My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Luring the Snake Out of Its Hole (2)

“What? I’m going to ask Teacher Yang for a leave of absence immediately. I want to go to the hospital to take a look. Where are Millie and the others?”

When Qi Yan heard that Emily had gone to the hospital after pointing out the problem with her finger, she instantly became extremely anxious. She was prepared to ask for a leave of absence to go to the hospital to take a look at Emily. She could not be at ease if she did not see that Emily’s hand was fine.

Shen Nan did not expect Qi Yan to be such a person. However, this was a plan between him and Shen Yu. How could he let Qi Yan ruin it?

“Don’t worry. We can go together after school. Millie loves studying the most. You have to help her write her class notes today.”

Shen Nan quickly grabbed Qi Yan’s hand to pack up her school bag. He stopped Qi Yan from going to look for Emily impulsively and ruining their plan.

However, Qi Yan was so worried that she directly shook off Shen Nan’s hand. “What time is it now? How can we still care about studying notes? What if Millie’s hand can’t even hold a pen in the future?” Qi Yan asked.

When Qi Yan thought about how Emily loved to study so much that she would not be able to hold a pen in the future, she started crying. Her eyes were red, and she could not help but tear up.

“You… You can just tell me which hospital Millie is in. I’ll go by myself. I won’t be at ease if I don’t see that Millie’s finger is fine,” Qi Yan sobbed. Her resentful eyes seemed to be accusing Shen Nan of being heartless.

She had always thought that Shen Nan was a hot-blooded person. In the end, when there was a problem with Emily’s finger, Shen Nan was still sitting calmly in the classroom. She had really misjudged him.

The corner of Shen Nan’s mouth twitched. Why did he seem to be able to tell from Qi Yan’s eyes that she thought he was a heartless jerk? Shen Nan hurriedly shook his head and shook away the thoughts in his mind.

“Really, even if you go to the hospital now, you won’t be of much help. After school, I’ll bring you to the hospital immediately, okay? Great-aunt, can you stop crying for a while? When we go to the hospital, Millie will definitely think that I’m bullying you when she sees your red eyes. At that time, I won’t be able to explain myself even if I have ten mouths.”

Shen Nan felt that he really lacked the ability to coax girls. This was because he realized that the more he spoke, the more Qi Yan cried. She was really too good at crying. He really had no other choice but to extend his leg and kick Li Yu, who was watching the show from the side.

“That’s right, Qi Yan. Brother Nan is right. Even if you go to the hospital now, you won’t be able to help much. Emily will definitely be sad when she sees you crying. What if her fingers were originally fine, but when she sees you crying, she thinks that her fingers can’t be treated?”

“How can that be? I’m just worried about Millie. Quickly spit out what you just said. Millie’s fingers will definitely be fine.” Qi Yan pointed at Li Yu and fiercely warned Li Yu not to spout nonsense.

Li Yu hurriedly listened to Qi Yan’s words and spat twice, “Are you satisfied? Are you done messing around? It’s the same if we go to see Millie after school. Right now, she’s busy with all sorts of examinations and can’t care about you. With that little strength of yours, there’s nothing you can do when you go to the hospital. It will also affect Millie’s mood.”

Qi Yan felt that Li Yu’s words made some sense. She reluctantly nodded. “Alright then. We’ll go to see Millie after school. You must bring me there.”

After Li Yu and Shen Nan assured her, Qi Yan turned around with relief. Li Yu and Shen Nan looked at each other. As they looked at each other, Shen Nan whispered in Li Yu’s ear, “Is this girl really made of water? Look, she won’t stop crying. I’m so worried.”

“It’s good that Qi Yan is making a scene. Everyone knows that there’s something wrong with Emily’s finger again. What we need to do now is to see who spread the news.” Li Yu’s voice was also very soft.

“Are you ready on your side?” At this point, Shen Nan could not help but exhort him.

Li Yu patted his chest and looked unhappy. “You are questioning my professional ability. Don’t worry, I will definitely find the person for you this time.”

“Fifth Brother asked you to find some people to keep an eye on Shen Xue’s side.” Shen Nan did not dare to say anything this time. Instead, he wrote this sentence on a notebook and handed it to Li Yu, conveying Shen Nan’s instructions. Shen Nan did not dare to say anything.

“Shen Xue?” Li Yu looked at Shen Nan with some confusion. He took a pen and put a big question mark under the sentence that Shen Nan wrote.

“Don’t ask so many questions. Just find someone to keep an eye on it.” Shen Nan tore the notebook that was filled with words. Then, a piece of paper was split into two, two and four, four and eight… Very quickly, the paper was shattered by Shen Nan.

Li Yu was helpless, but he could still fulfill Shen Yu’s request. He had to catch the person behind him and wipe away the stain on his ‘professional career.’ Shen Yu was the only one who could do it.