My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 505

Chapter 505: Plotting For So Many Years Just For This?

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After returning to the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan lived his normal cultivation life.

However, it was completely different from before.

He cultivated for half a day in the day and read books for the other half of the day before accompanying Xiao Yu at night.

Xiao Yu cultivated for half a day in the day and studied array formations for the other half of the day. In fact, she could also cultivate at night.

Time passed bit by bit. Three years later, they left the Ninth Summit and headed to the Jade Pool.

They then settled down there.

Jiang Lan continued to cultivate normally. It was just that he had changed his environment.

He was not in a hurry to pull Xiao Yu into his last epiphany before becoming a Dao Immortal.

During this period of time, Xiao Yu would occasionally make a trip to the Third Summit. Jiang Lan would send her there and wait for her to come out.

There was once when Martial Aunt Zhu Qing was not at the cultivation area, so he could follow her in.

Of course, he only went in to read books or read about array formations and Catoptric Deflection.

Time passed by slowly on this day. Xiao Yu looked very happy every day.

Three years, five years, ten years.

Nothing had changed.

As for helping Xiao Yu get used to her half-dragon transformation, they actually didn’t pay much attention to it.

The more they cared about it, the more she couldn’t get used to it.

Of course, there was not much progress in the end. After all, Xiao Yu was constantly becoming stronger.

With Ran Jing’s gift, her cultivation progress was very fast.

Twenty years passed.

Jiang Lan was still at the Jade Pool. He felt that he could see a Power on the Jade Pool.

It was similar to Senior Sister’s Kunlun Power.

He didn’t want to comprehend the Power, but wanted to add the embryonic form of the Power into his Dao World.

Perhaps it would become even bigger.

He didn’t know what would happen, but he had engraved it in his eyes.

Therefore, being in the Jade Pool was indeed very helpful to him.

It had been 760 years since he entered the sect. He would return to the Ninth Summit in another ten years.

Taking care of the Ninth Summit was one thing, but the main thing was that he had to watch over the eruption of the Netherworld’s Entrance.

As for now, he could continue to sit under the peach trees and gaze at the Kunlun Mountain, feeling the Power hiddden within.

If he could gain some insights, he could let his Senior Sister gain even more during her final epiphany.

“Junior Brother, I’ve comprehended it.” Xiao Yu, who was leaning against Jiang Lan’s back, suddenly spoke.

“Senior Sister, what did you comprehend?” Jiang Lan looked outside and asked.

“The reason why Junior Brother’s master doesn’t have a wife might be because no one can stand in the position of an elder and make him get engaged,” Xiao Yu said.

She was thinking about the matter of getting a wife for Jiang Lan’s master.

They had been secretly observing this matter, and Jiang Lan had made some arrangements.

But they did not experience much success.

There were not much problems on the side of Martial Aunt Miao Yue of the Fifth Summit. The problem came from Jiang Lan’s master.

He stood at the peak of the Ninth Summit everyday and the only person he looked for when he went out was Martial Uncle Jiu Zhongtian of the Eighth Summit.

How could there be progress like that?

However, he had already thought of what Xiao Yu said.

So it was useless.

“So I thought of a way.” Xiao Yu’s voice made Jiang Lan’s ear perk up again.

But he felt that this dragon could not suggest anything good.

“What is it?” Jiang Lan asked.

Xiao Yu jumped off the rock and stood in front of Jiang Lan.

“As juniors, we have to listen to our elders and the things we can do are limited.

But there are no restrictions on the Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt.

Their status are too high.

Therefore, we should find something to make things difficult for them.

What is Junior Brother’s master not good at?”

Jiang Lan was stunned for a moment. There were two things his master wasn’t good at.

The first was that he did not understand the feelings between men and women. Hence, his master was unable to give him any guidance on this matter.

The second was the study of array formations. His master’s attainments in array formations were pretty shallow.

“Focusing on his lack of proficiency on array formations should be the most suitable. Should I cause some trouble for Master so that he will look for Martial Aunt Miao Yue?” Jiang Lan thought for a moment and felt that it wasn’t easy.

