My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 509

Chapter 509: Behind The Scenes

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South of the Western Wastelands.

Water Breaking Mountain Range.

This was a vast mountain range with many treasures and beasts.

It was very difficult for ordinary immortals to walk out of here.

Even True Immortals needed to successfully head to a fixed location before they could leave.

Furthermore, the entire process would even take more than ten years.

Everything around one here could be an enemy.

What was even stranger was that the higher the cultivation of the person who came, the higher the level of the vicious beasts and spiritual beings the person would encounter.

There was no way anyone below the Celestial Immortal Realm could sweep through this mountain range.

Even a Celestial Immortal had to treat this place seriously.

The four of them were thrown into this mountain range.

They had not been able to leave this place for eight years, but they would be able to leave soon.

The youth walked along the mountain road tiredly.

“After crossing this mountain, I should arrive.

I wonder how Hong Ya and the others are doing.”

Even he had some injuries on his body, so it shouldn’t be easy for the others.

However, their offensive strength were high, so they might not be in as pathetic a state as him.

As for the girl from the Qilin Race…

He felt that she should be lost.

He could only meet up with Hong Ya and the dragon first before finding her.

As for flying over, this was not feasible. Once he flew up, he would be targeted and countless beasts would chase after him.

It was especially troublesome.

“Hu, I’m finally going to see Hong Ya.”

With this thought in mind, the youth was filled with motivation.

He didn’t know what his grandfather was thinking. It was too tiring for him to come here.


There was an aura.

Subconsciously, the youth restrained his aura. This was his experience over the years.

If he did not restrain his aura, he might be discovered and be forced to take action.

It was either he killed the surrounding beasts or they would kill him.

Now, he had learned to be smart. He would hide himself and ambush his opponent.

There was once when he wanted to use the saber technique he had learned but he realized that the saber technique the Unparalleled Fist God had taught him was very strange. It was one thing for it to be a little unstable, but it felt a little lacking when he used it.

It should be because he did not have the core of the technique to support the execution of the move.

He had no idea what it was exactly.

He didn’t know when the Unparalleled Fist God would teach him the core of it, although he also didn’t know what the Fist God’s purpose was in teaching them.

Hong Ya and the girl from the Qilin Race could not learn it. Only he and the Eighth Prince could learn it. There should be a deeper meaning.

He and the Eighth Prince thought for a long time but could not figure it out.

He planned to go back and ask his Big Brother about it.

However, he needed to face the current situation first. This time, it didn’t seem to be a ferocious beast.

The youth found a tree and hid behind it.

Then, he realized that there were five people who had come out of the ground. They also had some injuries on their bodies.

Underground’s Devil Race?

The youth who sensed the other party’s aura was somewhat surprised. Why were these people here?

However, he had no intention of doing anything, nor did he have any intention of going out.

The weakest among these five was at the mid-stage True Immortal Realm. He was not their match.

Although they could not cause fatal injuries to him at the moment, he could not kill them either.

Therefore, it was good to just mind his own business.

“I’ve already confirmed the location. It’s not far from here. The people at the inn are nearby. Be careful.

We only have five people left, but it should be enough.

It would be best if three of us can deal with the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race and leave her here.

If we can’t keep her here, we will use the Devil Ancestor’s item to destroy her body structure.

I’ll stay with Di Qi and search for the person from the inn,” instructed a middle-aged man.

The others didn’t say anything and just nodded before setting off.

The youth hiding in the dark heard everything.

He wasn’t worried about these people dealing with him, but three of them had gone to deal with Hong Ya…

Hong Ya’s body was not strong. Once she was surrounded by three people of the same level, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“No, I can’t let them find Hong Ya.

I have to find a way to keep them here.”

The first thing the youth thought of was to leave these five people here forever.

He completely didn’t care that his attack power was only at the early-stage True Immortal Realm.

With this decision in mind, the youth began to try to move.

He wanted to sneak attack one first.

At this moment, he was like a wild beast in the darkness, staring at its prey.

The three devil cultivators were already planning to head towards the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.


Suddenly, a sound came from a corner.

The three of them were stunned for a moment. They turned their heads and began to investigate.

“I have successfully created an opportunity.”

Seeing these people looking in another direction, the youth opened his mouth and he fell to the ground on all four limbs like a wild beast.

Then, a violent aura surged. In the blink of an eye, he leaped onto a True Immortal.

He had examined his own entire body. His fists and weapons were not strong enough.

Only his teeth could launch the sharpest attacks.

At this moment, the youth bit the other party’s neck before he could react and tore it open.


