My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 179

Chapter 179: The Lottery

When Shen Nan heard that he was going to lose, he felt even more indignant. He could not compare to Emily in terms of learning. However, Shen Nan was a boy. Would he lose to Emily in terms of strength? He had to fight back in arm wrestling.

Emily shook her head. She was still saying that she did not want to win. This made Shen Nan so anxious that he started scratching his ears and cheeks. The more he could not win, the more he wanted to compete with Emily.

“Xiao Nan, if you want to compete with Emily, don’t you have to have some money?” Shen Hao raised his eyebrows and looked like he was gloating. If Shen Nan lost, the one who would lose face would be Shen Nan. If Shen Nan won, Shen Nan would lose face. There was nothing to be proud of.

“Money? I have it. Thank you, Fourth Brother.” Shen Nan looked at Shen Hao with gratitude. When he saw Shen Nan like this, Shen Xu shook his head. This silly brother of his was really getting more and more silly.

Everyone saw the excited Shen Nan take out a red note from his bag and hand it to Emily. “Let’s compete in this. How about this week’s living expenses? If I win, this will belong to you.” Shen Nan handed the red note to Emily

Emily widened her eyes and looked at Shen Nan in disbelief. Although the Shen family had money, they had a certain amount of control over their children’s pocket money. She did not expect Shen Nan to take out all of his pocket money for this competition. Shen Nan had actually taken out all of his pocket money for next week.

Emily lowered her head and tried hard to hold back her laughter. She originally wanted to tease Shen Nan, but she did not expect Shen Nan to actually place a bet? What if she easily won and took away Shen Nan’s money?

Emily’s hesitation made Shen Nan feel that Emily did not think that his bet was enough. Shen Nan hurriedly looked at Shen An and said anxiously, “Dad, why don’t you place a bet too? Trust me, I will definitely win.”

Shen An looked at Shen Nan’s actions with amusement. He smiled and shook his head. He took out 200 yuan from his bag and placed it in front of Shen Nan. “Since that’s the case, I’ll join in the fun. I’ll bet on Xiao Nan.”

“Then I’ll bet on Xiao Nan too.” Third Aunt took out 200 yuan from her bag and placed it in front of Xiao Nan.

Shen Xu thought about it and hesitated. He took out 100 yuan and placed it in front of Shen Nan. Then, he looked at Emily apologetically.

“Millie, it’s not that Third Brother doesn’t believe you. It’s just that there’s too much of a difference in strength. Brother also wants to earn some money.”

“Brother, if I lose, will I have to take out all this money? I don’t have that much money. What should I do?”

Emily looked at the stack of money in front of Shen Nan and frowned unhappily. Wouldn’t she be bankrupt if she lost? She did not have any money.

“This is not a bet. It’s just that they bet on you. If you win, everything will be yours. If you lose, you won’t get the money. There’s no need to pay.”

Shen Yu touched Emily’s head and looked at Emily’s troubled little face. He felt that she was extremely cute.

“That’s good. That’s good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the money to compensate Third Aunt and the others.”

Upon hearing Shen Yu’s explanation, Emily patted her small chest with relief and continued, “After all, I’m such a gentle girl. How can I be better than Sixth Brother? Sixth Brother is bullying me.”

“It’s okay. I believe you. I’ll bet on you winning.” Shen Yu took out 500 yuan from his bag and placed it in front of Emily. He raised his eyebrows and glanced at Shen Nan. This made Shen Nan even angrier.

“Second Uncle, Second Aunt, and Fourth Brother, who are you betting on? Bet on me. I’ll definitely win Fifth Brother’s 500 yuan.” Shen Nan, who was standing in front of Emily, looked at them expectantly.

Shen Nan looked at them with full of anticipation. He only wanted to win Shen Yu’s 500 yuan. By then, he would have 600 yuan of pocket money next week.

“Shen Nan, I’ll bet on you!” Shen Zhong shouted. Shen Zhong and his wife both placed 200 yuan in front of Shen Nan. Shen Hao felt that it was fun, so he also placed his pocket money for next week in front of Shen Nan. “Xiao Yu, Xiao Nan has 1,100 yuan in front of him now. Your 500 yuan is not enough for us to share.”

Emily frowned and reluctantly placed the 100 yuan in her bag on the table. No matter what, she could not let Shen Yu bear it alone. Then, she looked at Shen Nan with a wronged expression.

Shen Yu smiled and poked Emily’s little face. He placed Emily’s 100 yuan back into Emily’s bag and took out another 600 yuan from his bag. “Don’t worry, Brother believes that you can win.”

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