My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Explain

“Shen Xue… That’s right. Mu Qing was used by Shen Xue, and Shen Xue lied to Mu Qing. Shen Xue originally planned to deal with Emily, but she couldn’t find a way. Coincidentally, Mu Qing passed the method to Shen Xue. Shen Xue was also the one who contacted Qu Li, and the person who kidnapped her was also found by Shen Xue. Even the trick of using a tiger to scare Emily was taught by Shen Xue. Shen Xue was the one who told us that Emily’s father was bitten to death by a tiger, so Emily must be most afraid of tigers.”

After being pulled by Mu Qing, Cao Lin regained her composure and mustered up her courage to speak to Shen Nan.

“Where’s the tiger? Was it also found by Shen Xue? Or was it prepared by Shen Xue?” Shen Yu asked in a low voice.

“It was Shen Xue. Qu Li doesn’t have that ability. Other than being able to shout in front of others, Qu Li is actually useless. I’m sure that it was Shen Xue who found the tiger. As for how it was found, we don’t know. We didn’t expect Shen Xue to have such a great ability, and her method was so vicious.”

Mu Qing saw that everything had been said. The wisest choice now was to protect herself. In the end, she had been used by Shen Xue. So what if she fell out with Shen Xue? As long as she was alive.

“What about the news about Millie that was spread in the school?” Shen Nan suddenly thought of the matter that Li Yu had asked. He said that he wanted to know how they spread the news, but Li Yu, who knew everything, did not find out.

Cao Lin’s body stiffened, and even Mu Qing fell silent. The two of them looked at each other and chose to remain silent.

This actually piqued Shen Nan’s interest. The corner of Shen Nan’s mouth curled up slightly. He squatted in front of Mu Qing and Cao Lin and tilted his head to look at Shen Yu who was standing at the side. He said innocently, “Fifth Brother, do you think I’m usually too gentle? They’re afraid of you, but they’re not afraid of me at all.”

Shen Yu’s face darkened, but he did not answer Shen Nan’s question. Once he knew who the person behind the scenes was, everything else would not matter to him anymore.

“Take your time. I’m going to look for Emi. It’s been a long time since we went back. She should be worried,” said Shen Yu as he walked away. No matter how hard Shen Nan called out to him, he ignored him.

Shen Nan was furious. If not for the fact that he felt that stomping his feet was too effeminate and tarnished his manly image, he would have stomped his feet to vent his dissatisfaction. When he turned around and saw the two people behind him, he instantly had someone to vent his anger on.

“Ah Kun, when my Fifth Brother was dealing with Qu Li, did he almost drown her? Let me think. Should I cover her face with a handkerchief and water her with a kettle? That way, it would be like drowning, but she won’t die.”

Ah Kun did not understand why Shen Nan would suddenly ask such a question, but he still answered honestly. Mu Qing and Cao Lin were so scared that they did not dare to breathe. The two of them leaned against each other, but they did not feel any warmth.

“You two can choose. Do you want to confess after being tortured, or do you want to confess now? Choose one yourself.” Shen Nan squatted down. There was still a smile on his face, but his eyes were so cold that they almost pierced through Cao Lin’s heart.

Mu Qing’s body stiffened. She wanted to speak, but in the end, she pulled on Cao Lin’s arm and signaled for Cao Lin to confess quickly. She looked extremely anxious. If Cao Lin did not say anything, she would have to speak for her.

Cao Lin did not even dare to breathe loudly. She had never seen the Shen Nan in front of her. Although he was smiling, she felt that Shen Nan was so scary. He did not look like the Shen Nan that she knew at all.

Cao Lin took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. She closed her eyes and accepted her fate. “It’s… It’s because I’m jealous of Emily.”

Shen Nan raised his eyebrows. He did not know where Cao Lin’s reason came from. Shen Nan heard Cao Lin continue. “I’m jealous of how good you are to Emily. You clearly don’t have any blood relationship with her, but you just wander around her every day. You even almost attacked Shen Xue because of her. You almost attacked your own family because of an outsider. What right does Emily have? What right does she have?”

“You probably can’t even remember who I am. I lost weight for you and worked hard in silence, hoping that one day you would be able to see me. But you treat Emily, an outsider, better than your own family. How can I not be jealous?”

“Other than being prettier, what else does Emily have? Other than acting cute and weak in front of you, what else does she know? She has nothing, and you guys are still protecting her. What right does she have?”