Chapter 182: 100 Yuan

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“No wonder you’ve been writing some words for me to read. So you want us to tell how to read that word?”

Only then did Shen Hao realize that during this period of time, Emily would always write some words for him to read. He thought that Emily was testing him.

When Shen Xu heard this, he nodded vigorously. “I see. Millie, you’re so eager to learn. What do you want us brothers to do in the future?”

“This is different. I’m going to study medicine in the future, so I’m naturally more interested in these things. Besides, I’m just looking around. I still have a lot of things to learn in the future. I’m just playing a little trick now.”

“Forget it. No matter what, this child is eager to learn. We can’t stop her. If you brothers don’t work hard, you might be overtaken by Millie. When that happens, no one will protect you when you cry.”

Old Lady Shen suppressed the shock in her heart. Anyway, this child, Emily, had always shocked them to death. If she was still not used to it after all these times, it would be their fault.

Shen Nan lay on the table weakly. He looked at Emily with a resentful look and said unwillingly, “What are you doing? It’s always like this. You only know how to secretly learn everything. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I wouldn’t have bragged and said that I wouldn’t lose. But now, it’s really too embarrassing.”

After saying that, Shen Nan buried his face in his arms. Shen Nan had just boasted that he could not lose in a competition of strength, but now he had lost too much.

“Silly boy, Millie is already so hard-working, but you only know how to sigh. You’re only so capable. If you’re willing to gamble, you must admit defeat. You’re a man. Why are you crying here now?”

Shen An looked at Shen Nan’s dejected look with amusement. As a father, now was the time to educate Shen Nan. How could he miss it?

“I’m not crying. I’m just wondering if I should take back the 100 yuan in front of me.”

Shen Nan looked at the 100 yuan in front of him with a pained expression. Should he take it back? Lose face and not take it back? Then he really wouldn’t have any pocket money next month. What should he do? He was too conflicted.

Shen An didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He thought that Shen Nan was upset that he had lost the competition. After all this time, Shen Nan was still conflicted about whether he should take back the money.

The others also laughed out loud. Shen Hao and Shen Xu looked at each other and lowered their heads, not looking at each other. In fact, they were also conflicted about this problem.

The more Shen An thought about it, the angrier he got. He directly slapped Shen Nan’s head. Shen An angrily scolded, “Millie has already placed the money in front of you. If you don’t take it back, I will ask Millie to take it back. I want to see what you will do if you run out of pocket money next week.”

“I will definitely take it back. I am not like Fifth Brother, who can easily take out more than a thousand yuan.”

At this point, Shen Nan was not convinced. Why did Shen Yu have so much money while Shen Nan did not? Could it be that someone had secretly given it to Shen Yu?

Seeing the look in Shen Nan’s eyes, Third Aunt was also furious. “You little brat, are you thinking about how your Fifth Brother has so much money?”

“Hehe, I don’t dare. I’m just thinking about it.” Shen Nan waved his hand when he saw his mother getting angry. He had already embarrassed himself enough today. He did not want to be beaten up by her mother in front of so many family members.

“The prize money your Fifth Brother won from participating in the competition since he was young and the pocket money that he hasn’t spent every week… You on the other hand can spend every single cent of your pocket money every week. I think it’s because of your ability.” Third Aunt glanced at Shen Nan from the corner of her eyes. She really did not like him no matter how she looked at him.

If it was not for Shen An’s repeated assurance that Shen Nan had indeed come out of her stomach and that the hospital did not mix it up, she would have suspected that they had carried back the wrong child from the hospital.

Shen Nan bent his back and tried his best to bury his head in the ground, trying to minimize his presence. It was better for him to stay in silence.

Everyone saw that it was almost time. The children still had to go to class the next day, so they all went back. However, Shen Zhong and Shen An were called to Shen Yan’s study room.

“How’s the investigation going?” Shen Yan sat on the chair and threw the documents that he had been reading to the side.. He clenched his fists tightly, trying his best to control his emotions.