Chapter 184: Got It

Shen Yan was lost in deep thought. If he had pulled Shen Yu’s father back then, would Shen Yu’s father have survived?

“Xiao Yu is independent. If Xiao Yu decided things, he must have done a full preparation. What we have to do is to protect Xiao Yu.”

Shen Yan frowned. Since Shen Yu had made his own decision, even if they did not let Shen Yu go to the company, Shen Yu would still go.

“Second Brother is right. From another perspective, if Shen Yu had attracted the attention of those people, we might have been able to catch those rats earlier.”

Shen Yan’s face was also pale, but he knew that this was a fact that could not be changed. He might as well listen to Shen Yu.

Shen Yan snorted. “Do you think that kid has a foolproof plan? It’s all because of Millie’s injury. He always thinks that it’s because of him. That’s why he’s taking the risk.”

Shen An and Shen Zhong were shocked. It was actually because of Millie? They thought that Shen Yu had figured it out and wanted to use this method to take revenge.

“So the reason Millie was kidnapped was really because of the Shen family?” Shen Zhong frowned even more. His wife had told him how badly Emily had been injured at that time, and it made him feel uncomfortable just listening to it, not to mention that Emily was such a young child.

“When Millie was kidnapped, I kept feeling that someone was adding fuel to the fire. On the surface, I only felt that it was that Qu Li from the Qu family. However, after interrogating Qu Li, I discovered that there was someone behind Qu Li. As for who it was, Xiao Zhe and Xiao Yu have yet to find out. Furthermore, the news of Millie’s injury spread throughout the school in an instant. Most importantly, even Millie’s injured finger was known.”

Shen Yan recalled what Shen Zhe had told him earlier. He had wanted to intervene, but Shen Zhe had told him not to worry. He wanted to see how far Shen Yu and Shen Nan could go before he could do anything about it.

Shen Yan frowned and let out a deep sigh. He continued, “Actually, I’ve also asked someone to investigate in private, but the result was that the news had spread from the Shen family. As for who it was, I haven’t found out yet.”

“Dad, do you mean that you want to let Xiao Yu and Xiao Nan temper themselves? Let them investigate on their own?”

Shen An frowned. He was a little dissatisfied. They were just children. Did they have to be treated so harshly?

“I understand what you mean, but being born in the Shen family is what they have to face. I don’t want that incident to happen again, so they have to be brave enough to face what they have to face. They also have to know how to solve it.”

It was not that Shen Yan was ruthless, but he had to learn how to prepare for everything that happened in the Shen family. He did not want the tragedy that happened a few years ago to happen again, and he did not want to lose another son.

“So, Dad, tell me honestly, do you already know who is behind this?”

Shen Zhong’s eyes were full of doubt. Why did he feel that Shen Yan knew? Otherwise, why would he want to train Shen Yu and Shen Nan?

“Let’s wait for the two of them to find out on their own. We’ll just wait and see. The two of you should just stay at home for the time being. Since they want to deal with our Shen family and like to hide behind us, we’ll just wait and see. We’ll just wait for them to make a mistake.”

Shen Yan did not directly answer Shen Zhong’s question. Instead, he directly made the following arrangements. This was obviously dodging their question. Shen Zhong and Shen An instantly understood. Since Shen Yan already knew to pay attention to this matter… In that case, there would not be any problems with Shen Nan and Shen Yu, so they did not have to worry about it anymore.

When Shen Zhong came out of Shen Yan’s study, Second Aunt rushed forward. Shen Zhong told Second Aunt everything that had happened in the study. Second Aunt frowned, “Since Father already knows who is behind this, why doesn’t he just capture them? Why does he want Xiao Yu to take the risk?”

No matter how she looked at it, Shen Yu and Shen Nan were still just children in her eyes. It was indeed a little unjustifiable to ask a child to investigate such a dangerous matter now. In her opinion, Shen Yu and Shen Nan were still just children. Shen Yu, Shen Nan, and Emily were just children. She did not want them to experience the dark side of society at such a young age.

“I think it’s a little too much, but in the Shen family, this is what they have to face. If they fall behind, they will be beaten. If they only know how to play and do nothing, in the end, they will only be eliminated. Although Dad’s actions are a little too much, he is indeed teaching them how to survive in the environment of the Shen family.”