My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 196

Chapter 196: The Way of the Other (3)

“Give them a little harder.” Shen Yu’s face turned cold. He pressed the button in front of him, and the tiger’s low growl immediately followed.

“Mu… Mu Qing, they didn’t really find a tiger, did they?” Cao Lin moved to Mu Qing’s side and felt the warmth coming from Mu Qing’s body. Only then did she feel much more at ease.

However, Cao Lin felt relieved too early because the low roar of the tiger came again. The sound was much louder than before. “Mu Qing, is the tiger already close? I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be eaten by the tiger.”

“What are you crying for? Do you think they will let you go just because you are crying?” Mu Qing was very impatient. She was also afraid, but Cao Lin was still talking incessantly in her ear.

“Stop crying. You’re so annoying. Since they want to use the same method to deal with us as they did with Emily, they definitely won’t let us die.” Mu Qing’s voice was very calm

Because of this, although Mu Qing was afraid, she was still very calm because Shen Yu and Shen Nan only wanted to take revenge for Emily. They didn’t really want to do anything to them. At least they would be alive.

“But… But have you forgotten? Wasn’t Emily saved by Shen Yu and Shen Nan in the end? If it wasn’t for Shen Yu and Shen Nan, would she still be alive? Who would save her?” After Cao Lin said that, she began to cry loudly. She cried in despair.

Mu Qing’s eyes were dull. Cao Lin’s words instantly reminded her. Just as Cao Lin said, if no one had come to save Emily, would she really have been tortured to death? She heard that when Emily was sent to the hospital, the doctors had been in the operating theater for almost five hours.

“Stop crying. I told you to stop crying. They don’t dare to kill people.” Hearing Cao Lin’s cries, Mu Qing became even more upset. While comforting Cao Lin, she also comforted herself.

Cao Lin could not listen to Mu Qing’s words no matter how hard she tried. She cried even more sadly. She sobbed and said, “They… they will. The tiger… the tiger will bite us to death. It has… It has nothing… nothing… to do with me.”

Cao Lin felt extremely hopeless and cried even more sadly. Even Mu Qing could not hold it in any longer and started crying. The entire interrogation room was filled with the cries of two people. It was sharp and ear-piercing.

“This crying is too unpleasant to listen to.” Shen Nan reached out to cover his ears. Seeing that the effect was not great, he was about to reach out to turn off the sound receiver when he was stopped by Shen Yu.

“Shen Nan, don’t be anxious. They are about to break down,” said Shen Yu.

Shen Nan did not understand, but when he saw Shen Yu like this, he could not help but feel afraid. He shrunk his neck and did not dare to say a word. If it were him, he would rather Shen Yu give him a quick stab. This kind of mental torture was too scary.

The corner of Shen Yu’s mouth twitched, and he let out the tiger’s voice again. Mu Qing and Cao Lin were so scared that they hugged each other tightly and cried even more.

“It’s all your fault. Why did you find a tiger to scare Emily? Isn’t it better now? We’re the ones who are going to be eaten by the tiger now.”

Cao Lin could not help but complain. If they had not found a tiger back then, would they not be in so much pain now?

“Do you think I want to? It was Shen Xue who said that Emily’s father was killed by a tiger. That’s why she said she wanted to get the tiger. I thought she was joking. Who knew that Shen Xue would really get the tiger?”

Mu Qing saw that Cao Lin had pushed all the blame onto her. She also felt unconvinced and started to clamor. She really thought that Shen Xue was just saying it. Who knew that Shen Xue would really get the tiger?

“What, what about Shen Xue? Why didn’t they bring her here? This was Shen Xue’s idea. I don’t want to die. Yes, Mu Qing, tell them everything you know. Maybe they’ll let us go.”

“Don’t say that. How could they let us go so easily? No matter what, Shen Xue is still a Shen. If they really wanted to deal with Shen Xue, they would have captured her long ago.” Mu Qing’s voice carried a trace of despair.

Cao Lin refused to believe it. She held on to a sliver of hope and kept trying to persuade Mu Qing, “No way. Everything was instigated by Shen Xue. We only did what Shen Xue said. There’s no reason for us to be locked up here. Everything was done by Shen Xue.”

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