My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 507

Chapter 507: A Dragon Blocking The Way

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Jiang Lan had thought of many things when he found out these few were being spied on.

Under normal circumstances, there would definitely be many people prying into the Eighth Prince’s secrets.

It was also expected that the youth might be spied on. After all, he had appeared once in the Central Plains.

However, Qing Mu was different. Qing Mu was not famous in Ba Country, so it was impossible for anyone to know of his existence.

No one would try to pry into his secrets.

Thus, it was most likely because of the last meeting he had with the other Deity Position holders which resulted in this happening.

Imperial Lord Xi He had announced the five that were going to be participating under his name. This should be the reason why there were people prying into their secrets.

The Qilin Race and the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race didn’t have a direct relationship with him, so his One Leaf Vision was useless on them.

The motive behind why these people were being spied on was clear. It was because of him.

“But which Deity Position holder would spend so much effort to do this?

The Heavenly Human Race?

Or perhaps the Underground’s Devil Race?

Jiang Lan couldn’t find an answer immediately.

Because if one did not directly pry into his own secrets, he would not be able to see the rough direction of where the other party was from.

This way, it was uncertain which region the person was from.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry to do anything. These people weren’t ordinary people. Even if they encountered danger, they had the ability to resist.

It all depended on what kind of expert the other party was going to send out.

The Eighth Prince was the least he needed to worry about because he was the center that everyone needed to rely on.

If something went wrong, the other party would be making an enemy out of the entire Grand Desolate World.

The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race and the Qilin Race didn’t directly belong to him, so the danger they would experience should not be high.

Qing Mu was in Ba Country. Thee other party would never enter Ba Country.

Therefore, he was safe and sound.

In conclusion, the one in the most danger was the youth.

Or rather, he was the easiest to target.

“Looks like I need to pay more attention.”

Not mentioning the Eighth Prince, the youth and Qing Mu were still easy for him to pay attention to since they were linked to him. However, it was not easy for him to pay attention to the other two.

The Qilin Race was represented by a weak point of light on his Deity Position, making it hard for him to receive a clear feedback should something happen. As for the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race, unless she reads out his Deity Position title, there was nothiing he could do.

And to determine who was the one who would act on them, he had to wait for something to happen to them. At that time, he would roughly understand who the other party was.

After paying no more attention to this, Jiang Lan approached the fortuitous opportunity battle platform.

He raised his head and looked into the endless sky.

There seemed to be an endless sea of blood above, but when he came back to his senses, it seemed like there was nothing there.

Then, he lowered his head and looked down. He felt his gaze pierce through the abyss and see the dead sea. It was as if he had the ability to absorb one’s mind.

Upon entering, one would lose oneself.

However, Jiang Lan wasn’t affected at all. In the blink of an eye, all of them disappeared.

“This place is indeed not simple at all. It is indeed able to connect to both the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld.

It’s just that the Heaven Realm seems…”

He looked up again, but this time he couldn’t see anything.

What he saw previously was a sea of blood. Why did the Heaven Realm look as such?

He didn’t probe too much. Qing Shan from the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace had told him that there were enemies in the dark night.

If he went to investigate, there was a certain chance he would see the other party. Then…

It would be a disaster.

“Junior Brother Jiang?” A voice suddenly sounded in Jiang Lan’s ear.

It was Lu Jian.

“Senior Brother Lu Jian.” Jiang Lan immediately lowered his head slightly.

At this moment, Lu Jian was dressed in white and his body carried a faint sword intent. He looked extremely impressive.

He was at the early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm.

He felt much stronger than an ordinary early-stage Heaven Immortal.

He was just like Martial Uncle Jiu Zhongtian, who was very strong even amongst Dao Immortals.

He just did not know if his master or his Martial Uncle were stronger.

“Junior Brother, are you interested in the fortuitous opportunity battle?” Lu Jian asked curiously.

Lu Jian more or less understood who Jiang Lan was.

He didn’t think Jiang Lan would be interested.

“I just want to take a look at this building. It feels a bit strange, so I want to try and study it,” Jiang Lan replied.

This fortuitous opportunity battle platform was indeed extremely outstanding.

“I heard that the Sect Master asked some seniors to make this overnight. I heard that it hasn’t been completed yet, and it will take many years.

Otherwise, the fortuitous opportunity battle would not have been delayed until now.

As for when the battle will start, it will probably depend on when the fortuitous opportunity battle platform is completed,” explained Lu Jian.

Jiang Lan nodded. So that was how it was.

No wonder there was forty years of buffer time.

The longer the building process took, the more time he had.

From his point of view, he hoped that it would be slower and that there would be more time for him to prepare, but no one knew when danger would arrive, so he didn’t want anyone to destroy this place either.

He wouldn’t do that as well.

“Will Senior Brother participate?” Jiang Lan asked.

Senior Brother Lu Jian was famous throughout Kunlun. His strength surprised him.

From what he knew, no one in the same realm was his match.

So as long as Senior Brother Lu Jian was willing to participate, no one could win against him.

This included even the Eighth Prince, who had advanced to the Heaven Immortal Realm.

The Eighth Prince should be close to the early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm. He hoped that he would not encounter Senior Brother Lu Jian when the time came.


It would not be very nice.

“En, I am participating. I heard that the ones participating are the strongest batch of people in the Grand Desolate World. I want to give them a try.” Lu Jian said with a chuckle.

As expected, Jiang Lan nodded.

“By the way, Junior Brother, you have to be careful. Many people have come to Kunlun.

There are always people who take the risk to target the Goddess. Junior Brother might be one of their targets as well, “Lu Jian reminded kindly.

Although the chances of such a thing happening was close to zero.

After Jiang Lan agreed, Lu Jian continued.

“The First Summit seems to be asking about your cultivation base recently. They probably need Junior Brother’s help with something.

You can think of what you lack recently and mention it to them.”

“Many thanks for Senior Brother’s reminder.” Jiang Lan nodded in thanks.

He did not lack anything.

What he lacked was probably only time. Even if there was enough time for him, he still wished for more time.

This would make everything much safer for him.

Then, Lu Jian left to settle his own matters.

Jiang Lan stayed for a moment longer. After confirming that there was nothing, he turned around and returned.

He would pass by the inn, but he had no intention of buying wine. Recently, the inn had lost the youth and the Eighth Prince. It was probably even more deserted.


A dragon shadow appeared from the direction of the inn.

“It doesn’t seem that deserted.”

He immediately knew that Ao Ye and the Pixiu were fighting again.

The two of them had fought for hundreds of years. Ao Ye would stay here for as long as the Eighth Prince was here. Every time, he would drink at the inn.

He would also turn into a drunkard.

It had come to a point where if there were no drunkards in the inn, they would not be used to it.

As for shouting everyday that he had drunk horse urine with him…

Naturally, this was nothing he would care about.

It was not anything important. It was just that it was a little strange.

There were countless people who criticized him but there was only one who said that he was his brother and had eaten dog shit and drunk horse urine with him.

After that, Jiang Lan walked towards Kunlun.

He was walking on the main road.

There were many people on swords, and their cultivation levels were not bad. Therefore, in order not to attract attention, he did not use the Loneliness Spell.

He just walked quietly.

Most people walked in the air, so few people would notice the ordinary him.

However, halfway there, he was stopped.

He was stopped by three people.

Two men and a woman.

One Human Immortal and two True Immortals.

With another glance, Jiang Lan discovered that they were three dragons.

What do you think?