My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Very Sad

“This is killing the younger generation. It’s because we didn’t educate Shen Xue well that the child has always been arrogant and unruly. We even thought of asking you to help educate her for a period of time. Her father and I are both busy and go on business trips from time to time. This child is always a little lonely at home.”

Song Li pretended to wipe away the non-existent tears at the corner of her eyes. With a hint of sobbing, she continued, “It’s all her father and I’s fault. We’ve been busy with work and were always worried that we would neglect the child. That’s why we’ve always satisfied the child’s every wish since she was young. It’s also our fault for not paying attention. Who knew that we would make the child go further and further astray? It’s all our fault.”

As she spoke, Song Li really started to cry. Her already beautiful face looked even more pitiful when she cried. This was a self-reproach from a mother.

If the Shen family did not know Song Li, they might really be deceived by her appearance. Who was Song Li? She was famous for being shameless in the business world. She would do anything for a project. She would even threaten the other party’s family.

“Song Li, you said that this child wasn’t taught well, so you have to focus more on the child. No matter what, she has to have her biological parents by her side so that the child can have a healthy living environment.”

Second Aunt finally understood. Song Li said that she wanted to say hello because she wanted Shen Xue to continue to go to the Shen family’s old residence.

Previously, Shen Xue had tried to frame Emily, and she had embarrassed Emily several times. She did not show any mercy at all. If Shen Xue continued to stay at the Shen family’s residence, Emily would probably be the only one suffering. Second Aunt did not want her little cutie to be in danger again because of Shen Xue.

“That’s right. I think Second Sister-in-law is right. The child has to be raised by your side. Look, which one of them isn’t a dragon among men?” Song Li opened her mouth to refute, but was interrupted by Third Aunt.

Third Aunt was obviously more direct than Second Aunt. Her eyes were full of provocation. She could not teach the child well, so she wanted to throw the child to the Shen family?

Moreover, it was not like the Shen family had never let Shen Xue stay in the Shen family. However, because Shen Xue lived in the Shen family, she was even more arrogant and condescending. Therefore, it was not because of where she stayed, but because of her nature.

“It’s said that when a child is three years old, we will see how they will be like in their old age. When the old woman brought Shen Xue along, she felt that the child was too lonely at home since she was young. However, after so many years, the old woman didn’t manage to teach Shen Xue well. At this age, she really doesn’t have the energy to deal with the child anymore.”

Old Lady Shen wasn’t willing to do it in the first place. Seeing that her two daughters-in-law were also on the same side as her, she was naturally even more unwilling. No matter what, she had watched Shen Xue grow up. However, she had done such an outrageous thing. How could she not be disappointed?

Song Li’s expression instantly changed when she heard the words of the three of them. They were openly and secretly saying that her daughter was spoiled and insensible. They even made up stories about how she as a mother did not teach her daughter well. She even wanted them to help teach her. However, they themselves did not agree!

However, how could Song Li throw a tantrum in front of so many people now? She was still thinking of sending Shen Xue to the Shen family’s old residence. She did not want to anger the Shen family when the time came.

“Aunt, what are you saying? If you get older, how will the other old ladies live? During this period of time, Xiao Xue has been unhappy at home. She said that she misses her uncle and grandmother, but she’s afraid of angering them. These past few days, she’s been crying at home all the time. Her eyes are red like a rabbit’s.”

Second Aunt and Third Aunt’s expressions changed after hearing Song Li’s words. Why can’t this person understand what they were saying?

They had said so much, but weren’t they saying that they didn’t want Shen Xue to go to the Shen family again? Could it be that she wanted them to say something unpleasant?

“Sixth Brother, when we saw Sister Shen Xue at school today, wasn’t Sister Shen Xue very happy that she got fifth place in the grade?”

Just as everyone was silent, Emily whispered into Shen Nan’s ear. However, her soft voice was especially prominent in this quiet hall. Emily felt that she had said something wrong, she quickly covered her mouth.

“Yes, if you didn’t mention it, I would have forgotten. Sister Shen Xue even deliberately came in front of me and Millie today to say how good her results were. After that, she even ridiculed Millie and told Millie not to cry because of the exam.”