Chapter 169: Second Uncle and Third Uncle Are Back

This feeling of being pretentious was actually so good. Why would he still be jealous of Emily being smarter than him? Now, he felt that others were praising Emily as if they were praising him. He was extremely proud of himself.

When he returned to the Shen family, Shen Nan had already started to spread the news that Emily had gotten first place in the grade. It was as if he had gotten first place in the grade as well.

Old Master Shen and Old Madam Shen looked at the report card in their hands and grinned from ear to ear. “Not bad, not bad. Our Millie is indeed amazing.”

“Shen Nan, this kid, is not bad either. He has gotten third place in the grade. Didn’t he always hover around fifth or sixth place in the past? I heard that their questions this time were very difficult. With this, our Xiao Nan can still make progress. It’s quite impressive.”

Old Madam Shen looked at the top three names on the report card. Two of them were from the Shen family. How could she not be excited? She waved her hand and said that she was going out to celebrate today. She wanted the whole family to have a good meal at the Ju Fu House outside.

Third Aunt was so excited that tears filled her eyes. She held Shen Nan’s hand and looked at Shen Nan’s name, “I told you Millie was good. Look, Shen Nan’s grades have improved by leaps and bounds since he came to our house. Millie is really good.”

“Is this the legendary catfish effect?”

‘Shen Nan was so triggered by Millie that he started to study hard?’

Third Aunt did not say the last sentence because she was afraid that it would trigger Shen Nan’s self-esteem. She knew a little about how this child had been in a bad mood before. He still needed to maintain his self-esteem.

“You’re good, but why does the name of the second-place winner look familiar? Qi Yan? Qi Yan?”

Shen Xu and Shen Hao held Shen Nan’s arm and started to think about where they had seen this name before. They found it very familiar.

“Xiao Nan used someone else’s class notes to fill in the blanks last time. I remember this name,” Shen Hao reminded Shen Xu. Then, he looked at Shen Nan meaningfully.

“Brother, what are you talking about?” Shen Nan waved his hand and explained, “No, what are you thinking about? What happened last time was a misunderstanding. Qi Yan asked me to bring the notes to Millie, so I told her that I wrote it to complete the mission.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Shen Xu raised his eyebrows. He looked like he was going to listen to Shen Nan.

Shen Nan was anxious and started to explain to his two brothers. However, how could Shen Xu and Shen Hao let Shen Nan off so easily?

Shen Xu had been teasing Shen Nan about his relationship with Qi Yan. There was one thing that they all knew. Shen Nan did not need to explain anymore.

Emily was laughing so hard that she could not close her mouth. Shen Yu handed the peeled sugar tangerine to Emily. Emily did not even stretch out her hand and directly shoved the entire tangerine into her mouth. Then, she continued to watch the performance of her three brothers. It felt so exciting.

Shen Yu shook his head helplessly. This kind of thing often happened in the Shen family. He was already used to it. However, for some reason, Emily liked to watch it so much. Moreover, she always watched it with great interest and never got tired of it.

“The house is actually so lively. It seems that we came back at the right time.” A voice came from outside the door. The noisy people were the first to react and look outside the door.

“Dad! Dad, you’re back.” Shen Nan was the first to react. He jumped into the arms of a figure outside the door. Shen Nan was the first to react.

Then, he put the report card in the figure’s hand as if he was showing off a treasure. He said, “Dad, I got third place in the grade this time. Am I good?”

“You’re good. You’ve improved, but you can’t be arrogant. You have to work harder in the future.” The figure stroked Shen Nan’s head, praising and advising Shen Nan not to be too arrogant.

When Shen Nan walked in with the two figures, Emily finally saw the two of them clearly. In fact, it was very easy to tell them apart. Because Shen Xu and Shen Hao looked closer to their fathers, Emily could quickly tell who was Second Uncle Shen Zhong, and Third Uncle Shen An.

“You’re back? Didn’t you say that you’ll be back in a few days?” The one who was the most excited was Old Lady Shen. She walked in front of Shen Zhong and Shen An and sized them up. When she saw that the two of them were fine, she was relieved.

“Mom, we’ll talk about this later. What were you guys so happy about just now?”

Shen Zhong quickly changed the topic and looked at the figures in the living room. Other than Shen Zhe who was in the army, everyone else was there. Beside his beloved wife stood a little loli. She looked very likable.