Chapter 201: The Whip

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Shen Nan’s lips curled into a smile as he looked at Cao Lin and Mu Qing in amusement. “Why? Based on what? Then what right do you have to question why I treat Millie well? What right do you have to meddle in the affairs of my Shen family?”

Cao Lin and Mu Qing’s bodies stiffened when they heard Shen Nan’s words. They instantly fell silent. That’s right, what right did they have?

“Ah Kun, I’ll leave the two of them to you. I feel nauseous just looking at them.” Shen Nan looked at the two people on the ground in disgust and sighed deeply. Shen Nan mumbled, “If Fifth Brother knew that they were going against Millie because of me, would he want to kill me?”

At this thought, Shen Nan still felt that it was better for him not to get close to Shen Yu. It was best for him to stay far away from him. When he returned in the afternoon, there would be many people in the house, so Shen Yu would not make things difficult for him.

However, reality proved that he was wrong. When he returned to the Shen family, he could clearly feel the heavy atmosphere. Emily sat obediently in front of Second Aunt. Her face was full of anxiety and worry. She would look upstairs from time to time.

“What… What’s going on?” Shen Nan walked to his own brother and asked in a low voice. He saw that everyone in the family did not look very well. Shen Xu, who was standing in front of Shen Nan, could not help but frown.

“Why did you come back at this time? And why didn’t you stop Xiao Yu? You knew that something big had happened, but you still let Xiao Yu come back alone.” Shen Xu glared at Shen Nan. Shen Xu’s eyes were filled with disdain and blame.

This made Shen Nan even more confused. Didn’t he come back a little late just to avoid Shen Yu’s delivery? How did things become so serious?

“Where’s Fifth Brother?” Shen Nan looked around and did not see Shen Yu at all. He instantly felt uneasy. Could it be that something happened to Shen Yu?

“Xiao Yu went to the study room to look for Grandpa the moment he came back. It’s been almost two hours and the two of them haven’t come down yet. From time to time, the sound of two people arguing can be heard. It’s the first time I’ve seen Xiao Yu speak so loudly to Grandpa.” Shen Hao was also very worried. As soon as he finished speaking, Emily became even more anxious.

“No, I want to go up and take a look. What if Grandpa hits my brother?” Emily could not suppress the worry in her heart. She stood up and ran upstairs. Shen Xu and Shen Hao did not react in time. They watched helplessly as Emily ran upstairs,

“What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and follow her.” Old Madam Shen knocked on the crutch in her hand anxiously. If not for her weak body, she would have run upstairs like Emily.

Only then did everyone react and follow Emily upstairs. Emily ran the fastest and did not care about her upbringing. She directly pushed the door open and saw Shen Yan holding the whip while Shen Yu was kneeling on the ground.

“Brother!” Emily rushed forward and hugged Shen Yu. Following that, there was a muffled groan. This voice came from behind Emily.

Emily looked back and saw Shen Nan crouching behind her and taking a whip for her.

“Sixth Brother…” Emily looked at the painful expression on Shen Nan’s face. She was at a loss. Just now, when Shen Yan was in a fit of anger, he had used all his strength. She just did not want to see Shen Yu get beaten, so she subconsciously wanted to block it for Shen Yu. However, she did not expect Shen Nan’s reaction to be so quick.

“Old man, what are you doing?” Old Madam Shen went forward and snatched the whip from Shen Yan’s hand. She threw it on the ground and questioned Shen Yan.

Shen Yu was the precious child of their family. Shen Yan was so angry that he actually attacked Shen Yu? This was what surprised Old Madam Shen and the other members of the Shen family the most.

“Don’t stop me. I’m going to teach this selfish kid a lesson today. He’s only a little old, but he’s already so lawless. I’m going to teach him a lesson today,” Shen Yan said as he looked at Shen Yu, who was kneeling on the ground.

Shen Yu stood up straight. He was not frightened by Shen Yan’s imposing manner at all. He had a straight face and a stubborn expression. He did not think that he had done anything wrong.

“Xiao Nan… Are you alright?” Third Aunt squatted down and looked at her son with a pained expression. It was the first time that she felt that Shen Nan was actually so brave. However, the whip that hit Shen Nan’s body really made her heart ache.

Shen Nan shook his head, but he did not dare to move. He only needed to move his shoulder a little, and he would feel an intense pain.. Immediately, he bared his teeth and grimaced.