My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 191

Chapter 191: The Back Door of the School

Cao Lin did not go in the direction of home. He was sure because this direction was the path that led to the back door of the school. This was because the back door of the school was closed all year round.

Furthermore, the back door led to a small alley. At the end of the alley, there was a river. Therefore, there were basically no students who used the back door. The entire journey was extremely quiet. If Cao Lin did not have an appointment with someone to do something bad, why would she choose such a secluded place?

Soon, Cao Lin stopped at the back door of the school and looked around. Seeing that there was no one around, she called out softly, “Mu Qing, Mu Qing, where are you?”

“Stop shouting. I’m here. Be careful not to be discovered.” Mu Qing impatiently walked out from the bushes at the side. Her eyes were filled with disdain as she sized up Cao Lin.

“You’re acting so sneakily. Are you going to tell others about the bad things we’ve done? If you ruin my good deed, I’ll make you suffer.”

Mu Qing’s eyes were filled with disdain. If Cao Lin had not been able to provide her with useful information, she would not have suffered to be in cahoots with Cao Lin.

Cao Lin was so frightened by Mu Qing’s sharp voice that she did not even dare to breathe loudly. She shrunk her neck and braced herself to say, “Did you see the message I sent you today? Emily’s fingers are probably going to be crippled. She hasn’t come to school all day.”

After saying that, Cao Lin was afraid that Mu Qing would not believe her. She went forward to grab Mu Qing’s hand and said excitedly, “It’s true. It’s true. Everything I said is true. Shen Nan was the only one who came to school this morning. It was Qi Yan who said that she wanted to see Emily. Shen Nan told Qi Yan himself. It seems that she was seriously injured.”

Mu Qing threw Cao Lin’s hand away in disgust and inadvertently patted the place where Cao Lin had grabbed her.

“Got it. You just need to gather information for us. That b*tch Emily is relying on someone backing her up. Last time, no one came to save her. Did you see how she’s dying? I’m dying of laughter.”

Cao Lin hurriedly went forward to cover Mu Qing’s mouth and looked around nervously, “Keep your voice down. If people find out that we had something to do with Emily’s kidnapping, we’ll go to jail. Look at Qu Li. She’s in the juvenile detention center right now. I don’t want to go in.”

Mu Qing slapped Cao Lin’s hand away. The disdain in her eyes deepened. She said disdainfully, “What’s there to be afraid of? What does Emily’s kidnapping have to do with us? Qu Li is already in the juvenile detention center. Who would think of us? Look at me now. Am I any better than Qu Li?”

Cao Lin was stunned. She was a little afraid. Mu Qing had only said a few words to Emily, and she had been expelled by the Shen family. If she knew that she was involved in this matter, would she not just be expelled? Would she be like Qu Li, directly entering the juvenile detention center?

She did not want to. She heard that those who could enter the juvenile detention center were those who had committed crimes in the past. Moreover, once they entered, they would be educated by those who went in first every day. Moreover, they had to work every day. She did not want to go in.

“What are you thinking about? Are you afraid?” Mu Qing looked at Cao Lin’s face. She continued to ask, “Are you afraid? You want to escape at the last minute, right? Let me tell you, there’s no way. You were the one who took the initiative to provide us with the clues back then. You want to stay out of this? Let me tell you, it’s impossible. We are now in the same boat. You have to remember that you were the one who came to find us first.”

Cao Lin was so scared that her neck shrank, but she quickly regained her calm. She said softly, “I know. When I decided to do things with you, I never thought of leaving safely. I just think that you should keep a low profile and talk about things all day long. How much do you want people to know that it was you who did it?”

“What are you afraid of? Look at the people around you. What do you mean by ‘me’? You have a part in this matter. Don’t think of leaving yourself clean.” Mu Qing reached out and grabbed Cao Lin’s shoulder, threatening her in a low voice.

“Don’t forget that you were the one who provided us with this plan. We only provided you with the people, so the source of your sin is with you. Don’t even think about getting away with it. Since you dare to do it, you have to admit that we’re all swimming in the same river. There’s no reason to only drown one person.”

Cao Lin felt the pain from her shoulder and nodded hurriedly. “I got it. Let go of me first. It hurts too much.”