Chapter 192: The Noble Secret Clan

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Mu Qing chuckled. Her eyes seemed to say, ‘with your abilities, you still want to fight with me?’

“Continue to listen to the news in class. If anything happens, you must tell us immediately. If Emily’s finger is really crippled, that would be great. It’s just that the things I prepared for her are no longer of use. What a pity.”

Mu Qing was very disappointed. She had clearly prepared so many things, but in the end, none of them were useful.

Mu Qing’s expression changed. She gritted her teeth and said, “What 9-dan Go player? I want to see how she can still be that Go player without her fingers.”

“So, I only need to stand guard in class now?”

Cao Lin once again confirmed what she was going to do. In her heart, she seemed to be relieved. As long as she was not allowed to do anything physical, it would be fine. She could still help deliver the news.

“With your cowardly appearance, what can you do? Just stay in the classroom and keep watch. If there’s any news, inform us immediately. It’s just a pity that we’ve prepared something for Emily.” Mu Qing sighed deeply, it was as if she was regretting that the things she had prepared were not used.

“I know. I’ll just obediently wait in the classroom to deliver the message to you. But don’t you think that Emily’s finger is very strange? Clearly, everything was fine. Why is it suddenly not working today?”

This was the question that Cao Lin had been struggling with for the whole day. There was clearly nothing going on, so why was she suddenly hospitalized and said that her finger was not working?

When Emily had just returned to school for class, when the teacher said that Emily was a Go player, she was so jealous. At that time, she stared at Emily’s hand, and there was indeed no problem at all.

Mu Qing, however, did not think much of it, “Emily’s finger was injured so severely back then. It’s truly unbelievable that she recovered so quickly. In my opinion, her finger did not recover at all. She just suddenly became a Go player. In order to prevent others from knowing that there was a problem with her finger, the Shen family deliberately said that she had fully recovered. In the case of rich people, this kind of thing is extremely normal.”

Mu Qing glanced at Cao Lin with disdain. She felt that Cao Lin was just a country bumpkin who did not even know about such a simple matter. This kind of thing was already common in the upper-class society. Many people hid many secrets for the sake of their reputation and status. The more Mu Qing thought about it, the more she felt that her thoughts were right.

“It seems that the Shen family doesn’t value Emily very much. Look, her finger is almost gone, yet they still want Emily to pretend that she isn’t injured at all. Isn’t that the same as pretending? They even said that she is the most precious granddaughter of the Shen family. I think it’s all bullsh*t. Why don’t they want so many of their biological children? They only want someone who isn’t related by blood? How can the Shen family be so saintly?”

“Brother Nan, calm down. Just treat it as if she’s farting. Don’t be rash. Don’t be rash. Let’s see if we can hear any more news. Didn’t you hear? It’s definitely not just the two of them. There must be someone else behind them.”

Li Yu saw the rash Shen Nan and hurriedly went forward to stop him. He did not want Shen Nan to rush out and ruin the situation. However, Shen Nan shook off Li Yu’s hand. Just as he thought that Shen Nan was about to rush out, who knew that Shen Nan would directly take out his phone? Li Yu was stunned. Then, Shen Nan quickly tapped on the phone screen.

“Why are we still waiting for them to say it in person? Do you know what Qu Li said? You should have heard it too. When Qu Li was sent to the police station, she was scared silly. Let me tell you, this is all the work of my Fifth Brother. With my Fifth Brother around, I don’t believe that they won’t tell me.”

“So, you were texting Brother Yu just now?” Li Yu pointed at Shen Nan’s phone. He thought that Shen Nan was going to impulsively go out and solve it himself.

Shen Nan glanced at Li Yu as if he was looking at a fool. “How could I do such a cruel thing? I will definitely let Fifth Brother do such a thing. After all, Fifth Brother has already gotten used to it.”

Just as Mu Qing and Cao Lin were leaving the back of the school, they were wrapped in black bags from the back. No matter how hard they struggled, they could not break free. Then, they were knocked out and carried into the car.

The first to wake up was Cao Lin. When she saw Mu Qing tied to a pillar beside her, she was extremely afraid. “Mu Qing, Mu Qing, wake up, wake up.”

“What are you shouting for? If you want to die, just say the word and I’ll grant you your wish.” A voice sounded. Cao Lin hurriedly looked over and saw two people sitting on the sofa in front of them. They looked at them fiercely. There were wine bottles on the ground.. The person who had scolded her just now was holding a wine bottle that was about to be finished.