My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 168

Chapter 168: First Grade

“Some people are naturally smarter than others. Are you going to ruin your mood because of so many people?”

Shen Yu had been looking at Shen Nan the whole time. He also saw Shen Nan’s surprised expression. To be honest, he felt that he was too abnormal. However, when he saw Emily blaming herself and feeling sad because of Shen Nan, he was very unhappy.

“Fifth Brother, I understand.” Shen Nan glanced at the documents on the table. Emily probably told him to work hard too. It was because he was too stingy.

“Emi blamed herself for what happened to you today. She thought that it was because she came back today to complain that you were unhappy. You know what to do, right?”

Shen Yu still felt a little worried. What if Shen Nan was so stubborn? Would Emily feel bad again when that time came?

“I’m sorry, Fifth Brother.” Shen Nan looked at Shen Yu in surprise and quickly shook his head. “I’m not. I’m not angry because of that. I’m just… It’s just that Millie is too outstanding, and we’re the same age. Millie knows everything. Look at me. I don’t seem to know anything except play.”

A hint of a smile appeared on the corner of Shen Yu’s mouth. “If that’s the case, then according to you, I’m not as good as Emi. Should I start feeling sorry for myself as well?”

“No!” Shen Nan was very startled, but he immediately lowered his head. “No.”

“If you’re not willing, then work hard.” Shen Yu pointed at the study materials on the table. “Didn’t Emi give you a cheat?”

Shen Nan smiled. He was too narrow-minded. Would he actually be angry because of something like this? Just as Shen Yu had said, there were many people in the world who were better than him. Was he going to kill himself because of this?

Shen Yu stood up and patted Shen Nan’s arm earnestly. “In the future, such things will definitely happen frequently. Emi will surprise us every time. Not to mention you, even I am a little jealous. Some people are born prodigies. No matter how jealous I am, there’s nothing I can do.”

Shen Nan was instantly happy. Among the few of them, although Shen Yu was not the oldest, he was the smartest. In fact, Shen Yu also had a photographic memory. From childhood to university, everything happened very quickly. There had always been powerful people around Shen Nan. It was just that he had indulged his sadness too much.

Fortunately, Shen Yu had comforted Shen Nan’s emotions today. Otherwise, Shen Nan would have probably died of jealousy during the mid-term exams.

“Millie, how are you so powerful? You actually managed to get first place in the grade even after dropping out of class for such a long time.”

Qi Yan looked at the class ranking list in her hand. Emily’s name was in front of hers. Although they were only one point apart, she had not dropped out of class for a day. However, Emily was different.

Just as Emily was wondering if Qi Yan would be angry, she saw Qi Yan looking at her with a proud expression. Then, Qi Yan crossed her arms in front of her chest and said proudly, “From now on, the first place in the grade will be my deskmate. Oh my god, I finally feel this kind of pride.”

Emily’s mouth was wide open. This was the first time she had heard someone actually be happy about something like this. Who could tell her how she would react?

Fortunately, Li Yu changed the topic. “Your sister is heaven-defying. She hasn’t been to class for such a long time, yet she’s still able to get first place in the grade. Your family already has Shen Yu, yet another one has come. Oh my god, why is your family so amazing?”

Shen Nan enjoyed the compliments from others. It was as if he was praising himself. There was no longer the depressed look he had two days ago.

Li Yu looked down at the class schedule in his hand and reached out to bump Shen Nan’s arm. “Brother Nan, tell me, did you secretly work hard too? Did you perform so well in the exam this time?”

“Previously, Teacher Yang told us to relax and that the exam questions this time would be very difficult. But look at the three of you, taking the top three of the grade. I’m sandwiched between the three of you. Oh my god, this is too difficult for me.”

After saying that, Li Yu lay listlessly on the table. It was clear how difficult his life would be in the future.

“Don’t worry, there will be such days in the future. Just get used to it.” Shen Nan comforted Li Yu’s emotions with a sincere tone and then patted Li Yu’s back. Li Yu, who was sitting beside Shen Nan, was also looking at him.

Shen Nan expressed that he really wanted to comfort Li Yu’s emotions, but why was Li Yu looking at him with a resentful gaze? Did he say something wrong?

“That’s amazing. You can still get first place in the grade with this? With my ranking, my mom will probably beat me to death when she goes back.”

“What’s the use of being jealous? Other people are still 9-dan Go players and have national certificates. They’re already ten streets ahead of you.”

“Why is it so infuriating to compare people? You’re younger than us, right? You even left out so many lessons, but in the end, you still got first place in the grade.”

Due to Emily’s results, the entire class was in an uproar. There were too many jealous voices. Shen Nan felt as though he was being complimented by them. He was extremely proud of himself.

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