Chapter 167: Feeling of Defeat

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Shen Nan had been listless the entire day. When Emily asked him to go for a night run, he was also listless, but he still went along with her.

However, Shen Nan was very abnormal today. Usually, Shen Nan would take into account their rhythm and keep up with them. Today, he was the only one who rushed at the front. After the run, he went home without saying goodbye.

“What’s wrong with this brat today? Did he take the wrong medicine?” Shen Xu bumped Shen Hao’s shoulder. He could not help but worry when he saw Shen Nan’s abnormal behavior.

Ever since Shen Zhe brought them to run at night, they could not even compete with Emily. The two of them had been running with them every day. No matter what, they could not be outdone by a seven-year-old girl, right?

“Brother, is it because of my prank today that Sixth Brother is angry?” Emily carefully tugged on Shen Yu’s sleeve as she asked him. She lowered her eyes, worried that she had really gone too far.

Shen Yu frowned, then he held Emily’s hand and walked home. “It’s fine. Maybe there’s something wrong with the tendon again. It’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“I’m fine.” Emily still blamed herself because she felt that it was her fault. No matter how much Shen Yu tried to comfort her, Emily still could not be happy. Shen Yu felt that it was necessary for him to have a good chat with Shen Nan.

When Shen Yu thought about how Emily was unhappy because of Shen Nan, he did not like Shen Nan at all. In addition to that, he was holding the study materials that Emily had given to him. So, he simply kicked the door open with his foot.

When Shen Yu opened the door, before Shen Nan could react to who the person at the door was, he saw a huge stack of study materials being thrown over. He quickly hugged it and was about to vent his emotions when he saw Shen Yu’s gloomy face. Well, Shen Nan had to admit that he had lost his nerve once again.

Shen Yu unceremoniously walked into Shen Nan’s room, leaving Shen Nan standing there in a daze. “Emi asked me to bring you the study materials.”

“Oh?” Shen Nan was stunned by Shen Yu’s sudden intrusion into his room. What surprised him the most was what he heard from Shen Yu. He lowered his head and looked at the revision materials in his hands. Was Emily asking him to study hard?

“I’m sorry, Shen Yu.” Shen Nan clenched the revision materials in his hands tightly. He did not have a photographic memory, so he could not memorize everything easily. Was Emily teasing him on purpose?

Shen Nan felt that his thoughts were too dark. How could Emily be such a person?

“Are you very unhappy today?” Shen Yu looked at Shen Nan’s workbook that looked like a scribble. Then, he thought of the text that Emily had silently written earlier. In an instant, he felt that Emily’s handwriting was much more pleasing to the eye.

Shen Nan placed the review materials on the desk. Then, he shook his head and said in a muffled voice, “No.”

“Since you didn’t, then why were you so abnormal when you were running?” Shen Yu did not intend to give Shen Nan any chance to escape, and directly pursued it.

Shen Yu originally thought that Shen Nan would continue to deny it, but he did not expect Shen Nan to look at him with excitement, like a child who had gotten candy from him.

“Fifth Brother, are you concerned about me?” Shen Nan asked repeatedly in disbelief. According to Shen Yu’s personality in the past, he would not care about how Shen Nan was living, or whether he was happy or not. But today, Shen Yu actually took the initiative to care about him. This was a concern that other brothers could not receive.

“Cut the crap. Tell me, what’s going on?” Shen Yu was clearly a little impatient. This was the first time he took the initiative to be concerned about someone other than Emily and he even teased him. He increasingly felt that Shen Nan’s actions were unnecessary.

“It’s nothing. It’s just vanity. No matter what, Millie is the youngest child in our family now, right? But Millie is really amazing. She seems to be born with a lot of things. As for me? I can’t seem to do anything right, even though our ages are about the same.”

The more Shen Nan said, the lower his head, he fell into self-doubt. He now feel that he was really stupid, and could not do anything good.

Shen Yu said, “Xiao Nan, each of us has something that we are good at and love, just like how Big Brother likes to be a soldier, and Fourth Brother likes to play Go. As for Third Brother, although he doesn’t seem to be doing his job normally, he will succeed no matter how difficult it is for him to do something.”

Shen Nan stared at him again. It was the first time Shen Yu talked to him so much, and it seemed like he was comforting him?

Shen Nan’s heart sank. The surprise that Shen Yu had given him today was really too big.. He felt that he could not take it anymore, but he had to admit that what Shen Yu had said was not without reason.