My genius sister is only seven – Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Photographic Memory

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Shen Hao was a little disappointed, but thinking that Emily’s studies were more important, he could only nod his head in disappointment. Then, he took the information in Emily’s hands and took it. “If you have any questions, you can ask me.”

“Okay, thank you, Fourth Brother.” Emily nodded her head obediently. She also wanted to play a few games of Go with Shen Hao, but she really couldn’t manage her time. She had to read books, go to the space to find Bai Yi to learn taichi, and continue to run at night. She was really very busy.

However, Emily was overthinking. When she looked at the review materials, she realized that the knowledge was like data that was automatically transmitted to her brain. After reading it once, she had already memorized it.

Not long after, Emily went downstairs. Second Aunt and Third Aunt looked at each other and smiled. The person who was determined to read books just now had come down in less than an hour? She could not hold on so fast?

“Millie, are you tired from reading? I’ll go and cut some fruit for you. You can continue after you have a rest.”

Second Aunt very considerately comforted Emily’s emotions. She felt that she should not discourage Emily’s enthusiasm too much. After all, she had missed so many days of classes. It was not so easy to pick them up.

“There’s no need, Second Aunt. I’ve finished reading them. I’ve remembered them all.” Emily shook her head. She really wanted to rest for a while. After dinner, she pulled Shen Yu out for a night run.

“Where’s Brother? Isn’t he back yet?” Emily only remembered at this moment that she had not seen Shen Yu after coming back for so long. Could it be that Shen Yu was still at the company?

“He should be back by dinner time. Millie, did you say that you remembered all the knowledge points?”

Third Aunt looked at the time on the wall. She was still shocked by what Emily had just said about remembering all the knowledge points.

Emily nodded. She had nothing to hide from the Shen family. “I read through all the information that Teacher Yang gave me, and then I remembered it. I also remembered the places that Teacher Yang helped me to memorize the Chinese language.”

“You’ve only read it once?” Second Aunt gulped in disbelief.

Emily nodded. Was there anything wrong with memorizing it?

Why were Second Aunt and Third Aunt so shocked? Especially Third Aunt. She went upstairs and took down Shen Nan’s book. Then, she casually flipped through a brand new untaught text and handed it to Emily, “Come, Millie, take a look at this. Let’s see how much you can remember.”

“Mom, I’m reading. Why are you snatching my book?” Shen Nan looked at his mother with a face full of resentment. It was one thing for her to not help him when he was beaten up by his own brother. It was not easy for Shen Nan to want to learn, but now she was snatching his book? Was there such a mother?

“Don’t speak first. Don’t disturb Millie in reciting the text.” Third Aunt reached out and gave Shen Nan a slap. She was very afraid that Shen Nan would interrupt Emily’s train of thought.

After a while, Millie put down the book and ran upstairs. When she came back down, she held a pen and paper in her hand. “Shen Nan, we haven’t learned this yet. I don’t know some of them. Why don’t I just write them for you?”

After saying that, Millie closed the book and squatted on the coffee table at the side. She began to write. After a while, she silently wrote down the entire article and handed it to Second Aunt and Third Aunt.

The two of them looked at each other with shock in their eyes. They thought that it would be difficult to recognize the words written by a first-year student. However, the paper that Emily handed to them was comparable to the regular characters in Chinese books. Other than the lack of strength, they could not find any flaws. They could not find any flaws at all.

Shen Nan could not believe it. He compared the book with the paper on the book. Each stroke was not bad at all. He could not even recognize some of the words because he had not learned them yet. How could Emily be able to write exactly the same words as those in the book?

“Millie, did you really not memorize them beforehand? You don’t know the words in this text either?”

Second Aunt still could not believe it. This was too surreal. She had never seen such a heaven-defying person.

“It’s not that I don’t know all of them. I still know the words that the teacher taught me.”

Emily hurriedly explained as if she was telling others that she did not know all of them. She still remembered the words that the teacher taught her.

“No, I don’t believe it. Take a look at this and write it down.” Shen Nan did not seem to believe what he had seen. He deliberately found a page that he thought had more strokes and handed it to Emily. He felt that it was not coincidental enough, how could Emily be so amazing?

Emily did as Shen Nan said. After reading it once, she closed the book. Then, she wrote down the content on the paper. The content was exactly the same. Shen Nan sat on the sofa in shock.

“Millie, can you not be so heaven-defying? I want to see what’s inside your head.”

She knew how to play Go and draw. Now, she even had the ability to remember everything she saw. The two of them were clearly the same age.. From the looks of it, he was the real trash in the family. He was under a lot of pressure!

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