Chapter 186: Luring the Snake Out of Its Hole (1)

“Fifth Brother, could it be that you’re thinking too much?” Shen Nan could not believe it. Although Shen Xue was a little arrogant and domineering, she should not have done such a vicious thing, right?

“I hope that I’m thinking too much, but I feel that this matter is not that simple. You can pay a little attention to it after you return to school.”

Shen Yu frowned. Whether it was possible or not, he was not willing to let go of this possibility. As long as there was a little, he would thoroughly investigate it. Even if the result was not, he was not afraid to waste that time. He wanted to get rid of all the danger around Emily.

Shen Nan went to the school to personally investigate. He found out that Song Li had asked for leave for Shen Xue when Emily was kidnapped. Because Shen Xue had a fever during that period of time, there were also records of Shen Xue’s medical treatment in the hospital. Song Li and Shen Xue, who had been in the hospital for a long time, did not know that Emily had been kidnapped, moreover, the hospital they were in was not the same as the hospital Emily was in.

When the news of Emily’s injury spread, Shen Xue was still in the hospital and had not returned to school.

“Fifth Brother, if this is the case, it should have nothing to do with Shen Xue.” Shen Nan told Shen Yu about what he had investigated and came to his own conclusion.

“If it’s not Shen Xue, then who else could it be? The only people who knew that Millie was injured were the Shen family and Qi Yan.” Shen Yu frowned and subconsciously knocked on the table with his fingers.

“It can’t be. It can’t be Qi Yan.” When Shen Nan heard Shen Yu mention the name of Qi Yan, he instantly became excited.

He suddenly realized that there was something wrong with his attitude. He continued, “Qi Yan and Millie have such a good relationship. The moment she found out that Millie was saved, she immediately went to the hospital. How could she tell the entire school about Millie’s injury after school?”

Shen Nan paused and continued, “Fifth Brother, do you think we’re being too sensitive? It’s also true that Millie was injured. It’s normal for people in the school to discuss it. Are we being too persistent?”

“It can’t be. Everyone in the school knows about the kidnapping of Emi. However, it’s also possible that the entire school knew about it the day after Emi was rescued. However, it’s too strange to know so clearly that Emi’s finger was almost crippled.”

“It’s better to kill the wrong person than let it go. Once I find out who spread the news, everything will come to light. We’ll know if we’re too nervous then.”

Shen Nan frowned. What Shen Yu said was not unreasonable, but they had yet to find out anything. The person who spread the message seemed to have disappeared into thin air. They had no clue at the moment.

“In fact, don’t you think that the biggest problem is that we haven’t found anything after investigating for so long? If they’re not guilty, why do they have to hide themselves?” Shen Yu asked.

Shen Yu changed his way of saying things, and Shen Nan instantly understood what Shen Yu was talking about. He felt that Shen Yu’s words did make sense.

“I understand, Fifth Brother. I’ll continue to investigate.” Shen Nan frowned even more. He really had no idea what was going on.

“Actually, it’s not like we have no idea what to do. Emi has already returned to school. Do you think that if something happened to Emi all of a sudden, that person will continue to send messages to others?” Shen Yu asked.

Shen Yu’s eyes lit up. Since snakes liked dark and damp places, he would take the initiative to throw out bait to lure them out of their hole.

Shen Nan looked at Shen Yu in confusion. He could understand the words that Shen Yu had said, but he did not know what Shen Yu was talking about.

Shen Yu smiled mysteriously and gestured with his finger at Shen Nan. Shen Nan quickly moved his ear closer.

The next day, Emily did not go to school according to Shen Yu’s request. Just as Shen Nan sat down in his seat, Qi Yan turned around curiously and looked at Shen Nan. “Shen Nan, where’s Millie? Why isn’t Millie with you today?”

When Shen Nan heard Qi Yan’s question, he frowned and put on a very sad look. “Millie’s finger hurt again yesterday. Shen Yu took her to the hospital.”

“What? How is Millie’s finger? Didn’t it heal before? Why did it suddenly go bad again?”

Qi Yan’s eyes were full of worry. When the results came out yesterday, Millie was still alive and kicking. Moreover, didn’t Millie’s finger heal a long time ago? Why did her finger suddenly go bad again today?

Shen Nan was even more worried. Shen Nan covered his face with both hands. He whispered, “We don’t know what happened either. When Millie woke up today, she said that her fingers could not move. At that time, Fifth Brother and I were scared out of our wits. I originally wanted to accompany her to the hospital, but Fifth Brother asked me to come to the school to help Millie apply for leave.”