Chapter 172: Going Out To Celebrate

Shen An was furious, but he did not dare to fight with Shen Yu. After all, Shen Yu was a national treasure in his family. Who would dare to fight with Shen Yu? Furthermore, Emily was following Shen Yu closely. Even if he wanted to fight with him, he would not be able to. He couldn’t make Emily cry again. The old man would scold him.

When they arrived at the Shen family’s restaurant, they were welcomed into a private room by the waiter. This private room was unique to the Shen family. Each private room had a large round table that could seat twenty people. It was just right for a large family like the Shen family.

Shen Yu held Emily’s hand and walked inside, avoiding the place where the dishes were served. “Emi, the roasted duck at the Shen family’s restaurant is very famous. You can have a good taste when the time comes.”

“Is it sweet?” Emily widened her eyes. She loved sweet things the most.

Shen Yu frowned. He somewhat regretted telling Emily about the roasted duck. Ever since Emily came to the Shen family, she had been infatuated with eating all kinds of sweet things. Fortunately, he supervised Emily brushing her teeth every day. Otherwise, he was afraid that Emily’s teeth would go bad.

However, if he did not give Emily any food, the rest of the family would always spoil Emily. He could not guard against it every time.

Just as he was about to tell Emily that it was not delicious at all, Shen Nan, who was sitting next to Emily, spoke first.

“It’s sweet. It is very delicious. The duck meat is wrapped in the tyranny of the dough. Then, there are some finely cut scallions and cucumbers inside. Don’t mention how delicious it is.”

Emily was instantly excited when she heard that. Then she had to eat more later.

Shen Yu facepalmed. If he had known earlier, he would not have brought up this topic.

Soon, the dishes were all served. Emily ate the sweet-skinned duck that she had been longing for. Her eyes began to shine as soon as she ate it. The entire meal was either sweet and sour pork ribs or sweet-skinned duck… Emily really did not let go of any sweet food.

Shen Yu frowned. Emily really did not eat any vegetables at all. The vegetables she ate were the seasonal vegetables in the sweet and sour pork ribs. It seemed that he had to control Emily’s sweet food when he went back.

Especially when he saw that Shen Nan was still holding sweet food for Emily, the anger in his heart became even more intense. It seemed that both of them had to be controlled together when they went back.

It was supposed to be a happy dinner, but in the end, there were always people who rushed in, just like Song Li who was now standing in the private room.

“So, Second and Third Brother are back. I said that I saw you in the hall and was afraid that I was mistaken. I only found out from the manager that it was really a family gathering here. Uncle, please don’t blame me for coming here uninvited. It has been a long time since I last saw Second and Third Brother. I miss them very much.”

Song Li was dressed in professional attire. She was originally here to discuss a project with someone else. Who would have thought that she would run into the Shen family gathering here? How could she give up on this opportunity? She held a glass of red wine in her hand. Naturally, she was here to toast the elders of the Shen family.

“Xiao Xue’s mother, are you eating here as well? That’s quite a coincidence. Why don’t we eat together?”

A hint of displeasure flashed across Second Aunt’s heart, but she still had to have the proper etiquette. After all, Song Li had already taken the initiative to visit them, so it would be inappropriate for them to make an unwelcome gesture.

“I don’t have the time. The company has recently discussed a project, and we’ve called our partners out for a gathering. Isn’t this just a coincidence?”

Song Li sighed and put on a very tired appearance. This appearance actually made the Shen family unhappy.

Song Li made it sound like they had nothing to do all day. All they knew was to eat, drink, and have fun?

“Look at my mouth. I don’t know how to talk. Uncle, don’t mind me. You know I don’t know how to talk, so I taught Xiao Xue to be spoiled and unreasonable. If there’s anything wrong, please don’t mind her too much.”

Second Aunt and Third Aunt looked at each other. So Song Li suddenly came in so suddenly just to speak for Shen Xue? She blamed all of Shen Xue’s insensitivity on herself? When did Song Li become so selfless?

“Song Li, Xiao Xue has been staying in our house for quite some time. I don’t think we can teach her well, so as to avoid the resentment of the two families, that’s why I let Xiao Xue go home first. I didn’t explain things clearly beforehand. It’s this old woman’s fault. I’ll apologize to you first.”