My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Memories (1)

“Do you know how I dealt with Qu Li?” Shen Yu opened his mouth. He had already guessed that Mu Qing and Cao Lin did not want to say anything, or that they wanted to use other reasons to hide it, but how could he allow them to do as they wished? Mu Qing and Cao Lin looked at Shen Yu’s eyes and could not help but tremble.

Mu Qing and Cao Lin looked at Shen Yu’s eyes and began to tremble involuntarily. They had never known that a person’s gaze could be so terrifying, as if he wanted to eat them alive.

“Both of you are really powerful. You should have listened to my Fifth Brother since he was able to do it himself. Qu Li was already crazy when she was sent to the police station. Think about it. Even someone as arrogant as Qu Li was driven crazy by my Fifth Brother. How long can the both of you last?”

Shen Nan saw that Cao Lin and Mu Qing had yet to speak, so he directly threatened them. In any case, Shen Yu and he only wanted to know what they wanted to know. Why were Mu Qing and Cao Lin still dilly-dallying? Why didn’t they just say it directly? Why did they waste so much time?

Mu Qing and Cao Lin looked at each other, but Mu Qing was the first to speak. “You just want to know who our accomplice is. We’ve already told you, so why bother?”

“They’re still so arrogant even now. Fifth Brother, in this situation, shouldn’t they answer whatever we ask? It seems that it’s not enough to suffer a loss. Fifth Brother, why don’t we give them something more powerful?” Shen Nan instantly smiled. Then, he touched his chin and said in deep thought:

“Let me think. Millie was covered in injuries all over her body. The most serious injury was her finger. Why don’t we let that tiger out? I don’t believe that their mouths are still so tight.”

“No… No, I’ll say it…” Mu Qing was instantly afraid when she heard that the tiger was going to be let out, so she hurriedly spoke.

“Fifth Brother?” Seeing that his goal had been achieved, Shen Nan raised his eyebrows and glanced at Shen Yu. He wanted to get Shen Yu’s praise, but Shen Yu did not even look at him. He walked directly to the table that was filled with torture instruments.

When Shen Nan saw this, he quickly said, “You see, you all know my Fifth Brother’s temper. Hurry up and tell us. He is someone who can do things without saying much.”

“Say it, say it, say it, I’ll say it…” Mu Qing hurriedly said. When she saw Shen Yu pick up a pair of pliers, her body trembled even more violently. She swallowed her saliva and hurriedly continued:

“It was Shen Xue who found me. When Emily came to class, she attracted the attention of so many people. Many people were protecting her. I wasn’t convinced, so that day when I was in the toilet, I complained to my friends. I didn’t expect that Shen Xue would hear it. Then, Shen Xue found me.”

Mu Qing sank into deep memories. “So, do you hate Emily as much as I do? Let me tell you, Emily is really annoying. She always acts pitiful when she comes to the Shen family. Now, the Shen family is surrounding her. My brothers, who used to love me, are ignoring me now.”

When Shen Xue found Mu Qing, she looked like she was being bullied pitifully. At that time, Mu Qing thought that Shen Xue was sick. She actually talked to her about this? It was as if she was very familiar with them.

“Mu Qing, I heard that there’s a new dessert shop at the school gate. There’s a long line every day, and many people can’t get a bite even if they wanted to. Let’s go eat together after school. I’ve already reserved a table.”

Shen Xue walked up to hold Mu Qing’s wrist intimately and smiled intimately. Mu Qing had wanted to eat that dessert for a long time, but there was no table. When she heard what Shen Xue said, she agreed immediately.

As soon as they reached the entrance of the dessert shop, Shen Xue pulled Mu Qing upstairs intimately and called for the famous dessert in the dessert shop. “Hurry up and eat. Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Their dessert is very delicious. Look, there are so many people lining up every day. I also begged my mother for a long time before she agreed to help me reserve a seat.”

Seeing that the dessert that had just been served, she had long forgotten the fact that she was not familiar with Shen Xue, Mu Qing threw herself into the dessert on the table and ate happily. Shen Xue did not argue with Mu Qing. Instead, she looked at Mu Qing happily.

“Eat slowly. If it’s not enough, we can order more. The owner of this shop knows my mother. If you still want to eat in the future, we can come again.” Shen Xue was very considerate and placed the dessert in front of her in front of Mu Qing.

“You are so nice. I used to think that you were quite aloof and did not greet anyone. I didn’t expect you to be so approachable.”

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