My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 510

Chapter 510: Junior Sister Is Really Going All Out

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In the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan continued to cultivate his golden body.

He was also on the verge of advancing.

He just needed to continue cultivating.

If nothing unexpected happened to the Eighth Prince and the others, they should be able to return in two years.

At that time, it would be more lively.

In the past, the Eighth Prince would come to the Ninth Summit once when he was free. Since he had been away all these years, he naturally did not come.

The next time he came, he would definitely talk about what he had experienced over the past few years.

Xiao Yu was very interested in it.

She always listened to the Eight Prince’s stories with interest.

Especially since the Eighth Prince tended to make the story more interesting by himself.

If his performance was not good and impressive enough, he would tell the story in a way which depicted how he acted with heroism.

Listening to the Eighth Prince, Xiao Yu would also often feel that her brother was very promising.

If he didn’t deliver food to people from time to time and even used his Heavenly Dragon Saber to cut up wild animals, his image in her heart would be much better.

After all, such actions embarrassed the Dragon Race.

She didn’t care, but the Dragon Race cared a lot about the Eighth Prince’s dignity.

If they found out, he would definitely be punished.

Jiang Lan stopped thinking about it and continued cultivating.

Several months later.

Water Breaking Mountain Range.

The youth had mostly recovered, while the Eighth Prince was exhausted.

“Young man, what did you do to cause such a big commotion?”

Because of the youth, it had taken him months to settle the danger.

Along the way, they encountered the girl from the Qilin Race who was lost.

“I’ve put in a lot of effort too. Big Sister as well,” Yan Xiyun said as she touched her red face.

She had the protection of the earth, but she was still easily beaten.

For some reason, these beasts liked to slap her face.


Hong Ya’s aura was unstable. She sat there. She needed some time to recover.

“Hehe, I just felt that they were too dangerous, so I made a move.” The youth scratched his head and said.

The Eighth Prince was too tired and didn’t want to quarrel with the youth.

When he recovered, he would teach the youth about the proper values.

The young man’s values were distorted.

“How did you know that we are in danger?” Hong Ya suddenly asked.

She had thought about this for a long time.

At that time, the Eighth Prince had rushed over in a hurry and had come directly to save him.

It seemed like he knew about the situation here in advance.

“The Unparalleled Fist God told me about it. The youth must have been seriously injured and attracted the Unparalleled Fist God’s attention,” the Eighth Prince explained.

He was not lying.

Since everyone knew about the existence of the Fist God, there was nothing to hide.

“The Unparalleled Fist God knows if we’re in danger?” Yan Xiyun was surprised.

Hong Ya was also a little stunned. It should be possible for him to know about it, but it should be almost impossible for him to peer over.

At least the Phoenix Ancestor could not do it.

“It’s not all of us. It’s me and the youth.” The Eighth Prince explained.

“We are directly under the Unparalleled Fist God, so we will naturally be taken care of.

It’s normal for him to be able to cast his gaze over if there’s danger.”

“Under normal circumstances, great figures with Deity Positions are unable to cast their gazes on us, right?” Hong Ya asked.

“The Unparalleled Fist God is different from the others. You’ll know when you ask the youth.” The Eighth Prince looked at the youth and said.

“Yes, I don’t know about others, but the Fist God can definitely cast his gaze over.

When I looked for him in the Central Plains, he not only casted his gaze at me, but he also augmented my strength.

It was only because of this that we managed to cross the battlefield,” explained the youth.

Upon hearing this, Hong Ya’s expression changed.


“What’s wrong, Big Sister?” Yan Xiyun asked.

“Nothing.” Hong Ya instantly returned to normal.

Come to think of it, such an important figure would not care about trivial matters.

“Let’s go back after resting. Roasting wild animals is more comfortable,” said the Eighth Prince.

It had been over a year.

Jiang Lan glanced at the entrance to the Netherworld and walked out.

He no longer needed to be in seclusion. The peak of the eruption had passed.

