Chapter 498: Meeting Of Those With Deity Positions

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At the same time.

In the Four Seas, the Ancestral Dragon, who was originally sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes. He felt his Deity Position tremble.

Someone in the Heaven Realm was trying to summon him up.

“You’re finally willing to show your face?”

He naturally knew who it was. This person was from the most mysterious Kunlun.

No one knew how far the other party had walked, nor did they know what state he was in.

The few times he tried, he failed.

The Dragon Race had the most interactions with Kunlun and had the highest chance of finding out.

However, they had been to Kunlun several times, but they had never found out more about this matter.

He couldn’t even tell if the other party was really in front of them.

Yet today, the other party took the initiative to come out.

He didn’t know the details, but he would know once he went up.

The Dragon Race’s Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan responded.

Ba Country.

The human face formed from Ba Country’s Ghost Qi looked at the sky and responded to the call.

If everyone else went, wouldn’t he be left out if he didn’t go?

Of course, he already knew what was going on.

Ba Country walked ahead of many people.

Ba Country’s Imperial Lord Youdu responded to the call.

Demon Race.

In a hall, a man covered in light looked up at the sky and pondered for a moment.

Then, he decided to go.

“Kunlun? Let’s see what your goal is.”

Imperial Lord Qiong Gou answered.

Central Plains Heavenly Human Race.

A young man stood high in the sky. There was no emotion on his face.

“This trip is unnecessary to me, but I have to go.

I can already see the fate of the Heavenly Human Race.


It’s good to see others. Perhaps I can know more.”

The Heavenly Human Race’s Heavenly Human Yunxiao responded.

Mount Wutong of the Central Plains.

A red-haired girl sat on a wutong tree. She swayed her feet with a smile.

“I wonder what this person wants to do. He has been waiting for all the Deity Positions to be obtained, right?

It seems like he has a big plan.

Or rather, is his goal actually the last Deity Position?”

Although she had some guesses and there was no need for her to confirm this guess.

But she still chose to go up.

The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race’s Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor responded.

The Devil Race of the Southern Wastelands.

In the darkness, a man in pitch-black armor looked up at the ceiling above him. In the darkness, his gaze was like an abyss that could devour everything.

“It seems like many people have gone up. Then I’ll go take a look too.”

The Devil Race’s Devil Ancestor answered the call as well.

On Mount Numinous.

An old man sat on the ground filled with symbols. At this moment, the symbols were merging into his body.

He naturally knew about the Deity Position’s trigger.

However, he did not respond immediately.

After all the runes fused into his body, he changed from an old man to a young man, but he quickly returned to the appearance of an old man.

Only then did he respond to the Deity Position.

To him, it seemed like he had already confirmed whether it was safe or not.

As for whether it came from Kunlun, he didn’t care.

Mount Numinous’s Mixed Essence Witch had responded as well.

In the center of the Eastern Wastelands.

A young woman in luxurious clothes strolled among the flowers.

She looked dignified and elegant.

As she walked on the ground, the plants and trees seemed to be delighted.

After walking for a long time, she stood by the lake and looked at the calm surface.

“The people of Kunlun don’t think of themselves as shameless at all.

They didn’t let go of Xiyun and have even come looking for me now.

I hope they are not insensible.”

Then, she sat down and responded to the call by her Deity Position.

The Earth Mother of Qilin Race responded.

Giant Spirit Tribe of the Eastern Wastelands.

A two-meter-tall man sat on a boulder. He had been sitting there all this time.

The boulder stood on a green mountain.

After sensing the change in his Deity Position, he stood up and an aura appeared on his body.

It was as if as long as he stood up, a tremendous aura would suppress his surroundings.

He was like an indomitable giant.

“Finally, a new change.”

He responded to the call by his Deity Position.

Imperial Lord Dongqing of the Giant Spirit Race responded.

“Ancient Imperial Lower Palace?”

Jiang Lan stood where he was. Then, he felt as if he was being drawn elsewhere.

However, it was still based in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

Without any hesitation, he entered.

With his One Leaf Vision activated, no one could see through him.

Even if someone could see through it, he still had his One Leaf Shrouding The Sky.

This time, he might be able to see something different.


He could see some humans.

Soon, Jiang Lan arrived under the starlight.

There were many circles of light here, and he was one of them.

Upon closer inspection, he discovered that there was a larger circle in the middle, and there were four smaller circles around the center.

There were eight smaller circles of light outside.

The middle should represent the Central Palace. The four smaller circles around the center should represent the four Deity Positions in the North, South, East and West Palaces. The eight smaller circles should represent the eight Deity Positions from the Upper, Lower, Left and Right Palaces.

In an instant, an answer appeared in Jiang Lan’s mind.

Because he was standing right outside.

There was a man standing in four seats inside. His appearance could not be seen.

Needless to say, it was definitely Imperial Lord Xi He.

There was another person opposite him. Jiang Lan was surprised to see him.

It was the Eighth Prince.

The Eighth Prince looked panicked and had no idea what was happening.

“Don’t panic. No one will hurt you here. Just stand here in peace,” Imperial Lord Xi He consoled.

The Eighth Prince said helplessly.

“Senior, I feel that this is not a place I should stay.”

He could sense that these people were definitely important figures, even more terrifying than the nine summit leaders of Kunlun.

Of course, they were all the same to him.

He could not afford to offend any of them.

It was easy for him to lose his life.

He wanted to go back.

“The others are also coming one after another. You just need to stay quietly. You can’t be injured.” Imperial Lord Xi He’s voice carried a smile.

Jiang Lan just watched on.

The others were coming. Perhaps he could roughly understand their strength.

No matter how he looked at it, he could not treat everyone with a Deity Position in the Grand Desolate World as he pleased.

If he was already a Dao Immortal, that would be fine.

But now, the pressure on him was huge.

However, it seemed that no one could fight in this place. In the center was the Eighth Prince. If the Eighth Prince couldn’t withstand it, this place would collapse.

Soon, figures began to appear.

A young woman appeared opposite Imperial Lord Xi He. She was noble and elegant. She was the Earth Mother.

A glowing man appeared to Imperial Lord Xi He’s left. He was like a scorching sun. He was Imperial Lord Qiong Gou.

Opposite Imperial Lord Qiong Gou was a middle-aged man in pitch-black armor, the Devil Ancestor.

Seeing these four people, Jiang Lan immediately knew who they were.

Soon, a huge dragon appeared beside the Eighth Prince. It was Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan.

Then, Jiang Lan saw a human-shaped ghost qi appear beside him. It was Imperial Lord Youdu.

There were two people on the left and a red-haired girl who looked like a child. Was she from the Heavenly Phoenix Race?

There was also a two-meter-tall burly man. He was Imperial Lord Dongqing of the Giant Spirit Race.

Two people also appeared on the right. One was a young man in white. His expression was calm, and his eyes revealed a natural look. He was Heavenly Human Yunxiao.

There was also an old man with runes on his body. He was the Mixed Essence Witch.

Everyone was here.

Jiang Lan lowered his brows, sensing danger.

These people were extremely strong. Even Heavenly Human Yunxiao was no longer in the realm of a Celestial Immortal.

He might be the weakest.

The others were also sizing each other up. It was also the first time they had seen other people with Deity Positions.

It was very strange.