Chapter 502: Junior Brother, Don’t Lose Me

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The next morning.

The Eighth Prince looked at the youth and said.

“The fortuitous opportunity battle is really about to begin. We all have to participate.”

“Will the two of us join as well? Are you fighting for the Dragon Race? What about me? Should I register at Kunlun?” The youth asked curiously.

If he asked his grandfather to help talk to Kunlun, he should be able to register.

However, it was a little difficult to be chosen.

There were many early-stage True Immortals in Kunlun.

“No, we all have to participate.” The Eighth Prince’s hand circled the inn.

He included Yan Xiyun, who was asking Hong Ya for peanuts.

“Brother, are you saying that I need to join too?” Yan Xiyun asked curiously.

“Hong Ya needs too?” The youth was also curious.

“One of them represents the Qilin Race, while the other represents the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race?”

Hong Ya looked at the two of them and waited for the Eight Prince to continue.

She hadn’t received these things yet, but Kunlun had been talking about it recently. She knew that it should be true.

Especially that light from yesterday.

The Eighth Prince knew something.

Although Yan Xiyun was curious, she was still pretending to eat peanuts.

After packing up the food, she wanted to set off. Although she might return back to the inn again, she could not give up.

“No.” The Eighth Prince shook his head.

“Be it you, me, or the girl from the Qilin Race or the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race, we will all represent the same person in the fortuitous opportunity battle.”

“Who is it?” Yan Xiyun asked.

She didn’t really care. If possible, she didn’t want to fight.

She couldn’t win.

She was even often killed.

Hong Ya frowned but did not speak.

The youth came to a realization.

“Could it be that person?”

“That’s the one.” The Eighth Prince nodded.

“Should we communicate with him recently?”

“Yes, but we might have to suffer.”

“I’m glad my saber is still with me.”

“My Heavenly Dragon Saber is also unable to endure the thirst.”

“What are you talking about?” Yan Xiyun didn’t understand.

Hong Ya couldn’t understand either. These two people had many secrets.

Especially the secret regarding sabers. She realized that these two people had never said the relevant name.

The Eighth Prince and the youth looked at Yan Xiyun and Hong Ya. In the end, they decided to bring them along.

Yan Xiyun and Hong Ya were confused.

Jiang Lan had been staying in the courtyard for the past few days. He had just finished comprehending the Dao and wanted to calm himself down.

With his Senior Sister by his side, he could be at peace.

Although she often interrupted his reading.

But to him, this was also a part of tranquility.

Reading, planting flowers, and experiencing life.

With his Senior Sister, life was bright and fun.

However, his Senior Sister did not become smaller today. She said that she wanted to be her normal self under normal circumstances and then see if she would get used to not transforming into a dragon tonight.

Once she was used to it, she could then consider many other things.

For example, whether their baby would come in the form of an egg or a baby in her belly.

“Junior brother, do you think I can solve the problem if I cultivate my body and mind like you?” Ao Longyu asked as she laid on Jiang Lan’s head.

“I don’t think so.” Jiang Lan raised his head with difficulty, no longer paying attention.

“Why?” Ao Longyu asked, tracing Jiang Lan’s brows with her hand.

“Senior Sister should be more lively. You will be suppressing yourself by calming down. Such things can’t be forced.

Forcing yourself to do something that does not befit you will backfire and draw out inner demons in your heart,” Jiang Lan replied.

Ao Longyu was indeed aloof in the past, but that was just an expression.

As he got more familiar with his Senior Sister, he realized that the lively Senior Sister was the true her.

This was also good.

“I feel like it’s all because of Junior Brother’s indulgence.” Ao Longyu sat beside Jiang Lan and rested her chin on her hands as she continued.

“Although Junior Brother looks like a reclusive old man, you keep tolerating me.

That’s why I have remained innocent and childish.

Master already said that since I have formed a family, I should become more dependable and mature.”


Jiang Lan flicked Ao Longyu’s forehead.

