My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 194

Chapter 194: The Way of the Other (1)

“I was wrong. I was wrong. Don’t throw!” Mu Qing felt pain on her leg and could clearly feel the flow of liquid. She was scared to death. She was no longer stubborn. In order to avoid getting hurt, she quickly begged for mercy.

“This is just the beginning, and you already know how to beg for mercy? Alright then, tell me what you did wrong.” Ah Kun smiled. After all, when Emily was kidnapped by them and tortured for such a long time, did they ever think of letting Emily go?

Ah Kun and Ah Si stopped their actions and looked at Mu Qing. Mu Qing felt as if she had been reborn and felt that there was still hope. She hurriedly said, “I shouldn’t have said bad things about Emily, and I shouldn’t have framed her behind her back. I really know that I’m wrong.”

“That’s all?” Ah Kun narrowed his eyes, as if he was telling Mu Qing that if she didn’t tell him now, things wouldn’t be so simple anymore.

“It seems that they haven’t realized their mistake yet. We have plenty of time to waste on them. Let’s starve them for a few days first. I’m hungry. I’ll go buy some food.”

Ah Si threw the last bottle of wine to Mu Qing and Cao Lin. The bottle fell in the middle of the two of them. The broken pieces of the bottle caused new injuries to Mu Qing and Cao Lin.

They didn’t want to hear their screams anymore. They glued their mouths with tape. Ah Kun looked at his masterpiece and was very satisfied. “Not bad, not bad. Miss Millie was stuck like this. Let’s see what else you can call her.”

Ah Kun was very satisfied with his work. As for the muffled groans from Mu Qing and Cao Lin, he automatically ignored them. After all, compared to the screams just now, this sound was nothing.

Not long after, Ah Si came in with takeout. Before the lid was opened, the rich fragrance had already entered one’s nose, causing one’s appetite to soar. Ah Kun opened a box of food and walked in front of Mu Qing and Cao Lin. “Do you want to eat?”

As soon as Ah Kun finished speaking, he grabbed a corner of the plastic strip and forcefully tore it off. Immediately after, Mu Qing’s scream was heard. Ah Kun hurriedly stuck the plastic strip back on. “It’s too ugly. It seems like she doesn’t really want to eat it.”

Ah Kun walked in front of Cao Lin and was about to repeat his trick. Just as he asked, he saw Cao Lin shaking her head. Ah Kun smiled wickedly and reached out to tear off Cao Lin’s tape and stick it back on. “You’re really a child. You’re really naïve.”

Ah Si ate the takeout and laughed loudly. “How can you treat a child like this? If this gets out, others will break our spines. Tell me, how can you treat two children so cruelly?”

Ah Kun did not think much of it. He opened the takeout and started eating. He stood in front of Mu Qing and Cao Lin, as if he was eating a delicacy from the world.

“So what? What they did to Miss Millie back then wasn’t cruel? I only learned it once. What I’m most curious about now is where they got the tiger from. Young Master Yu asked me to look for it. Tell me, where do you think I can find the tiger?”

As Ah Kun spoke, he walked to Ah Si’s side. His brows were tightly furrowed, as if he was really in a difficult position. Cao Lin and Mu Qing had long been frightened to the point of screaming. However, their mouths were gagged, so they could only make faint sounds.

Ah Kun and Ah Si followed Shen Yu’s orders and told Mu Qing and Cao Lin about Emily’s three days of kidnapping. On the last day, they thought that they would finally be let off, but who knew… Ah Kun knocked them unconscious and brought them to the Shen family’s secret interrogation room, where Qu Li was interrogated in the beginning.

Mu Qing and Cao Lin woke up from the ground. When they woke up, they found that they were the only ones who had light around them. The surroundings were pitch black, but it was not difficult to see that the two of them were in a cage. Cao Lin was extremely afraid. She leaned closer to Mu Qing.

“Mu Qing, what do you think they’re doing? I’m so hungry. I haven’t eaten anything for three days. My body hurts too.” Cao Lin could not help but cry after she said that. The corner of her mouth was also being pulled from time to time over the past two days. She felt an intense pain.

Mu Qing glared at Cao Lin unhappily. She spoke as if she had eaten something. For three days in a row, she had not eaten anything either. The injuries on her body were the same as hers. However, when she saw Cao Lin acting like a coward… She could not help but feel angry.

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