Chapter 166: Defying the Heavens

When Emily heard Shen Nan’s words, she immediately lowered her head in disappointment, as if she had done something wrong. “I’m sorry, Sixth Brother, I…”

Emily did not know how to explain herself. It was as if she had really done something unforgivable, and there was a hint of sobbing in her voice.

“You little brat, you don’t have the ability, yet you can’t let Millie be better than you? Why are you so jealous?”

When Third Aunt saw that Emily had been wronged, she was instantly enraged. She saw that Emily was so obedient, sensible, and capable. As for the one in her family, he only knew how to cause trouble all day long. She felt that there was really no comparison between people.

Shen Nan rubbed his head in great pain. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction. He sighed. Why was his mother so angry that she actually hit him? He would also feel wronged, okay?

When the students from the Shen family came back from work, Third Aunt could not help but tell them about Emily’s photographic memory. They did not believe it and pulled Emily to try it out again. On the other hand, Shen Yan, Old Master Shen, felt that it was not challenging to just write down the first grade textbook in primary school. Instead, he asked Shen Hao to take out his third grade textbook.

Shen Yan flipped through it and flipped to the Classical Chinese that he thought was still difficult for Emily. He handed it to Emily and said, “Millie, come, let’s take a look at this. It doesn’t matter whether you know it or not. Shall we memorize it?”

Shen Hao and Shen Xu looked at the text that Shen Yan had flipped through and instantly fell into the fear of memorizing the classical Chinese. They subconsciously took a step back, very afraid that Shen Yan would ask them to recite the text in high spirits.

“Grandfather, you can’t even recognize the words ‘Emi’. Aren’t you going a little overboard to ask her to write the classical Chinese from memory?” Shen Yu had no intention of giving Shen Yan any face at all. When he thought about how his little cutie was being targeted like this, he was very unhappy.

How could Shen Yan care about whether Shen Yu was happy or not? He reached out his hand and pushed Shen Yu aside. “Go, go, go. It doesn’t matter if she can’t write it down. I’ll just let Millie try.”

Seeing that Shen Yan was unhappy, Emily quickly took the textbook from Shen Yan and started to read it carefully. Shen Yan was speechless. Did Shen Yan look so scary that even Emily was afraid of him?

Shen Yan was overthinking. Emily just didn’t want Shen Yu and Shen Yan to argue. Besides, it wasn’t like she couldn’t write it down, right?

After a while, Emily put down the textbook and started to write. “The late Emperor died before he started his business. Today, Yizhou is exhausted. This is a time of crisis…”

After Emily wrote the first word, Shen Xu stood at the side and stared curiously. Then, he took the book and matched it. His eyes went from indifference to disbelief. He pointed at the book Emily wrote and wanted to say something. In an instant, he was speechless.

Emily handed the book to Shen Yan and smiled. “Grandfather, I’m done.”

“Shen Xu, how is it?” Shen Yan took the book and looked at it. As for whether the words were right or wrong, he would have to ask Shen Xu, who had been watching by the side. After all, Shen Xu read every word very seriously.

Shen Xu was a little scared. He sat on the sofa and waved his hand. “Grandfather, it’s really too heaven-defying. Where did you find her? It’s simply born to anger people.”

Shen Yan held the notebook in his hand tightly and laughed out loud. He originally wanted to bring back a child that would be helpful to Shen Yu’s illness, but who knew that this child would actually be so capable?

The few old men that he usually played well knew that he had such a capable granddaughter. They were all extremely envious, especially that old man Liu Wei. He knew that his precious granddaughter could play Go and even wanted to learn medicine. He even wished that he could bring Emily back to his own house.

“Oh right, you must be careful of those kids from the Liu family in school, do you hear me?” He could not let his precious baby be snatched away by others.

After the few of them agreed, Shen Yan went upstairs to process his documents with satisfaction. When everyone wanted to read the content that Emily had written in her heart, they actually found that Shen Yan had taken away the notebook.

A few days later, they found out miraculously that Shen Yan had sealed up Emily’s ‘graduation form’ and placed it on his desk. It was obvious that Shen Yan loved Emily and was extremely proud of her.

Shen Nan admitted that he was jealous. He used to be the youngest in the family, so he would always keep an eye on Shen Nan.

When Emily came to the Shen family, he was very happy that he had a younger sister. However, now that his younger sister was so heaven-defying, his own mother always despised him. He felt that his days in the Shen family were becoming more and more difficult.