My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 174

Chapter 174: We Have a Sister

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Shen Nan quickly nodded his head. If not for Emily bringing up this matter, he would have almost forgotten that Shen Xue was not as sad as Song Li mentioned? She was still as arrogant as ever in school.

Song Li wanted Shen Xue to continue staying in the Shen family? It was simply a pipe dream. Previously, Shen Xue had even thought of ways to frame Emily. What was worse was that she had even used Shen Nan’s affection for her as a sibling. That was the last thing Shen Nan could tolerate.

Although he usually careless, but he was also not so stupid to let people use him and cause the family to be angry.

Song Li gritted her teeth and stared at Emily and Shen Nan. These two today were specifically against her?

“Since she was so happy at school, how come she is so sad when she goes home? I think you guys should really spend some time with Shen Xue. Shen Xue needs her parents’ company more than she needs to be alone at home,” Shen Xu said earnestly like a little adult.

He was already unhappy the moment Song Li came in. In the end, Song Li still wanted to push Shen Xue to the Shen family. Did she think that everyone in the Shen family was dead?

If Shen Xue had stayed in the Shen family properly, he would not have resisted so much. After all, the Shen family did not lack food for one person. However, Shen Xue had been scheming to deal with Emily. She had even taken advantage of that simple-minded brat, Shen Nan. This could not be forgiven no matter how hard he tried.

Those who lived in his family and ate in his house still wanted to hurt his family? Did they think that his family was all fools?

“What are you saying? How can you, a child, interrupt when an adult is speaking?” Third Aunt scolded Shen Xu angrily. However, the curve of her lips revealed her attitude. Although her mouth was full of blame… In her heart, she had already given her eldest son a thumbs up.

Shen Xu lowered his head in grievance. Song Li finally felt a little better, but she did not expect Shen Hao to actually open his mouth from the side.

“Third Aunt, I think what Third Brother said is right. Xiao Xue just lacks the love of her parents. Aunt Song even asked Xiao Xue to stay at our house. If we agree, won’t we harm Xiao Xue?”

“See, Mom? Look, Fourth Brother thinks I’m right, right?” Shen Xu looked at his mother proudly as if he was waiting for a reward. Song Li was even angrier when he chimed in.

“Xiao Hao, Xiao Xu, Xiao Xue is your sister…”

“We have a sister now,” said Shen Yu suddenly. He looked at Song Li coldly and interrupted her words. The meaning behind his words could not be more obvious.

In the past, she had asked Shen Xue to go to the Shen family’s old mansion because the direct line of descent of the Shen family lacked girls. Shen Yan and Old Madam Shen felt that having a girl in the house would make things livelier.

When Song Li asked Shen Xue to go to the old mansion to take care of her, he naturally did not reject her. Now that they had a cute and kind sister, they could not tolerate people who wanted to hurt their sister.

Song Li was stunned. She stared at Shen Yu with wide eyes. When she heard that Shen Yu had recovered because of Emily, she did not believe it. It seemed that Shen Xue did not lie to her. When she went back, she had to talk to Shen Xue’s father properly.

“Xiao Xue is also your younger sister.” Song Li suppressed the anger in her heart. In her heart, she was cursing the bunch of idiots in the Shen family. Raising a granddaughter with a foreign surname and treating her like a treasure? Were their brains filled with sh*t?

When Shen Yu heard Song Li’s words, he instantly frowned. He had originally planned to leave some face for Song Li, but since Song Li did not want it herself, she could not blame him.

“Aunt Song, I feel that we brothers have already made it very clear. We have our own younger sister, so we can’t spare the energy to take care of the younger sister of the branch line.”

Song Li frowned. This Shen Yu was really good. Now that he had directly pointed out that Shen Xue was only a branch line, could it be that Emily was still a member of the Shen family?

However, Song Li could not say these words no matter how hard she tried. Looking at how these kids from the Shen family were protecting Emily, if she were to ask these words out, she was afraid that she really did not want to stay in this private room anymore.

“Song Li, look at these children. They are not very willing. That child, Shen Xue, really lacks the love and care of her parents. All the money you earn isn’t enough.. You guys should spend more time at home with the child.”

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