My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 499

Chapter 499: If You’re Unconvinced, Let’s Fight

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These people looked at each other, trying to confirm each other’s identity.

“There are quite a few familiar faces.”

The Devil Ancestor looked at everyone and spoke.

Most of these people were the strongest members of the various factions.

It couldn’t be said that everyone knew him, but everyone present knew a few of those present.

“A rising star has appeared in the Heavenly Human Race. Looks like those old fellows are placing their hopes on you.” The Demon Race’s Imperial Lord Qiong Gou looked at Heavenly Human Yunxiao.

Heavenly Human Yunxiao nodded slightly in response.

However, his gaze quickly landed on Jiang Lan.

He knew this person.

At this moment, the Devil Ancestor was also looking at Jiang Lan. His voice was rather cold.

“Then who is this? Why hasn’t his Dao halo appeared?”

The halo of the great Dao was the characteristic of a Dao Immortal.

Everyone else had one, but Jiang Lan didn’t.

“Ba Country’s Unparalleled Fist God,” the demon Imperial Lord Qiong Gou said calmly.

He was the second person to obtain the Deity Position, and the third was the Unparalleled Fist God.

Therefore, others might not be able to confirm the existence of the Unparalleled Fist God, but he could.

He had heard that voice.

“There’s such a person in Ba Country?” Imperial Lord Dongqing looked at Jiang Lan coldly.

Jiang Lan could feel that everyone was looking at him with hostility.

This shouldn’t be happening.

Apart from the obvious grudges he had with the Heavenly Human Race and the hidden grudges he had with the Demon Race, he didn’t have any interactions with anyone else.

There was no reason for him to be targeted by everyone.

Perhaps the Devil Ancestor merely disliked him. Even if others didn’t like him, it was impossible for them to make it so obvious.

“Seeing how big you are, you should be as well-built and simple-minded as us.

Do you know all the experts from Ba Country?” Ba Country’s Youdu Emperor looked at Imperial Lord Dongqing and said.

“Can the people of Ba Country compare to us?” Imperial Lord Dongqing looked coldly at Imperial Lord Youdu.

“You people think you are impressive just because you have some brains.” Imperial Lord Youdu looked at Imperial Lord Dongqing and continued.

“But your brain is definitely not as smart as the Qilin Race. Otherwise, the Eastern Palace would be yours.

Maybe they’re looking at you like you’re looking at me. You’re all brainless.”

Imperial Lord Dongqing looked at the Earth Mother.

“You actually believe the words of a brainless person?” Earth Mother replied.

“Look, she’s just scolding you for being brainless. Actually, it’s quite good to be brainless. We have experience in this,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

Imperial Lord Dongqing:”…”

“Hahaha.” Imperial Lord Xi He laughed.

“Everyone just wants me to speak. Just say it.

The Fist God is indeed from Kunlun.

Is that enough?”

After Imperial Lord Xi He spoke, Jiang Lan discovered that the malice surrounding him instantly disappeared.

So, they just wanted to confirm where he was from?

If possible, they wanted to test his strength further?

“It seems like the fortuitous opportunity battle isn’t going to be peaceful anymore,” Jiang Lan thought to himself.

However, he was currently weak, so he did not say anything.

They would compete again in a hundred years.

However, he soon realized that there was a gaze on him.

Looking up, it was from Heavenly Human Yunxiao.

His gaze was very calm. There was no malice or kindness in it.

He was just looking at him.

This gaze made Jiang Lan feel even more dangerous.

When he saw Jiang Lan notice, Heavenly Human Yunxiao only nodded slightly before looking towards Imperial Lord Xi He.

This gathering was clearly Imperial Lord Xi He’s doing.

The Eighth Prince was ignored by everyone.

Everyone knew that the Eighth Prince was the center of attention but no one cared about him.

Jiang Lan frowned. He didn’t understand Heavenly Human Yunxiao, but there was no need to pay too much attention to him.