Blood surged.

Half of the devil’s neck was crushed by the youth’s bite. Then, the youth continuously strengthened his violent aura and forcefully pulled off the other party’s head.

He had killed a True Immortal.

This sudden change shocked everyone.

“Let’s join forces and finish him off first.”

The middle-aged man who had stayed behind to search for the youth immediately attacked.

The other party’s appearance was too crazy, making his heart palpitate.

However, the other party was not strong enough and they had the advantage.


The four of them didn’t say anything else. They executed their immortal techniques, attempting to kill the inn youth.

On the other side of the mountain, Hong Ya advanced.

She did not have many injuries.

This journey was extremely difficult for her, but she was no longer a young lady who had never stepped into the world. She was extremely careful along the way.

She would not show mercy when killing her enemies.

She had accumulated a lot of experience.

This was also why she could remain calm over the past few years. At first, she was also in a sorry state.

However, the number of times she was in a sorry state was decreasing. Only when she met a strong enemy would she end up in a sorry state.

Of course, she didn’t sweep through her enemies along the way. Sometimes, she had to avoid them.

Sometimes, one needed to take risks.

These eight years were very important to her. At least it allowed her to transform.

There was no one here to protect her or give her any suggestions. Everything depended on herself.

The danger she experienced here was not on the same level as the danger she experienced near Kunlun.


Suddenly, a powerful force came from the other side.

In theory, she should be arriving at the gathering point soon.

“Who is it?”

Hong Ya turned to look at the power that could be sensed even from a mountain away.

Was it the Eighth Prince?

The other party was the strongest of the four.

He was the least possible person to be put in a dangerous situation as he was the strongest.

However, she soon frowned because another aura followed.

It was extremely violent.

It was the aura of the inn’s youth.

“There are enemies?”

Hong Ya was confused, but the youth’s enemy aura was indeed not like the vicious beasts of the Water Breaking Mountain Range.

Without any hesitation, she walked over.

She did not dare to move too fast. Anything was possible in the forest. The faster she was, the easier it was for her to be held back.

The closer she got, the more she frowned.

Both parties’ auras were weakening. It seemed like they had expended a lot of energy.

Was this a battle to the death?

No one was retreating at all.

Hong Ya increased her speed. Fighting to death here could easily cause a chain reaction in the surroundings. Even if one side won, they might have to face a siege.

As she continued to approach, the clashing of aura over at the place had begun to disappear, as if the fight was about to end.

The violent aura was noticeably weaker.

Was the youth going to lose?

Hong Ya looked at the commotion around her and quickened her pace again. She was approaching the battle scene. In other words, the people there had been discovered.

There would soon be many terrifying things surrounding the people fighting.

No matter who won, it would be difficult for the winner to escape.

And now, she did not need to worry about being discovered by the surrounding beasts.

After accelerating, Hong Ya arrived at the battlefield.

As soon as she arrived, she saw that none of the devils were weak.

Ignoring them, she came to the center.

This place had long turned into ruins.

In the middle of the ruins.

There was a youth lying on the ground. There was a faint violent aura on his body, as if he was struggling to get up.

But his body would not allow it.

For a moment, he seemed to have lost consciousness.

He seemed to have completed most of his work.

Opposite the youth, a middle-aged man stood trembling. His eyes were filled with fear.

Crazy. This was crazy.

He was already seriously injured, but he seemed to have won.

Late-stage True Immortal?

Hong Ya frowned when she saw the other party.

She was able to tell that there were roughly five enemies here. Four were mid-stage True Immortals, and one was a late-stage True Immortal.

But now, four of them were dead and one was seriously injured.

The last late-stage True Immortal remaining was even frightened.

Was this done by the youth?

Her arrival was discovered by that late-stage True Immortal.

Luo Jun of the Underground Devil Race was stunned by the sudden appearance of the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. He took two steps back and left the youth.

“Hong Ya of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race?

We know that you want more fortuitous opportunities. There’s no one here now. The opportunity is right in front of you. You should understand, right?”

Yes, if she killed the youth here, the fortuitous opportunity on him would be transferred to her.

Hong Ya glanced at the other party and walked up to the youth.

The other party was right. At this moment, she only needed a moment to obtain a new fortuitous opportunity.

Her future path would be much easier.

A sword appeared in her hand and she waved it.

Luo Jun looked at him and felt that it was surprisingly smooth.

However, at this moment, the sword was thrown at him.

He was unable to put up much defense due to his heavy injuries.


The sword pierced through his body. The powerful force pushed him back and nailed him to a broken tree.