“Junior Brother ~” Ao Longyu dragged her voice out, her tone unfriendly as if she was about to attack.

“Senior Sister is already very mature,” Jiang Lan replied.

“Of course. I’m your Senior Sister, and you’re my Junior Brother.” Xiao Yu reached out to stroke Jiang Lan’s head.

“You are steady and dependable. In my calm world, you are able to stir up a hurricane yet stabilize the mountains and rivers at the same time.

You can even make the dead silence regain its vitality.

You are like a drizzle in spring, making the world move towards a new change,” Jiang Lan replied.


Ao Longyu stared blankly at Jiang Lan with a frown.

“It’s over. I don’t think I can get used to it tonight. I have become too emotional.”


Jiang Lan: “…”

At this moment, he suddenly heard someone reciting his Deity Position title. It was the Eighth Prince and his party.

They seemed to be talking about the fortuitous opportunity battle.

Fortuitous opportunity battle…

Jiang Lan wasn’t sure if it was useful to him, but it was good to participate in it.

There were five people under his name, including the Eighth Prince Ao Man, Yan Xiyun of the Qilin Race, and Hong Ya of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. This was arranged by Imperial Lord Xi He.

Otherwise, he might only have the youth and Ba Country’s Qing Mu.

He tried to observe them and discovered that it wasn’t just the Eighth Prince. There were also the girl from the Qilin Race and the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

All four of them had come.

These four were going to participate in the battle under his name, so there was naturally no problem in them knowing him.

But what were they here for?

Was it to request for him to give them some pointers?

If there was no need, he was not intending to teach the Eighth Prince nything else other than the Dragon Saber Art.

The youth, the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race, and the girl from the Qilin Race were all important members of the various factions.

He did not need to interfere with their cultivation at all.

After asking his Senior Sister to wait for a while, he sent a message over. “If there’s any danger in Kunlun, you can use my name for me to act for you once.”

During this time, he took a look at the roasted wild animals and unleashed the second strike of the Dragon Saber Art to let the Eighth Prince and the youth continue learning.

He didn’t care about the other two.

The Eighth Prince and the youth had long understood the meaning, but their saber techniques were still as bad as ever.

The last two bolts of lightning sent them away.

Then he looked at his Senior Sister. Seeing that she didn’t understand, he took out the Mountain Sea Mirror and showed her the Eighth Prince and the youth.

Ao Longyu blinked, still confused.

However, she didn’t ask too many questions, instead handing a bead to Jiang Lan.

“This is for Junior Brother. It contains the power of the Jade Pool,” said Ao Longyu.

Jiang Lan took the bead and looked at the Goddess Diagram. Sure enough, he couldn’t use it now.

Of course, he understood why his Senior Sister gave him this. It could allow him to advance to the True Immortal Realm faster on the surface.

This way, in another fifty to sixty years, he would be able to make a trip to the entrance of the Heaven Realm first.

He initially wanted to head there only after reaching the Dao Immortal Realm, but this time, he wanted to go there first.

Although it was easy to discover more things in the Dao Immortal Realm, it was also easy for him to be discovered by other beings inside.

It was too risky.

“Senior Sister, do you want to go out for a stroll?” Jiang Lan suddenly asked.

“Huh? Where are we going?” Ao Longyu asked curiously.

“We can go to the streets outside, like the streets in the nearest Qingcheng Town,” Jiang Lan said.

After his Senior Sister came to Kunlun, she basically didn’t go out.

Perhaps her master had brought her out when she was young, but she had stayed in Kunlun ever since.

It was even harder for her to go out after becoming a Goddess.

It would be a lie if she wasn’t curious about the outside world.

“Junior Brother, will you bring me there?” asked Ao Longyu.

“En.” Jiang Lan nodded.

Now, he had the help of the Tree of Creation. Even on the surface, he had great attainments in space.

Bringing the Goddess out was nothing.

Perhaps after some time, the peace outside would no longer exist.

“Don’t lose me..” Ao Longyu handed her hand to Jiang Lan.