My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Another Self-Taught Talent

“This child, I can’t tell. She’s quite vengeful.” Third Aunt held her forehead, as if it was the first time she had seen Emily’s willful side. This was what a child should be like.

“Millie is right. It’s Second Aunt’s fault. Second Aunt shouldn’t have doubted Millie’s strength. That money was Millie’s to begin with.” Second Aunt echoed from the side. Seeing the children being so united and friendly… She was overjoyed.

Emily smiled sweetly at Second Aunt and put the remaining 800 yuan in her bag. In fact, she directly threw it into her space. “Actually, I have to thank Second Aunt for winning.”

Second Aunt and Shen Zhong looked at each other. Second Aunt was also responsible for this? Hearing Emily’s words, the Shen family members were confused.

Emily raised her eyebrows and smiled, she continued, “When Second Aunt brought me and my brother to the mall, we had an argument with Shen Xue. At that time, Second Aunt made Shen Xue lose all her strength. Then, Second Aunt told me that she used a clever trick. In fact, I used the same method as Second Aunt towards Shen Xue.”

“I remember that, but I remember that when you asked me to teach you, I remember that I didn’t teach you.”

Second Aunt was even more puzzled. Then, her eyes widened as she looked at Emily in disbelief. Could it be that this child had a self-taught talent again?

Emily smiled even more happily. She glanced at Shen Yu and felt very proud. She felt that Shen Yu definitely did not know how she did it.

Shen Yu looked at Emily’s confident and mystifying look. He shook his head helplessly and explained to everyone, “Recently, Emily has been interested in everything. I don’t know why, but she bought a book on the acupuncture points of the human body to study it. I think that’s how she won Xiao Nan?”

Shen Yu’s gaze fell on Emily. In fact, he was not very sure if his guess was correct, but it should be close. Otherwise, with Shen Nan’s strength, he should not have lost so completely to Emily.

“Brother, how are you so good? How did you guess?” Emily was very curious. The book was in Emily’s space. She would flip through it from time to time, but she rarely read it in front of people. She did not expect Shen Yu to notice it.

“I suddenly went to your room one day and saw that book. I saw that you often flipped through it. I did not expect you to use what you learned to deal with Xiao Nan today.” Shen Yu’s eyes darkened, but he quickly returned to normal. Shen Yu’s expression changed.

During the time when Emily was kidnapped, in order to ease his pain, he would occasionally go to Emily’s room to stay for a period of time. He accidentally saw that acupoint book.

“No, what does it mean? Why can’t I understand it?” Shen Nan looked at Emily with a puzzled look. Could it be that Shen Nan had actually won just now? But he didn’t win?

Emily stretched out her hand and pressed on Shen Nan’s elbow. Shen Nan immediately cried out, “Millie, what did you do to me? Why is my hand so numb now? God, this feeling is too uncomfortable.”

Shen Nan held his elbow. His face was full of pain. If there weren’t so many people around, he would have jumped a few times to distract himself.

“According to the book, the position of the elbow is called numbness. It is the position of the ulnar nerve root. As long as you touch the right position, your arm will feel a slight numbness. It is what we call numbness. When we were wrestling, I deliberately let Sixth Brother’s elbow lean in a little. Who knew that I would really find this position? So, I won.”

“No wonder, no wonder I felt that something was wrong with my arm just now,” Shen Nan whispered in a low voice.

Especially after he lost to Emily, he felt even more embarrassed and indignant. The slight discomfort on his arm was automatically ignored by him. Now that Emily had mentioned it, Shen Nan finally reacted.

“You child, why are you working so hard? You’re already reading acupoint books at such a young age? You can’t even read all the words. What do you think?”

Second Aunt looked at Emily with a reproachful look, but she was also happy in her heart. Who wouldn’t like a child who worked hard?

“Hehe, there are pictures in that book. I write the words that I can’t read down and show them to my brothers. Then, I’ll know what the words are.” Emily smiled very simple and honest, not looking as shrewd as before.

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