“Master will never leave the peak of the Ninth Summit, so it’s not easy to trouble him.”

Xiao Yu didn’t understand either. She sat back with her back against Jiang Lan and looked at the falling peach blossoms as if she was thinking.

First Summit.

Lin An arrived at a pavilion halfway up the mountain.

“Master, Junior Brother Jiang has entered the Jade Pool, so I can’t ask about his cultivation progress for the time being.

However, after asking people from the Third Summit, it seems like he has yet to become a True Immortal.

The situation in the cave is still relatively peaceful. Should we let some people try to study the array formations of the Ninth Summit? “Lin An smiled at Feng Yixiao.

“Study the array formations of the Ninth Summit?” Feng Yixiao lifted his head to look at the Ninth Summit, then at the Fifth Summit.

He seemed to be thinking about something.

“Master, do you think there will be any problems with this?” Lin An was a little curious.

“There’s no problem, but… I feel like I’ve fallen into a trap.” Feng Yixiao looked at the Fifth Summit and sighed.

“All the help has come from the Fifth Summit, and as long as the Fifth Summit does something that involves the Ninth Summit, the one who obtains the benefits in the end will either be the Fifth Summit or the Ninth Summit.

Of course, the other summits will not lose out either.

But I have no way of knowing what they willl obtained”

“Master, what do you think it will be?” Lin An didn’t quite understand.

However, his master seemed to be very afraid of his Martial Aunt of the Fifth Summit.

Of course, it was not that kind of hostility.

“What is it?” Feng Yixiao looked up at the sky and said softly.

“Who knows?

Arrange for someone to research on it. We can just inform them about such a small matter.”

Lin An agreed and left. Then, he arranged for someone to research on it.

The research progress was not fast, but in the past three years, they had indeed made a lot of progress.

At the very least, they could stabilize the situation in the cave for a period of time.

However, on the fifth year, they seemed to have become proud and went to the peach blossom forest.


“Master, something has happened.” Lin An arrived at a pavilion halfway up the mountain in a hurry, but he didn’t lose his composure.

Hearing Lin An’s words, Feng Yixiao’s tightly furrowed brows relaxed.

The fox was finally going to reveal his true colors.

“What is it?” Feng Yixiao asked.

“The Senior Brothers who have entered the peach blossom forest are still unable to walk out. It’s the same for the others.

According to the three Junior Sisters from the Fifth Summit, the peach blossom forest of the Ninth Summit is the Ninth Summit’s second strongest array formation. It’s very difficult to come out once one enters it, “Lin An immediately said.

He did not understand what was going on either. Those Senior Brothers were not rash people.

They had just gained something, so they would not enter the peach blossom forest rashly.

They were normally extremely careful when doing things. Otherwise, how could they cultivate or even help in the cave?

“Who are the people who can undo the array formation?” Feng Yixiao asked.

“Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit, Martial Aunt of the Fifth Summit, and Elder Cheng of the Fifth Summit who is in seclusion to comprehend the Dao.

I don’t know if there are any others,” Lin An replied.

It was impossible for him to know all the people in Kunlun.

It was impossible for him to know how many experts there were in both the open and in the dark.

However, after asking around, he realized that the Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit could actually be ranked in the top ten or even top five in Kunlun.


This Junior Brother was too hidden.

Feng Yixiao threw out a token and said casually.

“Take the medallion to the Fifth Summit and say that you need Miao Yue’s help.”

“Am I the one going?” Lin An was a little startled.

Wasn’t it too much for himself to invite the Fifth Summit’s Summit Leader?

“Just say that I can’t get away because of the First Summit. Ask her for help. She won’t refuse.” Feng Yixiao’s calm voice reached Lin An’s ears.

Lin An didn’t dare to disobey. He could only brace himself and go.

Feng Yixiao looked in the direction of the Fifth Summit in confusion.

“This matter should be just one of them. Then the other…

The benefits for the Ninth Summit have yet to appear, so who would obtain them?

It seems like there are many hidden secrets.”

There were only two people in the Ninth Summit.

However, he did not probe further.