My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Excommunication From the Family Tree

Emily was Shen Yu’s weakness, not to mention that Shen Xue had touched Emily. Others couldn’t even touch, let alone hurt Emily so badly. Shen Yu naturally wouldn’t let Shen Xue go, which was why Shen Yu quarreled with Shen Yan in the study.

“Lesson? I see you have forgotten the Shen family’s rules?” Shen Yan’s face was full of dissatisfaction.

“Dad, let’s not put it that way. The Shen family’s teachings value harmony, but is it because of a piece of rat poop spoiling the porridge that the entire family is rushing to protect it?”

Third Aunt had long forgotten about the rules of the Shen family. She thought of the things that Shen Xue had done, and Shen Yan did not intend to teach her a lesson. Instead, he began to teach Shen Yu a lesson? Wasn’t this putting the cart before the horse?

“That’s right, Dad. We didn’t cause trouble on our own accord. Could it be that we have to lock our doors and teach our own family a lesson after being beaten up? I feel that no matter what request Xiao Yu has, he must have his own considerations,” Second Aunt echoed from the side.

Third Aunt felt that no matter what Shen Yu said to Shen Yan that made him unhappy after he returned, there must be a reason for it. After all, this child, Shen Yu, had always been more sensible. It was impossible for him to say something that made Shen Yan angry for no reason.

“I see that all of you have been bewitched by this kid’s changes. What do you all know? A woman’s opinion.”

Shen Yan’s words made the two daughters-in-law of the Shen family stunned. Ever since they had married into the Shen family, the Shen family had treated both of them well. Shen Yan had never spoken harshly to them. This was the first time.

“What do you mean by ‘women’s opinions’? You’re an old man who has half his body buried in the ground. Why are you still so stubborn? Why don’t you listen to the opinions of the young people?”

“What they said is right. Don’t tell me that when someone bullies our family, they still have to let others bully them? You d*mn old man, you’re really going back to your old ways. You actually want to hit my grandson because of this matter. Let me tell you, if you dare to touch Xiao Yu again today, I won’t let you off.”

Old Madam Shen was even more furious. She panted heavily and glared at Shen Yan. Everyone did not dare to speak. This was the first time that Old Madam Shen had actually spoken so loudly and even shouted at Shen Yan. Shen Yan looked at Old Madam Shen without a word of rebuttal. He lowered his head. Was he directly accepting Old Madam Shen’s rebuke?

“Then it shouldn’t be to the extent of expelling Shen Xue’s family from the genealogy, right? Isn’t this punishment a little too severe?”

Shen Yan took a careful look and saw that Old Madam Shen’s face was similarly troubled. He immediately felt a little better. He could not help but rejoice in his heart. Fortunately, Old Madam Shen had listened to him. Otherwise, he would have lost all face today.

“Xiao Yu, is what your grandfather said true? You want your grandfather to expel Shen Xue’s family from the family tree?” Old Madam Shen was somewhat in disbelief as she confirmed once again.

The people around them did not dare to make a sound because they knew very well that being expelled from the Shen family tree was a heavy punishment. Not only would they no longer be part of the Shen family, but they would also be stripped of the Shen family’s shares in their businesses. This undoubtedly caused the other party to lose their power and also lose their benefits.

Emily did not understand, but when she saw that the others were all frightened, especially Third Aunt, who was standing at the side, she sucked in a breath of cold air. She did not dare to make a sound in an instant. She only nervously grabbed Shen Yu’s sleeve.

“What Grandfather said just now was what I wanted to do. Shen Xue is definitely involved in Millie’s injury, not to mention that Shen Xue has repeatedly dealt with Millie and used Xiao Nan. These two points are enough.”

“Grandfather should be very clear that Shen Xue alone will not be able to carry out Millie’s kidnapping this time. She can only rely on her parents. I have no reason not to suspect that her parents are behind this matter. I don’t want to guess what their motive is. I only know that the Shen family does not keep such narrow-minded and ruthless people.”

Shen Yu’s voice was loud and clear, without a trace of hesitation. His goal was very simple. He would not let go of anyone who had hurt Emily. The reason why he had let bygones be bygones was because Shen Xue could be considered his sister. However, Shen Xue had repeatedly tried to deal with Emily, so he would not give Shen Xue another chance.

“Do you have any dissatisfaction with the reason that Xiao Yu gave?” Old Madam Shen looked at Shen Yan, her eyes full of pride. This was the descendant of her Shen family. He was clear about right and wrong, and he was not bound by emotions.

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