Chapter 513: Genius

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He would become the core and center of the array formation if he were to attempt to extend the array formation.

Doing so would naturally allow him to understand more, but it would also make him withstand the pressure of the darkness.

It was not a physical confrontation, but a mental suppression.

It was the same feeling as when he had just entered the cave.

If he couldn’t withstand it, it would bring about considerable damage to him.

If he could endure it, he would be able to understand more and even complete the supplementation of the array formation.

Without any hesitation, he began to act.

The people waiting were still talking.

“It’s been so many years, but this Junior Brother is still standing. What is he doing?”

“I don’t understand the world of the strong. Do you guys understand?”

“If you understand, will you be talking with me here?”

“That’s true, weakling.”


Another person sighed.

“When can I see the change? If this continues, my patience will be worn down. Can I question him?”

Before the others could say anything, a beam of light suddenly shone.

It was the light of the array formation beneath Jiang Lan’s feet.

Everyone who saw this scene perked up. Finally.

But soon, they felt that something was wrong. The array formation had lit up, but why did it feel like it was extending, and it was exceeding quite far away?

“Where’s Lin An? Can this be allowed?” Someone immediately asked.

“Senior Brother, I’m at the back. Master said that no matter what happens, we should not interfere,” Lin An immediately said from behind.

Why would they need to interfere?

There were five summit leaders outside.

The Fifth Summit’s summit leader was also present. If there was a problem, she would help.

The summit leaders of the Eighth and Third Summits were all outside as well.

Therefore, they could tolerate any problems should they occur.

Perhaps so.

“Look, Junior Brother Jiang seems to be merging into the array formation,” someone immediately said.

“Not only that, Junior Brother Jiang is also extending it, as if he’s controlling a wider array formation.”

They were a little shocked.

This would have a huge impact.

In other areas, some people were trying to supplement the array formation.

“Junior Brother Jiang of the Ninth Summit has been here for five years, but he hasn’t done anything. I wonder what he’s planning.”

“He’s the Goddess’ husband. When I have time, I’ll go take a look as well.” This was a female cultivator.

Although they were interested in array formations, they were more interested in the Goddess’ husband.

However, at this moment, they realized that their actions were being interfered by someone.

Not only that, the array formation was also revolving and glowing.

“What had just happened?”

They were a little stunned, but they immediately checked the problem and tried to seize back the initiative.

However, when they moved, someone immediately ran over.

“Everyone, retreat for now.”

Everyone did not hesitate and left without asking any questions.

This was because retreating meant that there was something wrong. They had to leave now.

No matter if it was a small matter or a big one.

On the other side, Yan Ling’s party of three were also helping to break the illusion array formation. However, they soon felt that the array formation on their side had begun to change hands.

Then, someone told them to retreat.

The three of them did not hesitate.

Once there was a problem, they would retreat immediately.

After leaving, they roughly understood the situation.

It was the commotion caused by the Senior Brother from the Ninth Summit. He seemed to have extended the array formation.

After a while.

They arrived at Jiang Lan’s location.

“What do you think Senior Brother is doing?” Yan Ling asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s definitely not something we can understand,” Han Qi replied.

Mei Li did not say anything. She only watched.

It was somewhat shocking.

Was there really no problem with such a huge commotion?

When they came, they had been warned not to extend the array formation recklessly. This was fatal.

At this moment, Jiang Lan, who was standing in the array formation, began to glow.

It was as if he was merging into the array formation.

“Senior Brother wants to use himself as the core of the array formation? Isn’t there the pressure from the darkness?” Han Qi was a little stunned.

“Yes, it’s very dangerous. Anything can happen. Everyone, be prepared to deal with any changes,” said an older Senior Brother from the First Summit.

No one dared to hesitate and immediately got ready.

At this moment, Jiang Lan was standing in the array formation, feeling everything inside.

He had gained a lot, but it was still insufficient.

However, he could still spend some time on it.

At this moment, he felt as if he had become an array formation, and a certain spiritual pressure belonging to the array formation fell on his body.

It was like a great mountain, like an endless sea, but also like a storm that wanted to destroy him.

But even when facing the collapse of the world, his heart was as calm and peaceful as ever.

At this moment, the people watching in the cave felt a pressure that was released, as if it came from the darkness.

It was like a storm, like an ocean descending from the sky.

The immense pressure made them feel as if the sky was collapsing.

Everyone became cautious. It was just that it was difficult to look up.

However, they could all feel that that thing was coming.


They did not hear any sound, but they could clearly feel it.

Even they, who were in the periphery, felt like they were about to collapse. Junior Brother Jiang, who had endured all of this, should be severely injured on the spot, right?


Suddenly, the sound of water flowing entered everyone’s ears, and all the pressure disappeared mysteriously.

When they raised their heads again, they saw Jiang Lan’s upright figure in the array formation.

The original cave seemed to have changed and the ground became water.

The water flowed calmly without any obvious ripples.

And in front of the calm water, there was a storm and an ocean surging.

But these things were all blocked by one person.

This person was Jiang Lan.

He stood there calmly.

This scene shocked everyone. They had a feeling that their Junior Brother from the Ninth Summit was fighting against all the pressure in his heart alone.

“Oh my god.”

“Didn’t you want to question him just now? Say something now then.”

“Get lost!”


Halfway up the First Summit, Miao Yue looked at the cave and sighed.

“He actually doesn’t want to reinforce the array formation from the outside, but from the inside.

Senior Brother, can you let Jiang Lan join the Fifth Summit?”

Miao Yue looked at Mo Zhengdong.

They had been here for five years.

No one left.

They might have to stay for a few more years.

“Junior Sister, you must be joking.” Mo Zhengdong refused directly. He only had one disciple. How could he let him join the Fifth Summit?

“Junior Sister, what do you think will happen next?” Feng Yixiao asked Miao Yue.

None of them could compare to Miao Yue in terms of their knowledge on array formations, so only Miao Yue knew Jiang Lan’s approximate level.

“I don’t know.” Miao Yue shook her head.

“This depends on his perceptivity.”

The others said nothing.

However, Ao Longyu, who was further away, felt that there was not much of a problem. Martial Aunt Miao Yue had said that it depended on one’s perceptivity.

Putting everything else aside, his Junior Brother’s perceptivity was the most exaggerated.

He could even gain an epiphany if he wasn’t careful.


Therefore, his Junior Brother should be able to impress them again this time.

However, the commotion was too big.. He wondered if his Junior Brother could hide it well.