My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Found

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In Shen Xue’s chat history, one could clearly see that there was someone who was telling Shen Xue that there was another problem with Emily’s finger today. Shen Xue also said that Emily would soon become a useless person, and her tone was full of disdain for Emily.

Shen Nan flipped through the records again, but found that there was no previous chat history at all. He immediately frowned. “What about the previous chat history?”

“Maybe she intentionally deleted them, or the two of them only started chatting this time. There’s no way to know.” Liu Huai shrugged. Finding this record was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

“This can only mean that she has something to do with this rumor and has nothing to do with Millie’s injury. This is a little difficult.” Shen Nan frowned. Li Yu did not speak either. It was already not easy to find these records.

“Brother, can you recover the deleted data?” Li Yu suddenly thought of it. His eyes were shining. If he could recover the data, wouldn’t he have to worry about finding evidence?

However, Li Yu thought too simply. Liu Huai frowned and shook his head. “If I want to recover the data, I have to use Shen Xue’s computer. If I hack into her computer to recover the data, I will definitely be discovered.”

“Then what should we do now?” Li Yu scratched his ears and cheeks. It was not easy for him to have a clue, but it was as if he had no clue.

Shen Nan also frowned. He really had no idea what to do. He took out his phone and said, “I’ll ask my Fifth Brother. Shen Yu is so smart. He might have a way.”

“I’ll call him.” Shen Nan quickly called Shen Yu. By the time he hung up the phone, there was no longer the haze from the beginning, “My Fifth Brother said that since Shen Xue’s computer cannot be used, we should start with the person who was chatting with her. Why didn’t I think of that in the beginning?”

Li Yu and Liu Huai looked at each other. Not only did Shen Nan not think of it, even they did not react in time. They were so engrossed in getting clues from Shen Xue that they completely forgot about the person who was chatting with Shen Xue.

“Wait for me.” After Liu Huai said that, his fingers moved quickly on the computer. After a while, he placed the computer in front of Shen Nan and the corner of his mouth curled up. “Look, there’s evidence now, right?”

Shen Nan excitedly held the computer in front of him and immediately flipped through it. The more he looked at it, the more excited he became. “This… Who is this person? I must find out who this person is.”

“Liu Huai! Liu Huai!” Shen Nan placed the computer in front of Liu Huai, hoping that Liu Huai would quickly tell him who was the person who was transmitting the information to Shen Xue on the computer.

Liu Huai once again operated the computer. A bunch of code that Shen Nan and Li Yu could not understand appeared. Soon, a hint of pride appeared on the corner of Liu Huai’s mouth. “I found it. I also found how many people they were transmitting the information to.”

Shen Nan and Li Yu hurried over and saw that Liu Huai was fiddling with the computer, and the identities of the three people were revealed, “This is Shen Xue’s. You should know her. You should also be familiar with this one. I’ve heard of her in the junior high school division. Her name is Mu Qing, and then there’s this most important person. I’ve just searched for her for half a day, but I’ve never heard of any news about her.”

Liu Huai operated the computer for a while, then found the photo of the last person. He then placed the computer in front of Shen Nan and Li Yu. “It’s this person. I found that her name is Cao Lin. I don’t know if you guys know her.”

“What? Cao Lin?” Li Yu carried the computer in front of him in surprise. His eyes were full of surprise. He tried to look at the girl in the computer who wore black-framed glasses and had thick bangs.

“Why? Do you know her?” Shen Nan looked at Li Yu’s reaction in surprise. Then, he looked at the person on the computer. He was sure that he had never seen this girl before.

After hearing Shen Nan’s words, Li Yu’s frown deepened. He pointed at the girl in front of the computer. “Brother Nan, don’t say that you don’t remember. Didn’t she confess to you before?”

At this moment, it was Shen Nan’s turn to be surprised. Cao Lin really did not exist in his memory. His memory was not that bad.

Li Yu reacted. He hurriedly explained to Shen Nan, “It’s normal that you don’t remember. She was still a fat person last semester. Let me think… When she confessed her love to you, I remember that Brother Nan rejected her quite tactfully, saying that you wanted to study.. In the end, I heard that Cao Lin was crying her heart out.”

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