My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Was Right

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Shen Xue’s face was red with embarrassment. She had just said that Emily’s grades were not good, but who would have thought that Emily would actually get first place in the grade? How was that possible? Shen Xue had been too lazy to think about it. Emily had obviously been absent from class for such a long time.

Shen Xue pushed away the classmate who was blocking the bulletin board. She kept muttering, “I don’t believe it.”.

However, when Shen Xue saw the words ‘Emily’ on the first column of the grade rankings, her eyes widened.

“This must be fake. Emily must know the exam questions. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be ranked first in the grade.”

When Shen Xue said these words, others would only think that she was crazy. They would think that Shen Xue was acting this way because she had suffered a great shock.

“You all don’t believe me? When Emily had just returned to school for class, her homeroom teacher called her to the office and gave Emily a large stack of documents. If I were to look at it, it was their homeroom teacher who gave her the answer. Otherwise, how could she still be the first in the grade after missing classes for such a long time?”

The more Shen Xue spoke, the more convinced she was by her own thoughts. She felt that what she said was not wrong at all. It had to be like this.

Emily’s classmates heard the words of Shen Xue immediately after not being convinced, Li Yu shouted loudly, “The note you were talking about? Millie came out of Teacher Yang’s office and brought it to the class. Several of our classmates looked through it and are sure it is a study note.”

“You’re all in the same class, and your class did the best this time. Maybe you saw it. You’re covering for Emily.”

“Shen Xue, why are you so shameless? Someone else did better than you, and you’re saying that someone else has the answer, and it was Teacher Yang who gave it to her? Do you think Teacher Yang is a fool like you? Giving Emily the answer so blatantly?” Li Yu rolled his eyes at Shen Xue. He finally understood why the Shen family didn’t like Shen Xue, and instead liked Emily who wasn’t related to them by blood.

“You’re all in the same team. That’s right, you’re all in the same team.” Shen Xue kept saying these words. She did not know whether she was trying to convince the people around her or herself.

“Shen Xue, I have a copy of Millie’s notebook on my desk. Do you want to see it? I’m not the only one in class. There are many other students who have it. If you don’t believe me, you can take it and see if the review materials given by Teacher Yang are the answers for this exam.”

Qi Yan’s face was dark. When Emily first brought the materials over, the students in the class already knew. Some of the curious students flipped through them, but Emily did not have any objections. Some of the students wanted to take them away. However, Emily directly made a copy for everyone. There was even a copy of the materials on her desk.

The materials that the teacher organized were definitely more detailed than what they usually remembered. If this was considered cheating, then Qi Yan did not know how to refute it.

In such a noisy environment, the teacher only dismissed the crowd after she arrived. She scolded Shen Xue in front of the students and ordered Shen Xue’s homeroom teacher to take her away.

“Xiao Xue, this child is really far off. I can’t pull her back even if I wanted to,” Second Aunt sighed. No matter what, Shen Xue was still an obedient and sensible girl when she was at the Shen family’s old residence. Why was she so jealous?

“You brat, why are you so impulsive when you do things? If it weren’t for Millie pulling you back, your teacher would have gone to look for your parents. How many times are you going to make me lose face?”

Third Aunt’s attention was on Shen Nan, who was almost agitated by Shen Xue. If he really made a move, their family would be in the wrong.

Shen Nan originally thought that the adults would praise him for protecting Emily. Who knew that his mother would be the first to blame him for being impulsive? Fine, he admitted that he was in the wrong. Shen Nan also knew that he was in the wrong.

“Alright, I feel that Xiao Nan did the right thing this time. As an older brother, you should protect your younger sister well. Your younger sister has been bullied. It would be really embarrassing if you don’t protect her.”

Shen An looked at Shen Nan with appreciation. He gave a thumbs up to Shen Nan where Third Aunt could not see him.

“Just let it be. Next time when the school invites the parents, you can go. I won’t embarrass myself by going anyway.”

Third Aunt glared at Shen An.. He was not the one who was invited every time.