My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 207

Chapter 207: You Have To Leave

Emily didn’t like taking photos before, but the last time she was with Qi Yan, she thought it was fun to take photos. Especially after she came back, Qi Yan specially brought the photos she had taken to her house to show her. Qi Yan’s skills were naturally amazing. She looked at the photos and didn’t dare to recognize herself.

When she heard that Shen Yu wanted to take a photo of her, she quickly walked to the designated spot and made a pose. Very soon, she heard Shen Yu say that it was okay. Emily shouted that she wanted to take a look and tiptoed to grab the camera in Shen Yu’s hand.

Looking at the photo that Shen Yu took, Emily instantly smiled wryly. “Brother, what are you taking pictures of? You didn’t even manage to take a photo of the pose I made just now. Look at this. My expression is like I’m about to cry.”

“Is it that ugly?” Shen Yu saw that Emily despised him so much, so he quickly took the camera over to take a look. He looked at the photo and then looked at Emily. There seemed to be something different about her.

“Ugly! Look at my eyes. They’re not even open. And this action. I didn’t even stand properly when you took a picture. This action is so ugly.”

Shen Yu was ridiculed. He rubbed his nose and said, “I think it’s alright. I’ll take another picture for you. I guarantee that this picture will definitely look very good.”

Emily looked at Shen Yu in disbelief. Why was the credibility not very high?

Shen Yu nudged Emily’s back and urged, “Go quickly. I guarantee that this time, I’ll take a beautiful picture for you.”

Emily returned to her original position and made a simple scissor gesture. Then, she stood there with a smile on her face for a while, thinking that if Shen Yu took a few more pictures, there should be one or two pictures that she could see.

Obviously, Emily was overthinking. When she got the camera again, her face was still contemptuous, but she could see more than the first picture. It seemed that taking pictures was really a skill. It was better for her not to make things too difficult for Shen Yu.

The two of them played wildly in the amusement park for quite a while. Before, Shen Yu did not want Emily to play any dangerous games. This time, Shen Yu generously let Emily play and accompanied Emily in everything she did.

They played until it was almost dark. Emily seemed to have endless energy. She kept pulling Shen Yu to play all kinds of entertainment. Finally, she pointed at the ferris wheel in front of her and said, “Brother, let’s go sit on this.”

Shen Yu naturally agreed. No matter what Emily asked him to do today, he would not refuse.

Emily sat in the cabin and felt the cabin slowly rise. Her eyes kept looking out of the window. She looked very serious. If Shen Yu could see it… He could see that the tears that Emily was holding back were falling nonstop.

Shen Yu was also troubled. He did not notice Emily’s abnormality. He clenched his hands tightly. He did not know what to say or how to open his mouth.

“Brother, I’m very happy today, really.” Emily tried hard to suppress her emotions, but her trembling voice was still heard by Shen Yu.


“You don’t have to say it. I know everything. I’ve guessed what Grandpa said in the study the other day. Are you going to leave the Shen family?” Emily simply gave up and turned to look at Shen Yu. She could not stop her tears.

Shen Yu was stunned. He wanted to deny it, but he could not bring himself to say it. On the contrary, Emily sniffled and continued:

“I don’t want you to leave, but I know that Brother must have his own things to do. I can’t be so selfish. Grandpa thinks so highly of Brother, and Brother is so smart. He definitely won’t stay by my side all the time. I’m fine. Really. I’ll be obedient at home and wait for you to come back.”

“Brother, as you know, I’m very smart. I can learn everything very quickly. When you come back, I’ll definitely be better than you. So… Brother, can you not forget about me?”

Emily suddenly threw herself into Shen Yu’s arms and burst into tears. At the thought of Shen Yu leaving, she cried until she was out of breath. She really could not bear to part with Shen Yu. She really could not bear to part with him.

Shen Yu closed his eyes, hugged Emily, and gently patted Emily’s back, “I won’t. Trust me, Emi. I’ll come back as soon as possible. When I come back, I’ll be able to protect you well. No one can hurt you. Trust me!”

Emily nodded, but she was still very sad. She really could not bear to part with him. After her parents passed away, it was Shen Yu who gave her warmth. She really wanted to tell Shen Yu that she could actually protect herself well. Moreover, there were many things that Bai Yi taught her. Shen Yu actually did not have to work so hard.

However, she understood that Shen Yu had his own things to do and his own mission. She could not let Shen Yu only follow her around because of her. That would be too selfish of her.

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