Chapter 188: Luring the Snake Out of Its Hole (3)

Shen Nan obediently attended a few classes in the classroom. After finishing lunch at school and preparing to rest, Li Yu hurriedly ran in from outside the classroom. He grabbed Shen Nan’s hand and prepared to run. “There’s news,” Li Yu said.

Fortunately, Shen Nan’s reaction was fast enough. Otherwise, he might really have been pulled to the ground by Li Yu. That would have been very embarrassing.

Shen Nan originally thought that Li Yu was going to bring him to some hidden place to eavesdrop on the conversations of some people. However, he was wrong. Li Yu directly brought him to the computer room of the school, he saw a boy wearing a junior high school uniform holding a laptop in his hand. His fingers were moving nimbly on the laptop.

“Brother Nan, this is my buddy, Liu Huai.” Li Yu pointed at the boy who was holding the computer and continued to introduce Liu Huai to Shen Nan.

“My buddy is amazing. His computer skills are really awesome. He is a legendary hacker. He should be the youngest hacker in our country.”

Shen Nan was so shocked that his jaw almost could not close. He pointed at Liu Huai and then at Li Yu. “Damn, how do you two know each other? Also, Brother Huai, when did you become a hacker? Why didn’t I know?”

“You two know each other?” Li Yu looked at Shen Nan suspiciously and then at Liu Huai. No matter how he looked at it, the two of them did not seem to know each other. However, with Shen Nan’s appearance, it was obvious that they were very familiar with each other.

“My grandfather is the family doctor of the Shen family. If you count it, I have watched Shen Nan grow up.”

Liu Huai explained to Li Yu and then looked at Shen Nan, who was already stunned. He smiled and said, “Shen Nan, actually, I am not as exaggerated as Li Yu said. I am just interested in computer technology, just like how your Fourth Brother is interested in Go.”

Li Yu cursed in his heart. If he was only interested, how could he just casually cross someone else’s firewall? Don’t think that he didn’t know that Liu Huai had even directly crossed the school’s firewall and casually saw the exam answers.

However, just like what Liu Huai said, he was only interested in the computer, so he didn’t really steal the exam questions directly. Otherwise, he would definitely have been number one in the grade at that time.

“This is too surprising. So, Brother Huai, you are so amazing.” Shen Nan finally collected his thoughts.

No wonder his mother always scolded him for only knowing how to play and being smug about a little result. Looking at Liu Huai in front of him, this was what it meant to do great things quietly.

“Okay, now is not the time for you to flatter each other. I called you here because we have found a clue. We know who is the one who spread the rumors about Emily.” Li Yu raised his eyebrows proudly. His reputation as a know-it-all was finally preserved.

Shen Nan frowned. He had not heard anyone mention Emily until now. He even suspected that Shen Yu’s method was useless.

Li Yu was helpless. He could only slowly explain to Shen Nan, “You are Emily’s brother. Who would be stupid enough to talk about Emily in front of you, Shen Nan?”

“That’s true. Then quickly tell me. What did you find out?” Shen Nan was suddenly enlightened. He felt that what Li Yu said was not unreasonable.

“Come and take a look at this. When Xiao Yu came to me for help, I didn’t really want to help. But when I heard that it was about Emily, I accepted it. Who asked my grandfather to praise Emily at home every day? It made me so curious.”

Before Li Yu could explain, Liu Huai had already opened his mouth to speak. Shen Nan thought to himself, ‘This is bad.’

Shen Yan had repeatedly warned the Liu family not to get close to Emily. Now that he had taken the initiative to provide an opportunity for them, would Shen Yan use the family law to serve him when he returned?

“Xiao Nan, what are you thinking about? I’ve been calling you for a long time, but you still haven’t responded.” Liu Huai gestured in front of Shen Nan with his finger, motioning for Shen Nan to quickly look at the computer screen. “Shen Nan, what are you doing?”

Shen Nan came back to her senses and looked at the notebook in front of her with some confusion. After a while, his pupils dilated and he pointed at the computer screen. “What… What is this?” Shen Nan asked.

“This is a conversation between Shen Xue and a person. Didn’t you remind me that Brother Yu asked me to pay attention to Shen Xue? I thought about the fact that Shen Xue was in the hospital and not at school. I wondered if she could have ordered someone to do it without showing up. I thought of chatting online, so I asked my friend to help. I didn’t know that we would really find her.” Liu Huai looked at Shen Nan and spoke.

When Shen Nan heard that, he quickly snatched the mouse from Liu Huai’s hands. His eyes were fixed on the conversation on the computer, and there was a hint of excitement in his eyes. They were about to find the truth of the matter.