Chapter 199: Memories (2)

Mu Qing was touched as she ate. She felt that Shen Xue was not as overbearing as the others had said. She had previously scolded her behind Shen Xue’s back. Now it seemed that she should not have. Shen Xue was so approachable, yet she still bought desserts from this place. She did not look like what others had said at all.

When Shen Xue heard Mu Qing’s words, she sighed deeply, “What’s the use of being good? Now, the brothers of the Shen family don’t like me at all. My uncle-grandfather even ordered me not to go to the Shen family’s old residence again. Just like what you said, what’s so good about Emily? They’re all protecting her. She’s just an orphan with no parents and was adopted by the Shen family. How can she be liked by so many people?”

As Shen Xue spoke, her tears fell. She was afraid that Mu Qing would see them, so she quickly wiped her tears away. When Mu Qing saw Shen Xue crying like a weeping flower, she felt indignant in her heart.

“That’s right. What’s so good about Emily? When she arrived at class, the male students in the class acted as if they had never seen a girl before. They all sided with her. You don’t know that Shen Yu and Shen Nan have basically been by her side during this period of time. It was as if she is very precious.” After Mu Qing said that, she put a snack in her mouth. Shen Xue was very satisfied.

Shen Xue was shocked when she heard that. “You said that Brother Yu and Brother Nan are by Emily’s side every day?”

“Yes, Shen Yu will come to our class as soon as class is over. The three of them will go to school together. Tell me, how precious is Emily? The two young masters of the Shen family are always by her side every day.”

Shen Xue bit her lower lip and placed her hands on her lap. The tears in her eyes could no longer be held back. “Tell me, what did I do wrong? I didn’t do anything. Just because Emily went to the Shen family, I… I don’t… Sigh…”

Shen Xue was crying so hard that she started to speak incoherently. When Mu Qing saw this, her heart ached even more. She stretched out her hand and pulled out a tissue and handed it to Shen Xue. “I think someone like Emily who doesn’t know her place should be taught a lesson.”

“You already said that Brother Yu and Brother Nan are by her side every day. What else can I do? If I teach her a lesson, won’t the Shen family hate me even more? The Shen family doesn’t like me anymore.”

Mu Qing frowned and looked at the delicious desserts on the table. She gritted her teeth when she saw Shen Xue’s weeping face, “Actually, you don’t have to do it yourself. Didn’t Qu Li have a conflict with Emily? Just let Qu Li deal with Emily when the time comes.”


A loud noise interrupted Mu Qing’s thoughts. Startled, she saw Shen Yu throw a cup at her feet and shatter it.

“So, everything was your idea? That’s why Shen Xue thought of using such a method to deal with my Emi?”

Shen Yu slowly walked to Mu Qing, speaking while walking. Every step, Mu Qing was more afraid. She wanted to retreat, but her whole person had already reached the edge of the cage. She had no way to retreat.

“I… I was blinded by Shen Xue. She… She did it on purpose. She knew I liked desserts, so she brought me to that dessert shop on purpose. I was so blinded by the food that I told Shen Xue about it. All of this was done by Shen Xue. The person who kidnapped Emily was also found by Shen Xue. It had nothing to do with me.”

“You’re the only one now. You’re the one who decides everything.” Shen Nan’s expression was not good either. When he thought about how Emily was hurt because of such a person, he wanted to kill Mu Qing in front of him.

“Cao Lin… Cao Lin can testify for me.” Mu Qing pulled at Cao Lin, who was already scared silly. When she saw that Cao Lin was still in a daze, she hurriedly said, “Cao Lin, say something. All of this really has nothing to do with me.”

“Yes…” Cao Lin’s voice was very soft. She glanced at Shen Nan from the corner of her eyes, but she quickly moved away.

Shen Nan looked unhappy. He even felt a little disgusted when he saw Cao Lin’s eyes.

“Cao Lin, speak up. Tell them that all of this really has nothing to do with me. I just mentioned it casually. I was used by Shen Xue.” Mu Qing heard that Cao Lin’s voice was very soft. She was worried that Shen Yu and Shen Nan would not be able to hear it, so she instantly became anxious.