My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Helpless Actions

Shen Yan’s eyes darkened. This was something that had been decided from the very beginning. Shen Yu himself had agreed. He had merely brought this matter forward. In essence, there was no difference. However, when he thought of the two children’s expressions in the study, especially when he thought of Shen Yu’s reluctant expression when he looked at Emily, as if he could not bear to part with her…

Everyone could see how much Shen Yu cared about Emily. Shen Yan had to admit that he had indeed made use of Shen Yu’s care for Emily to force Shen Yu to agree to his decision in advance.

“Why don’t you get the Second Daughter-in-law to talk to Emily tomorrow? I’m afraid that Emily will be too emotional and waver Shen Yu’s decision.”

Old Madam Shen looked troubled. Only then did she realize the crux of the problem. If Shen Yu really left, it wouldn’t be easy for him to return. The two children were on such good terms that it would be too far away… It was really hard to say what would happen in the future.

“Can’t you let Xiao Yu come back at the same time as he studies?” Old Madam Shen lowered her head and smiled after she finished speaking. She was thinking too simply. How could he be distracted when he had to learn so many things?

Shen Yan’s expression froze. He was somewhat dissatisfied with Old Madam Shen’s words, but he also knew that Old Madam Shen was only doing this for the sake of the two children. If the children were to live in a comfortable environment all the time… The cruel reality would make them pay an even more cruel price.

“I understand. I’ll find some time to get Second Brother’s family to talk to Millie. It’s just that these two children are probably going to be sad.”

“Xiao Yu and Millie have indeed changed a lot together. He has slowly become more humane, but haven’t you noticed? This time, Xiao Yu is in a complete mess because of Millie’s matter. It’s not a good thing for Xiao Yu to be overly emotional. However, if you Xiao Yu has to live a cold-blooded life, this is not what I want to see. Therefore, Xiao Yu only has the right to protect Millie if he becomes stronger.”

Shen Yan comforted Old Madam Shen and also comforted himself. He convinced himself that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing.

Shen Yan naturally believed that as his grandson, Shen Yu would make the most advantageous choice. Shen Yu would balance the relationship between them, so he did not have to worry too much.

Just as Shen Yan thought, the next morning, Shen Yu was waiting at the door of Emily’s room. When Emily opened the door, she was shocked and quickly recovered. “Brother, aren’t you going to the office today? Or are you going to school with me today?”

As she spoke, Emily became excited. It had been a long time since she went to school with Shen Yu. Shen Yu was very busy every day, and the two of them could only see each other at night.

“I’ve already asked for leave from your form teacher. I’ll bring you to the amusement park today. I promised you before, let’s go.”

Shen Yu did not wait for Emily’s reply. He pulled Emily down the stairs. Even though Emily had all sorts of doubts, she still quietly followed behind Shen Yu. It was not until they reached the entrance of the amusement park that Emily reacted.

“Brother, do we really not have to go to school today?” Emily looked at Shen Yu with a puzzled expression. Even if he was in a hurry to come to the amusement park, he should at least wait for the two of them to finish their breakfast?

Emily touched her small belly. She seemed to be a little hungry now.

“We’re not going. I’ll bring you to have fun today. Let’s go. I’ll bring you to eat your favorite fried chicken burger first.”

“Really? I knew Brother was the best. Come on, let’s go quickly. I’m hungry.” Emily had long forgotten to ask Shen Yu why he suddenly brought her to the amusement park today. He even brought her to eat those fast-food in such an abnormal manner. She was completely captivated by the delicious food.

Shen Yu followed behind Emily. When he saw how happy Emily was, he was happy. However, he felt a trace of sadness in his heart. His eyes were filled with reluctance.

Shen Yu looked at Emily and said, “Let’s go.” Emily found the fast-food restaurant with ease and then ordered all the things that she liked. It was rare for Shen Yu to be happy today. She would definitely take the opportunity to have a good time. She ate everything she liked.

“Eat slowly. You can eat whatever you want today. I don’t care.” Shen Yu was a little helpless. How strict was he usually? As soon as Emily took the opportunity, she began to eat.

“Brother, you’re really great today.” Emily was even more excited. She pulled Shen Yu along and ate her favorite fried chicken burger early in the morning. At this time, there were fewer people at the entrance of the amusement park. When Shen Yu saw Emily finish eating, they immediately went to the amusement park. He brought Emily and started to play wildly in the amusement park.

Shen Yu took out the camera from his bag. “You stand over there. I’ll take two pictures for you.”

“Brother, why did you bring everything? It’s amazing.” Emily looked at Shen Yu’s backpack in surprise. Shen Yu was actually so well prepared that he even brought a camera.