There would be no conflict before they met again.

There was no need to worry too much.

“Hide and seek. There are only a few people in Kunlun. I don’t need to guess to know who you are,” Earth Mother said as she looked at Imperial Lord Xi He’s face that she couldn’t see clearly.

“You can call me Imperial Lord Lun Ling,” Imperial Lord Xi He said with a smile.

“It’s not you.” Heavenly Human Yunxiao spoke up.

“The Imperial Lord Lun Ling I met shouldn’t be you.”

“Imperial Lord Lun Ling appeared once in the Four Seas. It should be him,” said Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan for the first time.

At that time, even though he hadn’t cast his gaze over, no one present except Imperial Lord Xi He matched his gaze.

There were people from Kunlun around Imperial Lord Lun Ling.

There were only two people in Kunlun who had a Deity Position. The Unparalleled Fist God had insufficient strength to kill the Dao Immortal Black Dragon.

There was no need to talk about the rest.

“The people of Kunlun are indeed smart,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

The others felt that Ba Country was scolding them for being brainless.

The Earth Mother stopped worrying about this and said.

“When will you send my Yan Xiyun back?”

“I can’t make the decision. I heard that Second Summit’s Liu Jing is the one making the decision now. You can ask him.” Imperial Lord Xi He shrugged.

“The price offered by Kunlun is not something an ordinary person can afford,” the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor said.

She was also deeply affected.

“Your people are simply demanding an exorbitant price.” The Earth Mother frowned.

“Haha, you must be joking.” Imperial Lord Xi He smiled.

“Without Kunlun, they are not worth much.

It’s only right we demand such a price.”


Before Mother Earth could finish speaking, Imperial Lord Youdu said.

“But what?

Kunlun was unconvinced and we sent out our troops to attack them.

There’s nothing that a war cannot resolve. If one battle is not enough, there will be two. At most, we will lose and return.”

“Can you not speak?” The Earth Mother looked straight at Imperial Lord Youdu.

“All of you are talking. Won’t it be embarrassing if I don’t speak?” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

Earth Mother: “…”

Jiang Lan stood where he was without saying a word.

He couldn’t understand if Imperial Lord Youdu was really that straightforward or he was just pretending.

“Let’s get down to business,” said the Mixed Essence Witch.

After that, the others stopped speaking and looked towards Imperial Lord Xi He. They were able to arrive here today all because of this person.

Therefore, the details would naturally be revealed by this person.

“Everyone should know that we don’t have much time, right?” Imperial Lord Xi He asked everyone.

The others didn’t speak, only waiting for Imperial Lord Xi He to continue.

The Eighth Prince listened at the side. He did not understand what the person speaking meant.

Jiang Lan naturally didn’t say anything. At first, he didn’t know how much time was left, but Qing Shan told him that it was only a few hundred years.

He didn’t know the exact details.

It would be best if it was in seven to eight hundred years.


If there was so much time, Qing Shan would have used the term “less than a thousand years” instead.

Therefore, the actual duration left might not exceed 500 years.

“The Deity Positions are now all occupied. Then, it’s time for everyone to take another step forward and completely fuse the Deity Position into your own.

And throw away the name of the Ancient Imperial Palace,” said Imperial Lord Xi He.

“Doesn’t this depend on Kunlun?” The Mixed Essence Witch looked at Imperial Lord Xi He and said.

“The important gates are all held by you.”

“Kunlun still wants to make a bid this time?” The Nine Heavens Phoenix Race asked.

Cang Yuan Ancestral Dragon also said.

“The Dragon Race is not in a hurry to continue.”

It was too expensive.

“It looks like Kunlun is very good at exploiting the various factions,” said Demon Race’s Qiong Gou.

“You eat people without spitting out their bones,” Imperial Lord Youdu added.

Everyone had already said it, so if he didn’t say it, it would seem like he didn’t know anything.

What do you think?