This time, there was still no surprise.

However, there were demons causing trouble last time, so he could not be careless this time.

Although the fortuitous opportunity battle was about to begin and they had no reason to cause trouble, he could not relax just because of this.

Perhaps the other party was waiting for him to relax so that they could launch a surprise attack.

Walking out of the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan felt a chill.


It was winter.

He had been in seclusion for ten years, and it had been 780 years since he entered the sect.

He could now adjust his surface cultivation.

Although it was a little fast, he had obtained many resources over the years. The Ancestral Dragon’s gift, the wedding gift, his master’s gift, the Tree of Creation’s gift, the inn’s gift, and the Jade Pool’s gift.

Therefore, being faster by twenty to thirty years was nothing.

His master had told the rest that he had the gift of the Tree of Creation.

Therefore, the others also knew.

It was not a problem for him to use it as well, as long as it did not exceed the strength of a Human Immortal.

He was now in the True Immortal Realm.

After modifying his cultivation, Jiang Lan’s surface cultivation was at the perfected Human Immortal Realm, and his hidden cultivation was at the early-stage True Immortal Realm.

His true cultivation level was at the perfected Celestial Immortal Realm, but in another twenty to thirty years, he could also try to enter the Dao Immortal Realm.

If he succeeded, he would have become a Dao Immortal in slightly more than eight hundred years.

There shouldn’t be anyone in Kunlun who was faster than him.

Advancing to the Dao Immortal Realm so quickly was an extremely great test of one’s temperament. If one’s temperament was unable to endure such strength, one might lose his sense of direction and stray off the proper path.

This was because one would be blinded by power and lose his path.

Therefore, when he cultivated the power of his golden body to the critical point, he had to pay attention to his mental cultivation.

He wanted to allow himself to withstand the newfound power safely.

He had always been working hard to match the power he had obtained.

He did not dare to lose his temperament and forget about the responsibilities he had.

Only then could he stand on the ground with a clear conscience.

He would be able to live a stable life.

Standing upright between heaven and earth.

Facing the cold wind, Jiang Lan returned to the courtyard.

The courtyard was very well taken care of. There were even some fish in the pond. His Senior Sister had said that she wanted to fish, so she raised some.

The fish were not ordinary fish. They were special spirit fish that could withstand the aura of the Netherworld.

Jiang Lan watered the vegetative egg and Udumbara Flower with spirit liquid.

When he cultivated till the thousand year mark, the vegetative egg would probably be around a thousand years old as well.

If it did not die then, it was pretty impressive.

Even a demon could become an immortal if a thousand years were given to it, right?

The Udumbara Flower was not bad either.

“I wonder if it will hatch in the end. I’m quite curious.”

Jiang Lan muttered to himself.

The Udumbara Flower was as dispirited as ever, but nothing would hatch out of it.

Perhaps it would blossom and bear fruit.

Dong dong!

He tapped the eggshell twice.

“It seems to be thicker. Senior Sister, did you water it with too much spirit liquid?”

His Senior Sister didn’t really know how to raise it. It was normal for something to go wrong.

Fortunately, the vegetative egg and the Udumbara Flower had surprisingly strong vitality. That was why they could last until now.

For ordinary plants, even if they gained consciousness and started cultivating, a thousand years was still a huge barrier.

He wondered if these two could survive.

Logically speaking, it was possible.

He would only know the details when the time came.

With this thought in mind, he left the courtyard and walked towards the square.

He had to find some books to read and read the cultivation insights his master had left behind.

He was preparing to advance to the Dao Immortal Realm.

Of course, he still needed to let others know that he advanced to become a True Immortal.

Or he could tell his master…

Perhaps it was better to tell Martial Aunt Miao Yue.

However, there was another reason why he went to the square. His Senior Sister seemed to be in the square.

The array formation over there was a little chaotic. It could be that his Senior Sister was studying the array formation, or she was bringing people to study the array formation.

As expected.

