Chapter 176: Other People’s Mouths

Shen Xue had never seen such a cold-hearted Shen Nan. Shen Nan was usually smiling and was rarely so angry. Especially when she saw Shen Nan clenching his fists tightly, she was really afraid that Shen Nan would not be able to control himself and give her a punch.

“I… I didn’t say anything wrong. What I said is the truth. If you dare to make a move, I will report it to the teacher. Grandfather will definitely teach you a lesson when he comes home.” Shen Xue was not afraid of losing. She did not believe that Shen Nan would really beat her up in front of so many classmates.

Shen Nan gritted his teeth and raised his hand to give Shen Xue a slap. However, Emily blocked it directly. Shen Nan looked at Emily in shock. He had used all his strength just now, but Emily had blocked it so easily? However, there was no time to care about that now. Teaching Shen Xue a lesson was the most important thing to Shen Nan.

“Millie, let go of me. I must beat her up today. Let’s see if she still dares to talk nonsense in the future.”

Shen Nan wanted to shake off Emily’s hand, but he found that he could not break free no matter how hard he tried. He looked at Emily helplessly. However, Emily’s face was expressionless. She just held onto his wrist tightly and did not intend to let go of Shen Nan.

“Sixth Brother, she’s right. I was originally adopted, but as long as you all love me, that’s enough. No matter what others say, it has nothing to do with us.”

Emily’s eyes were fixed on what Shen Xue said. Naturally, she would not be angry because of what Shen Xue said. She knew better than anyone that she was originally adopted by the Shen family. This was a fact that could not be changed.

However, as long as the Shen family protected her, that was enough. She treated the Shen family as one of her own, and the Shen family treated her as one of their own. That was enough. What others said was another’s business.

“No, I can’t allow outsiders to slander you like this. I want them to know that even if you adopted her, you’re still the most precious granddaughter of the Shen family. You’re my, Shen Nan’s, younger sister. You’re even closer to me than my own sister.”

At that moment, Shen Yu was in a fit of anger. How could he listen to Emily’s advice? He wanted to let everyone know that Emily was protected by the Shen family. No one could bully her, not even a branch sister like Shen Xue.

“Sixth Brother…” Emily grabbed Shen Nan’s wrist forcefully. Shen Xue was deliberately provoking Shen Nan. If Shen Nan really made a move, then Shen Nan would definitely be punished. Emily hurriedly looked at Qi Yan, hoping that Qi Yan could help her.

Qi Yan also frowned. Everyone was clearly happy at the beginning, but now Shen Xue actually made Shen Nan want to hit someone in anger. She deliberately provoked Shen Nan so that Shen Nan would make a mistake? How could this be?

“Millie, Shen Nan, let’s go. Does she think that she’s good just because she’s ranked fifth in the grade? Millie didn’t come to the lessons for so many days and even got first place in the grade. You’re not even as proud as she is.”

Qi Yan looked at Shen Xue with disdain, as if she was looking at a clown. Who knew that the moment Qi Yan said this, the surrounding people were in an uproar,

“What? The first place in the first grade group is Emily?”

“What Qi Yan said, that must be true. Qi Yan is always the first place in the first grade group in every exam. It can’t be fake from Qi Yan’s mouth.”

“Oh my god, is Emily that amazing? She missed so many days of classes.”

“Previously, they said that the Go prodigy was Emily. You guys still don’t believe it. In my opinion, it’s really possible that it’s Emily. She’s so smart.”

The crowd began to discuss among themselves. They were all saying that the prodigy of Go was Emily. The trend changed and they started to ridicule Shen Xue.

“Shen Xue just said that she’s the fifth best in her grade. Now she’s slapped her in the face.”

“In school, she said that she was the only granddaughter of the Shen family. Shen Nan and Shen Yu both pampered Emily so much. She must be unconvinced.”

“That’s right. She said that Emily was adopted by the Shen family every day in front of others. She’s obviously jealous.”

“It doesn’t matter if she’s adopted or not. With Emily’s obedient character, I like her even if she’s my sister.”

“A girl’s jealousy is really scary. Shen Xue is already like this at such a young age. What will she be like when she grows up?”

“Yes, you’re right. I have to stay away from Shen Xue in the future. Don’t follow her bad habits. My mother will beat me to death.”