My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Quarreling

“Xiao Hao, quick, let Old Liu come. It looks like he’s badly injured.” Second Aunt was very anxious to get Shen Hao to take Shen Nan away, but Shen Nan waved his hand. He said softly, “Second Aunt, I’m fine. Just wait for me to recover.”

This was also the first time Shen Nan had seen his grandfather get so angry, and it was at Shen Yu, whom he cared about the most in the entire family. Shen Nan also wanted to know the reason. He was not stupid. Shen Yu went to the study room to look for Grandfather the moment he returned. He must have quarreled with Grandfather because of what he had asked him today. No matter what, he still had to take some responsibility for this matter.

“Dad, no matter what, no matter how wrong Xiao Yu is, you can’t hit the child.” Third Aunt’s heart ached even more when she saw Shen Nan grimacing in pain. She brought out the radiance of motherhood to its fullest.

Shen Yan’s face instantly became even more displeased. Since when could anyone in this family blame Shen Yan?

“I think Third Sister-in-law is right. No matter what it is, you can’t hit the child. Can’t you talk things through?”

Seeing that Shen Yan was about to lose his temper, Old Madam Shen quickly spoke up. Her eyes were filled with resentment. Why was this old man’s temper getting worse as he got older?

“Talk nicely? Do you think you can explain the stubborn temper of this d*mned child? I’m going to teach him a good lesson today so that he will learn his lesson.” After saying this, Shen Yan was about to pick up the whip on the ground. However, he was stopped by Old Madam Shen.

“You d*mned old man, what’s the use of beating up Xiao Yu today? If you touch Xiao Yu again today, you can beat me up first.” Old Madam Shen saw that Shen Yan was not listening. She might as well go back on her word. In any case, she did not allow Shen Yan to beat up Shen Yu again.

Shen Yan was stunned, especially when he saw that Old Madam Shen looked as if she was going to fight him to the end. After looking at the whip, Shen Yan finally put it down. He sighed deeply and stood on the spot with some dejection.

Old Madam Shen instantly let out a sigh of relief and was ready to pull Shen Yu up. However, Shen Yu broke free from Old Madam Shen’s hand and continued to kneel on the ground stubbornly. He said in a muffled voice, “I’m not getting up.”

“Xiao Yu, what are you doing?” Second Aunt was a little displeased. She stepped forward and prepared to pull Shen Yu up as well. However, Shen Yu continued to kneel on the ground unmoving. He had no intention of getting up at all.

“Brother, can you get up first?” Emily was suddenly a little afraid. She had never seen such a stubborn Shen Yu, nor had she seen such an angry Shen Yan. She was really frightened.

“Be good. Stand aside first. I’ll be fine.” Perhaps only when he was facing Emily would Shen Yu be as gentle as he was now, without a trace of toughness.

“What’s going on? Why have all of them changed after coming back?” Old Madam Shen was very puzzled. She stared at Shen Yan, wanting him to give her an answer. However, Shen Yu turned his face to the side in a fit of pique and did not allow Shen Yan to respond to Old Madam Shen.

Old Madam Shen looked at Shen Yu’s stubborn face. She knew that she would not be able to get an answer from Shen Yu, so she placed her hopes on Shen Nan.

“Xiao Nan, tell me. What exactly happened when you went out today?” Old Madam Shen asked.

Shen Nan was stunned. It was really because of what happened today. Looking at Shen Yu’s appearance, it was obvious that Shen Yu did not want too many people to know about it. However, Grandfather was so angry now. If Shen Nan did not tell him, Grandfather would get angry. Who could stop him? Wouldn’t his Fifth Brother be the one to suffer?

Shen Nan hesitated for a moment, but he still chose to let Shen Yu suffer less. He opened his mouth and told everyone what they had discovered today, especially Shen Xue’s name.

After listening to what Shen Nan said, Second Aunt took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to get angry in her heart. “Xiao Xue is so young, but her thoughts are so vicious. It’s time to teach her a good lesson.”

“I think Second Sister-in-law is right. She’s so vicious at such a young age. It’s time to teach them a lesson. Also, her parents are behind this matter. How could Shen Xue stir up such a huge storm without them?”

Third Aunt agreed with Second Aunt. Her eyes naturally fell on Old Madam Shen and Shen Yan. They finally understood why Shen Yan was so angry. After all, the Shen family had always advocated for family harmony and prosperity. Shen Yan naturally did not want to see his family and the Shen Xue family fall out completely.