Hong Ya ignored the Underground Devil Race and came to the youth’s side. This place was too dangerous. She couldn’t stay any longer.

However, when she wanted to grab the back of the youth’s hand to pick him up, she suddenly felt her heart palpitate and subconsciously retracted her hand.

The palpitations came from the youth’s hand.

When she turned around, she saw that the youth was holding a white jade bottle in his palm. The bottle had already been crushed by him, and a type of liquid flowed out from within.

It was this thing that made her heart palpitate.

“It’s ineffective against him, but it makes me feel fear. Were these people targeting me?”

Targeting her?

Hong Ya’s pupils constricted as she guessed what had happened.

“Human emotions are so complicated.”

In the end, she used a spell technique to wash away the spirit herb in the youth’s hand. In the end, she carried the youth on her back and planned to leave.

“Miss Hong Ya.” Luo Jun, who was nailed to the tree, asked Hong Ya curiously.

“When Lord Hong Ya came over just now, you could have hidden in a corner and waited for me to kill this youth before coming out. Why did you come out earlier?”

As long as she hid in the dark for a while, he could kill the youth and obtain the fortuitous opportunity.

At that time, the other party would come out to kill him for revenge.

She could both obtain the fortuitous opportunity and not bear the crime of killing the youth.

Hong Ya turned to look at him and replied.

“He has complicated feelings towards me. According to humans, he likes me.”

“He likes you?” Luo Jun spat out blood and smiled.

“No wonder. No wonder he rushed out like crazy the moment we finished talking about dealing with you.

But it’s his business if he likes you.

Could it be that the noble Hong Ya likes a human?”

“I don’t,” Hong Ya replied directly.

“Since you don’t like him, why…”

Before Luo Jun could finish, Hong Ya continued.

“I’m not human. I don’t have complicated feelings, and I won’t marry anyone, so I don’t like him.

But if one day I need to like someone and marry someone, it will definitely not be anyone else.”


Hong Ya turned around and left. However, before she left, she said one last sentence.

“It will only be this person.”

Luo Jun looked at Hong Ya in a daze as she left with the youth.

“What a pity, the youth didn’t hear these words.” Jiang Lan, who cast his gaze over, sighed with emotion.

Yes, after he realized that the youth was weak, he immediately looked over.

There was no need for him to do anything.

The youth didn’t ask for help, so he just let nature take its course.

He would only act at the last moment.

Unfortunately, there was no last moment.

The girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race had arrived.

He originally thought that the other party would hesitate and think if she should accept the fortuitous opportunity. Even if she didn’t take it, it would be because she was wary of the innkeeper.

But he realized that he might be wrong.

Although the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race still didn’t like the youth and there was still no possibility between them.

But if the young man could hear whatever she had just said, he would probably boast to the Eighth Prince.

Of course, if the youth was awake, the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race wouldn’t have said such words.

Because the person she was talking to was already a dead person.

Yes, at this moment, many vicious beasts surrounded Luo Jun.

Jiang Lan looked on. Only after confirming that the other party was completely dead did he retract his gaze.

However, these vicious beasts were still chasing after the girl Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. This wasn’t a good thing.

Whether or not she could escape with the youth was another story.

He wouldn’t attack directly, but he could still help with some small favors.

The Eight Prince who was clearing beasts, suddenly received a message from the Unparalleled Fist God.

It was a scene of the youth being severely injured and the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race fleeing with him for their lives.

“There are so many beasts? Looks like I’ll have to help. Thankfully, it’s not far.

That stupid youth must be injured because of this girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race again.”

He knew without asking why.

The youth was not an ordinary person, nor was he stupid.

Such heavy injuries were definitely due to fighting for the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

“It’s useless to let her be touched. It’s only truly touching if the you make her not dare to move.”

With this thought in mind, the Eighth Prince turned into a bolt of lightning and headed over.

After confirming that the Eighth Prince had rushed over, Jiang Lan stopped paying attention to them.

As for the girl Qilin Race, he should be able to contact her with the Mountain Sea Mirror.


She couldn’t cross over.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t strong enough, but she didn’t know the way.

He retracted his gaze and started thinking.

Was the innkeeper’s gaze there too?

The youth was the one in the most danger among them, but he was also the most valued.

But every time the youth was severely injured, the innkeeper never appeared, nor did he make any obvious movements.

He had a strange feeling.

However, there was no need to pay too much attention to this. He was going to come out of seclusion in these two years, and then become a True Immortal.

He had to take a look at the Heavenly Realm.

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