My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Gift

“This… is Xiao Yu cured?” Shen An looked at Shen Yu’s back with surprise as he held Emily in his arms. He pointed at him. If he had not tried to hold it in, he could guarantee that his hands would be trembling.

Shen Zhong also looked at his wife in shock. Seeing that his wife nodded, Shen Zhong’s eyes turned red.

Third Uncle had heard from his wife that Shen Yu had already recovered. The shock he felt when he saw it with his own eyes was truly great. Shen Yu had opened his mouth to speak, and he even knew how to care for others.

Third Aunt told Third Uncle about what happened after Emily came to the Shen family. She told Third Uncle about Shen Yu’s recovery and emphasized that Emily was a child prodigy. When they heard this, both Shen Zhong and Shen An were stunned.

“Our Millie is so powerful?” Shen An could not believe it. He looked at Shen Nan, who was sitting on his lap. For some reason, he started to dislike the little brat in his arms.

Shen Nan could clearly feel his father’s dislike for him. He was stunned. He felt that he was too miserable. It was not easy for him to think that his father would comfort him when he returned. Now, there was no comfort at all.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Second Uncle and Third Uncle just like you too much.” After Shen Yu brought Emily to the room, he gently comforted Emily’s emotions and pulled out a piece of paper to wipe away Emily’s tear stains. Shen Yu looked at Emily, who was crying her eyes out.

Looking at Emily’s eyes that were red from crying, Shen Yu felt that his heart was about to die from heartache. Especially when Emily was still sobbing as she said to him, “Brother, I don’t want to leave you.”

Shen Yu quickly wiped away Emily’s tears and then promised Emily, “I won’t leave you behind, and I won’t let anyone snatch you away. Even Second Uncle and Third Uncle won’t be able to do it.”

Hearing Shen Yu’s words, Emily put away her sadness this time. Then, she told Shen Yu about what had happened in school. Then, she also showed off the results of the exam with the envious eyes of her classmates.

Shen Yu smiled and pushed Emily away from his arms. He walked to the desk and handed a gift box to Emily. Emily widened her eyes, looked at the gift box, and then looked at Shen Yu. Then, she pointed at the gift box. “Is this for me?”

Shen Yu handed the box to Emily and signaled her to open it.

Emily looked at the gift box that was half her height. When she saw that it was a gift for her, she excitedly opened the box and saw a dark brown teddy bear that was about the same size as the box. It was tied with a red and white scarf, Emily quickly carried the teddy bear out and looked at Shen Yu with great joy. “Brother, is this really for me?”

“Didn’t you get first place in the grade this time? I didn’t tell Shen Nan about your reward. This is our secret, so he won’t come looking for me.”

Emily held the teddy bear tightly in her arms. She looked at Shen Yu excitedly. “Thank you, Brother. I promise not to tell Sixth Brother. This is our secret.”

Shen Yu rubbed Emily’s hair. When he saw that Emily liked the present he gave her, he was naturally happy too. However, not long after he was happy, Shen Nan went upstairs and called the two of them to eat.

They had originally planned to celebrate Emily and Shen Nan’s good results and go for a meal. Now that Shen Zhong and Shen An had returned, the Shen family was naturally happy. At the same time, they were also welcoming the two of them.

When Shen Zhong and Shen An saw Emily going downstairs, they wanted to go forward and hug Emily. Emily hurriedly hid behind Shen Yu, afraid that these two uncles would snatch her away again.

“The two of you, stay away from Emily later.” Seeing this, Shen Yan knocked on his walking stick and warned them.

Shen Zhong and Shen An instantly did not dare to move. However, they could not restrain their gaze towards Emily. It was not easy for this family to have a little girl. Naturally, they wanted to snatch her back. However, under the gaze of the old man… They really did not dare to move at all.

“Alright, how old are you? You’re still acting like children. Let’s go. Let’s go eat first. We’ll have more time to get along in the future.”

Old Lady Shen reached out and patted the back of her second son, who was the closest to her. If they continued to dawdle at home, they probably would not be able to reach Jufu House today.

Shen An wanted to go forward and carry Emily into his car, but Shen Yu beat him to it.

“Emi, come with me,” Shen Yu said.

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