He was rather eye-catching.

However, it was still fine in the cave.

Even if he had to advance to the Dao Immortal Realm, he did not want to attract too much attention and have his peaceful life affected.

The Grand Desolate World was going to face a calamity. He knew that the future wouldn’t be that calm, but the reason why he became stronger was to have the ability to protect himself, allowing his current peaceful life to continue.

He had to do it.

However, he did not feel good about failing to sign in.

He signed in outside the cave again. This time, it showed that he had successfully signed in and he had obtained a powerful spell technique.

Boundless Tribulation Technique.

It was a Dao technique.

He managed to get a Great Dao gift here, and none in the cave.

What was the reason?

Was it because the Heaven Realm was not part of the great Dao, or was it because the darkness was not part of the great Dao?

Or could it be that something in the darkness had erased the traces of the great Dao?

Jiang Lan didn’t know, but he knew that it definitely had something to do with the enemy of the Ancient Imperial Palace. For something to bring a fatal disaster to the great wastelands, it wasn’t difficult to accept that it was not part of the great Dao.

But the words left behind by Gu…

If he wanted to go to the Ancient Imperial West Palace to see him, he would need the Deity Position of the Ancient Imperial West Palace.

After some time, he would indeed have one. Then, would he be able to see Gu again?

Jiang Lan didn’t know. He only knew that he could only see Qing Shan once.

Even if he gave away his Lower Palace Deity Position, others would not be able to see Qing Shan.

And it should be very difficult for him to see the Kunlun Ancestor unless Imperial Lord Xi He never entered the place.

It was unlikely that he would have the chance to do so.

If possible, he wanted to see Gu and perhaps he could obtain more things from him.

Of course, he also had to guard against the other party from attacking him.

No one could be sure if someone of this level would leave a backup plan. Furthermore, what if he was controlled by the existence behind the veil of darkness?

He had to be vigilant.

Now, he could prepare and bring his Senior Sister into the final epiphany.

The First Summit’s people watched Jiang Lan leave with some admiration. He was really too strong.

This was the first time they saw someone who could force the darkness back.

“Lin An, how long has Junior Brother Jiang been in the sect?” Someone suddenly asked.

The others also looked at Lin An.

“Senior Brother Chen might not know, but Junior Brother Jiang is still very young.” Lin An’s voice wasn’t loud, but everyone around him could hear him.

“I specially asked some Junior Brothers and Sisters. If I’m not wrong, this year is the 790th year since Junior Brother Jiang entered the sect.”

“Less than 800 years in the sect and he has reached the early-stage True Immortal Realm? Is that for real?” Someone was shocked.

“Didn’t you say that he’s not very talented?”

“Putting aside my cultivation, it’s been 3000 years since I entered the sect. I even have to study the array formations that others casually set up for a long time.”

Everyone sighed.

Partly because Jiang Lan’s attainments in array formations were too high, and partly because he had married the Goddess at such a young age and they were still alone.

The gloomy sky outside suddenly lit up, as if dark clouds had retreated.

“Junior Brother.”

Ao Longyu immediately arrived in front of Jiang Lan. She placed her hands behind her back and leaned forward, staring at Jiang Lan.

She seemed to be looking at something strange and rare.

“The sky was gloomy just now. I clearly felt that the sun was about to rise, but it refused to come out.

I thought it was waiting for something, but it’s actually waiting for Junior Brother to come out first. ”

“It’s waiting for Senior Sister’s smile.” Jiang Lan looked at the smile on Ao Longyu’s face and said. Then, he looked around and didn’t see anyone else.

“Where’s Master and the rest?”

The summit leaders and his master were not nearby.

“After seeing that Junior Brother is fine, they went to set the time for the fortuitous opportunity battle. It will begin in roughly thirty to forty years.” Ao Longyu looked at Jiang Lan and opened her red lips.

“Junior Brother, you’ve been in seclusion for another ten years.”

Before Jiang Lan could say anything, Ao Longyu patted the dust on her head and said.

“I’ve been here for ten years.”

“… Sorry for troubling Senior Sister,” Jiang Lan replied.

He also patted the dust off Ao Longyu’s head, even though there was none at all.

Speaking of which, would there be dragon scales under her hair?

“Junior Brother, do you think I’m considered your wife?”

It’s a dragon wife, Jiang Lan thought but didn’t say it out aloud.

Ao Longyu didn’t mind and patted the dust on Jiang Lan’s head.

“For the past ten years, Master has been by my side. I think he’s been paying attention to my Martial Uncle of the First Summit and Junior Brother’s Master.

I hope these two can communicate.”

“Then did Master interact with Martial Uncle in the end?” Jiang Lan was also curious about this.

Ao Longyu felt that it was a pity.

“No, they were just standing there. Martial Aunt Miao Yue was also standing there.

They rarely spoke.

I feel like they speak less than Junior Brother.”

At this moment, they left the First Summit side by side.

However, Jiang Lan stopped after taking two steps. He held Ao Longyu’s hand and continued walking.

“Senior Sister just said that the timing for the fortuitous opportunity battle is about to be decided?

Has the battle platform been constructed finish?”

Ao Longyu looked at her hand, and a sweet smile appeared on her face. She even walked a little more happily.

“When Ao Man came over, he said that it was almost done. Junior Brother, do you want to go out and take a look?”

Jiang Lan naturally wanted to go out and take a look.

He wanted to figure out what the platform was like.

This way, he could determine if it was suitable for him to make a move. At the same time, he could observe how to expand his advantage.

After all, when the fortuitous opportunity battle began, the Devil Race’s Devil Ancestor would target him. Perhaps even the Heavenly Human Yunxiao would do the same.

He also had to be wary of the Demon Race’s Imperial Lord Qiong Gou.

He did not feel any malice from the others for the time being, but at a critical moment, they might not just be spectators.

He needed to think about it as well.

Of course, he was not in that much of a danger in Kunlun.

But it was best if he could resolve it himself.

This way, there wouldn’t be any trouble in the future. At the very least, these people wouldn’t easily find trouble with him again.

They would suppress those who were weaker. If he proved that he was on the same level as them, they would treat him equally.

Otherwise, if they all had Deity Positions, it would be easier for him to be targeted amongst all the holders of a Deity Position.

As soon as he walked out of Kunlun, Jiang Lan saw the fortuitous opportunity platform that occupied almost half the sky.

Other than the battle stage in the middle, there were more than ten audience platforms around.

There were smaller audience stands in the distance.

At the highest point, there were twelve spaces that seemed to connect to the endless sky.

That should be the location where the twelve with Deity Positions would appear.

He would stand in the position that corresponded to the Lower Palace.

However, what made him curious was that the area of coverage of the twelve Deity Positions was huge.

It was much bigger than the battle platform. After thinking for a moment, Jiang Lan understood.

There was not only one battle platform.

This way, they could reduce the time for the fights as well.

“It seems very grand. Ao Man is participating too. Does Junior Brother think he can win?” Ao Longyu transformed into Xiao Yu again.

“Senior Sister seems to like this state a lot.” Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu.

“There’s a difference here.” Ao Longyu lowered her head to look at her chest before looking at Jiang Lan.

“Junior Brother, wait until tonight.



Jiang Lan: “…”

Indeed, he did not have too many thoughts. After all, he had to get used to Xiao Yu’s half-dragon transformation at night.

Therefore, he was just sighing about how his Senior Sister liked to look like a 15-year-old.