When he reached the square, he realized that his Senior Sister and the three Junior Sisters of the Fifth Summit were studying the array formation there.

There was also Senior Sister Lin from the Third Summit. She was cultivating in a corner.

“Junior Brother?”

Xiao Yu noticed Jiang Lan’s arrival immediately.

She immediately jumped in front of Jiang Lan and said proudly.

“I’ve already taken care of the Ninth Summit. I brought my Junior Sisters to help as well.”

Han Qi and the other two immediately stood up and greeted Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan nodded in return.

Then, an array formation began to appear beneath his feet.

Then, all the array formations in the surroundings resonated, and the entire Ninth Summit seemed to glow.

It was the light of the array formations.

The three of them looked at the resonating array formations in shock. At that moment, they finally saw the true owner of the Ninth Summit’s array formations.

Indeed, all the array formations here were set up by Senior Brother Jiang.

His attainments in array formations were not something they could compare with.

After Jiang Lan resonated with the array formations, he instantly checked all the array formations.

Then, the light of the array formations fell.

Everything returned to normal.

“164 array formations have been damaged,” Jiang Lan said to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu :”…”

The three behind lowered their heads, not daring to look straight at Jiang Lan.

They had indeed helped a lot.

Of course, they could not destroy the array formation. The array formation would reject them.

Most of them were done by their Senior Sister, but…

They were also responsible.

Xiao Yu looked up at Jiang Lan and blinked before exclaiming.

“Junior Brother, you’ve become a True Immortal?”

Jiang Lan: “…”

Was this dragon changing the topic?

However, he was certain that his Senior Sister could not see through his surface cultivation. It was only because his surface level of cultivation was that of a perfected Human Immortal that she could infer that his hidden cultivation was that of a True Immortal.

It was nothing much for his Senior Sister to have figured that out.

Or rather, it was more suitable.

This way, he did not need to look for his master or Martial Aunt Miao Yue.

The news would naturally reach the First Summit and they would invite him to enter the First Summit’s Heaven Realm.

His Senior Sister had been a great help in such a way.

After answering some of the Junior Sisters’ questions, Jiang Lan brought Xiao Yu into the library.

Besides the people from the Ninth Summit, no one else could enter.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu disappeared into the hall.

The three of them were shocked.

“Senior Brother has become a True Immortal? His speed is ridiculously fast. How many people from the other summits can compare to him?

I don’t think anyone from our generation can.

And we have just become Human Immortals.” Mei Li sighed.

This was the disciple of the Ninth Summit who had always been criticized. It was said that his talent was poor, and even if he became a Human Immortal, he would not be able to improve in the future.

The people who said this were all short-sighted.

They had no idea how strong this Senior Brother of theirs was.

Furthermore, his attainments in array formations were ridiculously high. It was said that in the entire Kunlun, there were only a handful of people who could surpass this Senior Brother.

“I feel like Senior Sister and Senior Brother are especially compatible,” said Yan Ling.

“What happened just now?” Lin Siya woke up.

She felt a change in her surroundings and woke up.

“Senior Sister.” The three of them immediately greeted her.

“Senior Brother Jiang has come out of seclusion. He has just checked the array formations.

Then, I heard from Senior Sister Goddess that Senior Brother has become a True Immortal,” explained Yan Ling.

“A True Immortal?” Lin Siya was shocked.

The other three nodded.

“Junior Brother and Senior Sister have entered their room?” Lin Siya looked at the main hall and asked.

After obtaining a certain answer, some images appeared in her mind.

His Senior Sister and Junior Brother’s relationship was so good that they could do anything, right?

His Senior Sister must be acting spoiled inside.

“Junior Brother, what book are you looking for?”

Xiao Yu followed behind Jiang Lan in the library.

She had naturally entered this place many times, but she could not read some books.

It seemed to be related to a higher realm.

“Looking for a book on cultivation insights,” Jiang Lan said as he walked up to the bookshelf.

Xiao Yu sat at the table and said.

