My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 197

Chapter 197: The Way of the Other (4)

“Don’t say anymore. Do you think Shen Xue is easy to deal with? If Shen Xue finds out that the two of us have betrayed her, she won’t let us off,” Mu Qing said in a low voice. When she thought of Shen Xue, a hint of fear flashed across her eyes.

Cao Lin didn’t know about Shen Xue’s methods, but Mu Qing did. If it wasn’t for someone who was cruel and merciless, why would they think of using a tiger to scare Emily? Moreover, they could easily find a tiger. Would it be easy for Shen Xue?

Cao Lin did not listen to her. She reached out and pushed Mu Qing. She was also very impatient. She had already said so much, but Mu Qing still did not understand. What was there to be afraid of Shen Xue for? The most important thing now was to save their lives.

“If you don’t say it, I will. When I am saved, don’t look for me to save you. No matter how powerful Shen Xue is, can she be more powerful than the Shen family? Shen Xue has already been ordered not to enter the Shen family’s old residence again. If the Shen family was really protecting Shen Xue, why would they give such an order? Moreover, without the protection of the Shen family, how terrifying is she?”

What Cao Lin said had to be said. It had moved Mu Qing. The person who wanted them dead was Shen Yu. Could it be that she still wanted Shen Xue to save them in her dreams? No way. Shen Xue must be thinking about how to protect herself. Shen Xue would not care about them.

Cao Lin saw that Mu Qing was not willing to compromise, so she could not care too much. It was already good enough that she could protect herself. She shouted, “Shen Yu, come out. I’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

Before Mu Qing could react, she heard Shen Yu’s voice. She thought to herself, ‘How can I let Cao Lin take the lead? The most important thing now is to survive.’ “Yes, yes, yes. Shen Yu, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

“Fifth Brother, how is it? Are we going down?” Shen Nan asked Shen Yu and answered his own question. “Actually, I don’t think there’s any need for that. Anyway, we already know everything we want to know.”

However, Shen Yu completely ignored Shen Nan. He stood up and left the surveillance room. When Shen Nan saw Shen Yu, he hurriedly followed him. How could he miss such a good show?

However, Shen Nan did not expect Cao Lin to scream the moment he stepped into the interrogation room. “Ah, Mu Qing, you go. You go.”

Cao Lin’s reaction gave Mu Qing, who was at the side, a fright. Shen Nan was so scared that he grabbed Shen Yu’s hand. What kind of person was this? Why did she scream the moment she saw Carlos? Was he that ugly? Or was he scary?

“What are you screaming for? Shut up.” Mu Qing felt that her ears were going deaf. She quickly spoke impatiently, but Cao Lin kept hiding behind Mu Qing. She was afraid that Shen Nan would see her.

“No, I didn’t… I didn’t know that Shen Nan would be here. I can’t let Shen Nan see me like this. I don’t…” Cao Lin whispered into Mu Qing’s ear, but Mu Qing’s eyes were full of disdain.

“Do you think that Shen Nan will take you to heart after what you’ve done? You’re thinking too much, Cao Lin.”

Cao Lin’s heart seemed to stop beating at Mu Qing’s words. She lowered her head and sat at the side. Mu Qing was right. Shen Nan would not pay attention to her after what she had done to Emily.

Shen Nan coughed twice to cover up his embarrassment. He could clearly feel that the way Ah Kun and Ah Si looked at him was unusual. He subconsciously glared at Cao Lin. Cao Lin hid even more behind Mu Qing.

“Tell me, why did you do that to Emi?” Shen Yu could not be bothered to waste his breath on them. He only wanted to know why they wanted to deal with Emily. Emily was so obedient and cute, so why could they do that to her?

“It wasn’t us. We all listened to Shen Xue. It was Shen Xue who told us to do it,” Mu Qing quickly said. Shen Xue had completely shirked the responsibility for the urgent matter. It really had nothing to do with her.

“To be honest, how did you guys get in touch? As far as I know, you guys don’t know Shen Xue.”

This was what Shen Nan wanted to know the most. After all, Shen Xue was a grade higher than them. They did not have any social interaction with Shen Xue. How did they get in touch? Moreover, she would even attack Emily, especially Mu Qing and Cao Lin. Emily had never offended these two people.

Mu Qing and Cao Lin were both stunned at the same time. They thought that they would be fine as long as they confessed. However, they did not expect Shen Nan and Shen Yu to want to know everything. How were they supposed to tell them?

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