“Ao Man has recently returned. He has become stronger after experiencing training. He wants to become a cook and learn how to stir-fry.

He has even asked for my opinion.”

The Eighth Prince was really career-minded. Jiang Lan sighed with emotion.

Wasn’t a dragon’s hand too short to stir fry in the kitchen?

“How did Senior Sister answer him?” Jiang Lan took the book and sat opposite Xiao Yu.

“I disagreed with his idea. Mother is in Kunlun. It’s already very dangerous for him to roast wild animals for sale, much less stir-fry them,” Xiao Yu said angrily.

This brother of his was really not afraid of anything.

He actually dared to do anything.

He was an innate immortal and the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race.

He was also the owner of the glorious Heavenly Dragon Saber.

If some elders of the Dragon Race knew about this, they would definitely cause trouble.

Only Uncle Ao Ye did not care about anything.

“That’s right.” Jiang Lan nodded.

At the same time that the Eighth Prince used the Heavenly Dragon Saber to cut the wild animals, he was also practicing the Dragon Saber Art.

He should probably be the first dragon to have done such a thing.

“By the way, I heard Ao Man mention a name previously. Ba Country’s Unparalleled Fist God seems to have saved them before.

Does Junior Brother know his full name?” Xiao Yu rested her chin on her hands as she looked at Jiang Lan.

“He’s going to change his name soon,” Jiang Lan said as he flipped through the book.

He did not pay much attention to it.

There was nothing to hide.

Hearing this, Xiao Yu moved her body and sat beside Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan :”…”

What was this dragon doing?

“Senior Sister, what are you looking at?” Jiang Lan asked.

Xiao Yu pinched Jiang Lan’s face and was shocked.

“So this is how big shots are like.”


‘This dragon seemed to be impolite to important figures and is becoming increasingly ignorant,’ Jiang Lan thought.

Xiao Yu didn’t say anything else. She leaned against Jiang Lan and took out a book to read.

Several days later.

On the First Summit, halfway up the mountain.

Feng Yixiao sat in a pavilion, watching the sky change and the fortuitous opportunity battle platform being built outside.

He just watched quietly.

Not long after, he turned around to look behind him. Lin An stood calmly behind him without any disturbance.

“What is it?” Feng Yixiao asked.

“Master, Junior Brother Jiang of the Ninth Summit should be a True Immortal now,” Lin An replied.

“So fast?” Feng Yixiao was surprised.

“I heard that he received a gift from the Tree of Creation and he had also obtained the opportunity in the inn. Later on, the Goddess condensed the Jade Pool’s essence for him as well,” Lin An replied.

He also felt that Junior Brother Jiang’s advancement speed was even faster than that of a genius.

Although he was already indeed a genius among geniuses.

But that was based on his knowledge on array formation.

Who knew that his cultivation was also so exaggerated?

“Very reasonable,” Feng Yixiao said casually.

Lin An didn’t quite understand, but before he could ask, Feng Yixiao continued.

“I’ll make a trip to the Ninth Summit.”

However, just as he was about to move, a beam of light descended from the sky.

It came from the Fifth Summit.

Lin An was surprised. He naturally knew who had come. The person who dared to come and see his master was definitely the Fifth Summit’s summit leader, Martial Aunt Miao Yue.

“Senior Brother, long time no see.” Miao Yue, who was wearing a veil, landed in front of the pavilion and said softly.

“Junior Sister, what’s the matter?” Feng Yixiao asked.

“I heard that Senior Brother is going to the Ninth Summit to look for Jiang Lan to ask him for help to stabilize the situation in the First Summit’s cave.

I then thought about how the First Summit and the Ninth Summit do not have a good relationship.

Do you want Junior Sister to be the middleman?” Miao Yue’s voice carried a smile.


Feng Yixiao looked at Miao Yue and said.

“Junior Sister has really thought a lot for me.”

Miao Yue’s voice carried a smile.

“Then Junior Sister will take her leave.. Thank you for your help, Senior Brother.”

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